February 2015 Horoscope – Virgo


During the month of February, the focus will be on your body and your mind. Daily work routine and physical health will be at the forefront. You may begin a new health and exercise routine. This focus is also connected to your outlook on life, your subconscious, and your conscious mind: how you experience things. Not only will this be where you will act upon but also where you will be doing a lot of thinking. Ideas will come to mind concerning achieving the results you desire. It is a results-oriented month until the 19th when the centre of attention will progress to your closest relationships, either personal or business and the four levels of the Self. Mercury is in retrograde motion until the 11th, which means that you will be reviewing some of your thoughts/ideas regarding your work routine. You may also be doing some research, investigating, or learning/reviewing involving your work.

The month begins with you looking back on things past. The Moon in Cancer tends to cling to memories of the past and how things were done. However, your focus is now on your body and mind, and routine. Do you need to change it up? You may not want to change it, but your way of looking at health issues is developing and growing, so you may very well begin a very different sort of regime. You are feeling good about your life path as well and linked to your personal routine, it is working for you to review your daily work routine. This new health routine could involve working together with your partner. Together you will come up with fresh ideas and inspire each other. Romance, imagination and intuition are high on your list. You will find ways to encourage the needs of your partnership through your imagination and intuition. Your partner will also be tuned in to your needs. If you are in a loving partnership, this is a sweet moment. Conversely, if you’re not in a partnership, you may find yourself daydreaming about the perfect partnership for you, but may border on being a little idealistic.

The 3rd brings a full moon in your sector of the subconscious and emotional experiences. Linked to the Sun in your house of daily work routine, you will most likely notice a culmination of projects or work routine. You will be taking charge, organizing, and building upon your present infrastructure. Your discipline will help you make progress. Culmination eventually brings new beginnings, but for now you will enjoy the results. It could be that one of your colleagues is leaving or the nature of their job is changing, thus disrupting the dynamic of your work environment.

The 4th and 5th will bring some emotional or psychological struggles of uncertainty or insecurity and your thoughts regarding this change in your work environment, but I would suggest to just go with the flow. You will find a way to work with others to accommodate these changes.

Mercury is still in retrograde motion so back up your work, and make sure to review and double-check your work before you sending it off. Past issues could come up to challenge you, but if you slow down, organize your thoughts and stick to the order of things, you should be able to handle the challenges and see some real progress. Working together with others will alleviate experiencing any tensions on your own. The discipline and maturity in handling challenges will result in real progress.

On the 6th, You will quite enjoy your career, work and life success. You may still be feeling a bit of uncertainty with the direction of your life especially in your subconscious or unconscious but I would just coast through this and go with the flow. See what gives. An older person or authority figure may provide some guidance. Artistic creativity may help you, and connecting with colleagues may help to resolve some of the tensions that are surfacing in your immediate work environment. Conversely, someone in your environment may be feeling insecure and will seek your help or guidance.

On the 7th, a strong woman may appear in your life bringing out some combative reactions. There could be some energetic connections with younger people or you may take part in some physical sport or public event. Working with others will help to resolve tensions or frustrations.

The 8th will bring positive thoughts and emotions to the forefront. The Moon in Libra will give a sense of balance and harmony though you may feel nostalgic regarding good memories from the past. You will be able to share your feelings through words, speaking or writing. You may be learning new things and these new skills will add value to your life, concerning added income or may bring you more work, meaning added income, as a result especially if you are self-employed. It may mean a raise for those who work for a company. This is a day to put forth real effort even if it feels like second nature to you.

You will be working together with others possibly creating elaborate schemes or planning partnerships that might lead to more income. These plans may be in the background, in secret, that will in the long run be in your favour. Your thoughts will definitely be about acquiring things, perhaps even about acquiring power.

The Moon in your sector of personal values, as well as income, has you thinking of new ways to make extra income. Uranus in your opposite home of other people’s money, may send you some incredible insight regarding an investment idea toward this means. It may seem far-fetched and idealistic but this may just be the thing you have been looking for as it will mean something very personal to you.

This will represent, behind the scenes, as a turning point for you. This is a time for actual manifestation of this unique idea into something very real. Action toward this new idea or thought will you to resolve any inner tension you may be experiencing.

The next two-three days, from the 10th to the 12th, will bring a bit of calm after the storming and brewing of ideas of the last couple of days. You will see some good developments as a result. Recharge your batteries while the planets are taking a break. 

Mercury retrograde is over on the 11th, however give a week or so before signing any papers, buying anything with moving parts, technology, etc. or making final decisions. You will most likely feel like spending a little time alone as your thoughts may be a little somber. You will be trying to control your emotions and keeping your discipline on track. Family may be trying to control you by making certain assumptions on your part. You may be thinking or reviewing your own family structure.

On the 14th and 15th, you will feel some respite from the wheels spinning backward. You will again feel as though you are moving forward and it will be easier to move forward on plans related to success. A good couple of days for productivity and calm. You will want to stay close to home enjoying your own company on concentrating on putting together some plans and being productive.

The 16th will bring some ideas for change to those ideas you are working on and implementing.  You will have some deep insight to the inner needs for these changes to be put in place. Be aware that these inner needs will be subjective and that your emotions are playing a big part in your confirmations. Luckily you will not be a hurry as you want these changes to stay put for a long time to come.

The new moon on the 18th will bring about a flurry of new activity. in conjunction with work routine and your close alliances or personal relationships.

The Sun is crossing into your sphere of close relationships on the 19th and with the new moon bring with it new beginnings and fresh ideas to the table. You will be looking forward and not backward, starting fresh and releasing past baggage. You will feel energized again. This is a powerful day for work on the different sectors of your Self, your personal values (income), your close personal relationships, and your career. You will be able to amalgamate your different roles toward a cohesive plan of action.

You could also be dealing with getting your thoughts organized or reminding yourself of the areas where you need to be more disciplined. It will need to be a conscious effort on your part, and if you involve others in your work environment, you will be able to see real progress.

On the 20th, while working together with your partner on some plan for action, you may experience some emotional triggers or deep thoughts and emotions will be stimulated. Inspiration, imagination, compassion and a bit of selflessness will allow you to experience deep emotions that bring you closer to your partner.

Another day where your thoughts should be organized and you should remain disciplined if you want to see any progress on the home front. This will be a conscious effort, but your emotions will be energized to try something new, perhaps you have decided to start investing, or a new savings program. An older family member may decide to leave you some inheritance or you may work together with your committed partner to join forces or ideas regarding your home.

On the 21st, Venus and Mars join the Moon. You may see improvements in your support structure. Love, clearer vision of issues, and love for family is present. Personal plans will come to the top of your list, and younger persons may figure in these. You may find some money in your pocket on this day!

You will get the drive to push forward, planting the seeds for some future plan or action for personal ambitions. You may sit together with your committed partner and ink out a plan of action. This plan most likely involves something close to yours and your partner’s heart. If you’re not in a committed relationship, it could be a business partner or anyone with whom you have a deep and close relationship with.

The 22nd brings more of the same energy but it will not feel as much of a concerted effort as on the 21st as hope and a bit of luck is injected into your plans. You’ll have a more fuzzy feeling and will be even more productive. You will feel good as some of these plans will include the structure and foundation of your home, whether the present one or the one that you are planning on in the future.

The 23rd to the 24th, discipline, control, and structure may be necessary to squelch that inner tension you are experiencing. This is the big theme in your life for the next couple of years especially when it is related to your home, your foundation, and how you have dealt with these issues. Saturn is there to help you learn how to create a new structure that will be stronger and it is important that you learn this as this will remain as a stronghold for years to come. Having said that, people around you will notice the difference in you when it comes to this part of your life as you will be laying down new rules. You will begin to notice the fruits of your self-discipline and will get something back for this hard work.

With Venus and Mars sitting hand-in-hand you will probably experience deep desires for physical manifestation of your love and of things that make you feel good on a physical level. You may participate in some physical sport to suffuse some of that energy built up today. You may also be offered something that is of great value to you, for example, a grant or a start-up loan to begin that business.

You will get some reprieve on the 25th, as all will be calm in the universe. This will serve as a moment to catch your breath. It has been an emotional month. You will be able to focus on matters that bring growth and abundance in your life.

From the 26th to the 27th, as you are now in the sphere of close relationships where Neptune has decided to remain for a long while, you will notice an even stronger feeling of love, compassion, acceptance of your fellow-man. Inspiration and imagination will surface in droves and you should make use of days like this to draw upon for your creativity, especially if you are in a creative field. I find that even if you are in a more technical or technological, or mechanical field, you will find answers to your dilemmas through inspiration and imagination. You will want to share and discuss these findings with others. The power of love and your close partnerships are also very much in focus as well.

You will feel good about the path you’re on and your thoughts and ideas will flow naturally toward the path regarding your personal values, income and your thoughts regarding these including obligations and responsibilities.

You will gain some insight and ideas if you look into your deepest desires and tap your subconscious for these and you may find that an idea from left-field will spark that need for freedom and independence you seek.

The last day of the month, your emotions will again be looking to the past. Hindsight will be 20/20 and will give you the sensation of a turning point. You will see by looking back at the positive results you have been able to achieve this month in order to move forward. You will reminisce with friends and in doing so will most likely get the feedback you need to make you see how much you’ve progressed. This should help to alleviate the tension you’re feeling regarding your closest relationships and commitments. You will realize that you are one step closer to your future plans, and to your daydreams.

You will be looking back, allowing your subconscious to speak to you, and it will be a day when new insights, suggestions, and intentions will spring to your mind in relation to your career and overall success. This could involve a joint venture, idea, or commitment you make. These ideas will most likely come spontaneously and open up new possibilities for you. They may even widen your horizons allowing you to feel more freedom and independence, two concepts you value very much! 

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