March 2015 Horoscope – Aquarius


For Aquarius, March will bring your 2nd house of income and personal values into the centre of attention. Possessions and your personal daily routine will be highlighted. You mind will be lagging behind on thoughts regarding your Self and how you appear to the world, your Personality for the first two weeks. Passion and love will be found in your third house: your immediate neighbourhood, your mental process, short trips, and communication. If single you may meet someone new while out and about your town or through a sibling. This month will find you will be busy running errands, discussing, enjoying the company of neighbours, or having energetic interactions with family members.
The focus for March begins with the things you value, then the results or conclusions of past actions, and then moves on to focus on your Self. In March, the parts of your “Self” will be the one within the context of your parents and early childhood experiences in their home in relation to what you are searching for or want. Do you want to emulate a similar atmosphere or a completely different one than the one you grew up with?

You are comfortable in the realm of the third house until November 2015 but you must remember to work on your North Node located in the 9th house. Your path and lesson is to broaden your mind, your horizon, with new learning, the king of learning that takes place (or knowledge acquired) far from home, far from the neighbourhood you are accustomed to. The start of the month has you confronting this very division within yourself, the comfort of your surroundings and the necessary lesson of stretching your mind beyond the boundaries of your immediate safe zone.
Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships and close relationships aspects Uranus favourably in your 3rd house of your immediate environment, siblings, and forms of communication and you may be pleasantly surprised to notice with some unique ideas that may come from your interactions with close friends or relationships.
These two planets are outer planets and, individually, their influences are usually drawn out over a longer span of time, Jupiter for the next year and Uranus until 2023. However, because they are reaching out to each other, you will notice a surge of energy in these two areas of your life during the first ten days of the month.
Your immediate surrounding has been in flux beginning a few years ago, or it could be that you’ve been itching to change it for a while. Bouts of a need for independence and a new kind of revolution may have been playing in the back of your mind, or conversely, you are trying hard to keep things as is, but disruptions and surprises keep popping to lull you out of your complacency.

March 2. Mercury in your 1st house is opposing Jupiter in your 7th house. You are feeling some division and uncertainty regarding your thoughts regarding your Self, your need for independence with Mercury in your 1st house directly opposite Jupiter in your house of close relationships and friendships highlighting your desire for more time spent with others in a closer kind of relationship. You may also be thinking a lot about someone close to you, or a partnership related to your career.

March 4-7. The next few days should feel more relaxed when love, career, money, and growth should go smoothly and you really feel as though you are accomplishing something of value. You may be involved in something to do with your family, or a new subject you are learning about.
Venus is rubbing shoulders with Uranus in your 3rd house so there could be some sudden changes and surprises in your immediate surroundings, such as news from a sibling or cousin. Venus usually brings good news, and this news could be related to a new love or something to do with money or acquiring a new toy, or a new creative venture. This will feed your mind especially with your recent growing desire for independence and freedom.

March 5-7. Following the focus which began toward the end of last month, the spotlight is on your 2nd home of values, income, and personal gains. You are in serious thought regarding the things you value most deeply. You would have begun to feel Pluto in this area of your life when it moved there in 2008, and it is there to stay until 2023. You are no longer satisfied with cursory conclusions. Pluto in the 12th house provides an intensive scrutiny diving deep into that realm providing you with the tools to dig deep, research and investigate your unconscious and deeper desires regarding what you value, the way you achieve the kind of power you want in your life, and the way you control things in your environment. This is where your mind will be from the 5th to the 7th.
At the same time, Venus in the 3rd reaches out to Jupiter in the 7th house. There is a possibility of finding love through the meeting of someone out and about your neighbourhood, or through family, such as a sibling or cousin. If this is not a love connection, it will be someone who will bring you in touch with worldly things, such as travel, or expanding your mind. This person may be older or seem older than they are, travelled or come from another culture than your own. It could also be the acquisition of something that is of value to you, that comes from a distance, or luck in investing in foreign lands. Further still, you could receive some very good advice or ideas from an experienced person regarding your career that you could put into practice to yield excellent results.

March 8. The Moon is in Libra in your 9th house directly in opposition with Mars in your 3rd house. You may be feeling some aggressive energy and may be emotionally wanting to ‘get away from it all’. You’re struggling with your needs to go out ‘further’ in the world to experience different things but with so much activity in your immediate surroundings, it is hard to escape. You may be reliving certain experiences in your past that had you feeling like your world was expanding amidst this energetic activity in your present and immediate sphere. It seems that things are changing and in flux in this realm. Your outlook on life is changing because of this.

March 9. The Moon in your 9th now reaches out to Mercury in your 2nd house and it could mean that your thoughts and emotions are now clearly focused on gaining the power to expand your life and do the things you really want to be doing. Put some substantial plans into place and make a tangible change toward this and you will see the results of your effort. You may receive some good ideas or thoughts or read some information or receive an email that sparks an idea.

March 10-11. Mars in your 3rd house is reaching out to Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships and close connections. Energy abounds and the advice you hear from an experienced person will help you further your ambitions. You have the drive to succeed, even if it is just the planting of seeds for future results. You’re all about building something lasting, setting up a strong foundation rather than just skimming the surface of what you really want.

March 12. Mars in the 3rd is nudging Uranus also in the 3rd house. There may be a dominant masculine energy prodding and creating some disruption. This disruption may be coming from a male or masculine presence in your immediate surrounding, such as a brother or male cousin, or an uncle as the 3rd house represents family not including your parents. There may be some explosive incidences that rock your immediate world causing some disturbances, but this influence is most likely a positive one. If you are the one causing this disturbance, it is most likely an urge to be different from the rest of the pack, in other words, you are asserting your independence in a non-conforming way and it will create a ripple in your immediate environment as others try to deal with this change in you.

March 13. During the tumultuous influence of Mars and Uranus, The Moon in Sagittarius in your house of friendships and groups will be reaching out to Jupiter in your 7th, and this should calm the waters a little providing you with a bit of a grace period where you will be able to use that same energy to make a change and to get things done.

March 15. The Moon in Capricorn in your 12th house of you inner mental work is digging its heels toward your North Node in your 9th house. You are still not comfortable with reaching out too far beyond your scope especially while you are doing your inner mental work on your self.

March 16-17. For the next two days, Mercury is now in your 2nd house of personal values, possessions and income will come up against Saturn sitting in your 11th house of objectives, friends or group associations, and personal ambitions. Saturn which recently entered Sagittarius in the 11th has been causing you to take a serious look at the people you surround yourself with, the groups you belong to, and the way you function within those groups. Saturn is all about rules, organization and restrictions. You may be the one putting these rules and restrictions into place, or in some cases, they may be forced upon you, the purpose of this is for you to learn the lessons of Saturn while it is in this area of your life. Some of these new ideas and thoughts regarding the things you value are coming to light as you sort through objectively and logically the areas that you would like to be more disciplined. Mercury will also get a dose of Neptune which is also in your 2nd house giving you some inspiration.

March 19. The Moon joins Mercury in your 2nd house bringing up some nostalgic memories of the past and possibly tugging at you to keep things the way you are used to. But these thoughts of the past can also be used to hone in on what it is that you need to change or the things you have wanted to learn that you put aside. These memories may spark some food for thoughts regarding the things that you value or used to value and forgot about. You may get a message from someone who sparks these memories, like “Remember when you used to…” or “Whatever happened to you wanting to learn …”?
You will most likely spend this day in a bit of a cloud, in your own world of imagination, considering the ideas that you may want to include into your life, in a deeply personal context. Neptune can cloud things at times, so enjoy this influence and take notes of whatever comes to you to look back at when you’re more clear-headed and can take action. It’s days like this that can bring some very insightful ideas and notions to the mind.

Solar Eclipse (Neptune/Mars)
March 20. The solar eclipse falls on 29°27’ Pisces almost at the very moment before the Sun traverses to Aries. This eclipse will be on the cusp of the houses ruled by Neptune (Pisces) and Mars (Aries). If you have drawn your own personal chart, you can find the placement of those two planets and this will give you deeper insight into what this news could be related to. This eclipse is considered to bring positive changes, but nevertheless these sorts of changes will rock your world, pushing it forward in a way you least expected.
Eclipses will highlight events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or the end of a relationship, a decision to move to the next level of a relationship, a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation, the start of some new study period, publishing a book, and so forth. These kinds of events push us forward, sometimes in a hurry and usually when we least expect it. Solar eclipses usually happen at a new moon and its influence can last up to a year.
This solar eclipse is not in conjunction with Neptune but close enough to be influential and with Mercury playing close by chances are that this eclipse will come in the form of a message, information, or news. This message is one that will bring deep inspiration and ideas to mind. You will be quite surprised by this news as it will most likely come from an unexpected source because even if I am able to inform you of this, this event will come from a source that you did not expect or foresee yourself. You may not see the developments that this news brings immediately but expect to see major changes within the next year. However, you will feel the thrill of this revelation right away.
For Aquarius, the solar eclipse occurs on the cusp of the 2nd house to the 3rd therefore influencing both those areas of your life. You may hear news from a sibling or cousin regarding a lucrative business venture, or a move that will greatly affect you. You may hear news and it may affect your investments. If you are moving, you may hear news that your move has been moved up and you may be moving a lot sooner than you thought. Eclipses are brought about to make things move forward a lot more quickly than you expected. You may ultimately also hear about a new way of making added income and this deal may come about in a hurry where you would have to make a decision quite quickly. However, I would say to wait a week after the eclipse to make any steadfast decisions as you may not have all the information to make a decision yet. The solar eclipse portends new activity that is brought about in a surprising fashion or from an unexpected direction.If it’s not you that’s moving, it may be a sibling (most likely a male sibling or cousin) who is announcing this.

March 22. The Moon in Aries in your 3rd house is now activating Mars in the same house. It could be that the news you have heard causes you to react emotionally to give you the drive to move forward with your own plans, if the news is regarding someone else. It the news is for you or from you, it will affect you directly and there will be a flurry of activity in your immediate surrounding as a result.

March 23. Mercury in your 2nd house is again touching base with Pluto in your 12th house. Your mind will be sharp and all things regarding possessions, things you own, or thoughts regarding these matters will be analyzed to see whether they are worth holding on to. You may be doing a triage of your possessions, and you will be considering in general what is important to you and not. Pluto lends you a hand by giving you the depth of analysis and thought and the strength to cut out that which you no longer find necessary. The Moon is in Taurus in your 4th house of home and parental figures, and they may help you with these matters if you ask them their opinions, or you may look to your childhood home again, and sort out what works or doesn’t work for you.

March 28. The Moon has shifted to Cancer and is in your 6th house of your immediate work environment and sits opposite Pluto at this time. Your emotional framework within your work environment is creating some power struggles or uncertainty within your self. A situation at work may be causing some deep inner tension for you that may result in a volcanic-type eruption either with your colleagues, or happening within yourself. In either case, you will react emotionally to this event.
Outside of work and in your personal life, things at home may thwart some plans for either travel or dreams of travelling, or career plans, or a possible partnership. On the other hand, this kind of influence may point to a positive indication of success in the area related to home (Venus in the 4th house of home) to those very same areas especially if you have worked hard on this plan. You should see your effort paying off!

March 29. The Moon in the 6th house now changes position and in doing so touches upon Mars in your 3rd house. Again, you may have some reaction to this influence and this time it involves your close environment with respect to family or some kind of communication or message that you might hear or read. Perhaps an email goes out and you react to it emotionally because of its message. You are able however to keep yourself back from your emotions, in a way you weren’t able to the day before, and you can make better use of the combustive energy you are feeling.

March 30. The Sun in Leo in your 2nd house is holding hands with the Moon in your house of close relationships. You are feeling good, even after the tumultuous days you have just experienced. Close relationships are leaving you feeling good and loved. You can coast during the last two days of the month and take stock of where you are. It’s been a busy month, with some ups and a few downs, but all in all you are one step further along the path you are planning and setting out for yourself. This is the perfect time, and coincidentally falls at the end of the month for you to step back and get a general sense of where you are and taking care of loose ends before beginning the next month. This is an energetic influence but it’s best if you don’t push forward just yet as it’s always best to objectively look back, see where you are, and look forward to what you’d like to accomplish next in your list of goals.

March 31. The Sun in your 2nd house opposite your North Node in the 9th. You end off the month still struggling with the issues and lessons of your North Node. These lessons deal with your comfort zone and with the fact that you need to push yourself outside of it in order to learn and to grow. And, the way that you will experience more is by getting yourself ‘out there’, out into the world to experience real life, or life through coming in contact with other cultures, ways of living other than the one you know, expanding your horizons through continuing learning, reaching beyond your immediate environment. That outer zone is where you will do most of your real learning about the world around you and where you will find the balance of your life within your immediate surrounding.
April will continue a series of very positive months and you have much to look forward to!

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