February 2015 Horoscope – Taurus


The month of February is all about your career, authority figures, dealing with society, and your ambitions. Even if you’re the boss, this will be about the people who work for you and the nature of the relationship you have with them. If you work for someone else, your relationship with them will be highlighted. This month, you will review and reflect upon all these matters until the 19th when you get some respite and the focus will shift away and onto your circle of friends, group association and its creative expression. Until the 11th, watch what you say or write to people you work with, it may be misconstrued. If you’re interviewing for a job, try to begin this job or sign papers a good week after the 11th if you can. If you can’t, just note that the nature of the job may change from what you originally signed up for.

The 1st to 2nd, you will feel in sync with your choice of career and life path. You are naturally a humanitarian and focus on the overall good of others. Your North Node is in the 6th and the house of work, service and health. Things will feel as though they are falling into place. With the Moon in Cancer and Mercury in retrograde, you may be even more reflective looking back at your past. 

You will feel inspired and have some insight into the direction you want for your future. You may come up with some ideas on how to make money, and some of these ideas may come from your friends or groups. You will feel inspired and raring to follow through on some of the ideas.

The 3rd will bring you back to your home where you may feel the need to hide from the world again to recoup. The full moon in Leo will bring some projects possibly to do with the home to an end, or tying up loose ends. You will be focused on discipline, control and your support system, as well as to your commitments. You will need to be organized in these areas to make progress. You may feel like you’re doing this alone, but you’re not. Your support system is there for you.

On the 4th, you may feel a bit of insecurity or uncertainty with the balance between your career goals and things happening at home. There are a lot of things brewing on the home front which are also taking a lot of your time to sort through. You could be thinking of moving but your career plans are getting in the way. If younger, your parents who represent “authority”, may be putting extra pressure on you and your reaction may be to leave your family home. There are struggles but the best MO for you will be to coast and to go with the flow.

On the 5th, with help from a committed partner if you have one, you may be able to take some time and organize your thoughts toward greater discipline in order to achieve your plans. You may be thinking of saving or investing toward your future. Some of the decisions may be difficult to put into place but if you handle them with care, you will see real progress. A woman or your mother could be the source of some of these ideas on how to organize and balance your personal, as well as your career goals.

On the 6th and 7th, even as you may be feeling a little uncertain and struggling in your career sector, speak to someone at work and you will see that you don’t need to push. Enjoy your successes and go with the flow. An older person or authority figure at work may provide some guidance but there may also be a younger person who will give you some insights. It could also be that you will experience pleasure through some sort of creative expression or outlet.

Organization and working together with a partner will definitely help you handle past problems or mistakes. You will be able to be more critical and see the details more clearly than you were a few days ago. This is a conscious effort and not one that comes easily, but if you stick to it, you will notice progress.

A strong-minded woman or younger friend may be in your sphere and will take you out to a sporting event or may bring out the fighting spirit in you that makes you feel as though you can fulfill any ambition. If you share your thoughts regarding your struggles with her, you may get some pretty good advice from her as she is most likely very detailed and down-to-earth. If you have some projects on the go, you’ll find that you have the energy to continue working on them. You may also find that your friends are there to help you! 

On the 8th, you will feel good and in your element. You may hear from someone in your past or from family and what you hear will bring feelings of nostalgia. If you have to write to a family member, you will be able to find the right words to convey your feelings. The person you hear from may also be someone you worked with in the past. You will also feel good about being of service to others at this time related to your career and the daily work routine. You may help someone at work and you will feel good about this. You may also learn something new in the course of your day.

You will find that working together will give you feelings of power, as though you can accomplish anything. It is not a day when you should be ‘going it alone.’ There are some powerful undercurrent feelings of changes happening around you, and you may be tempted to acquire some of that power. These changes may not be obvious and may be secret plans happening in the background. There is some measure of learning involved, and possibly from someone who comes from foreign shores.

On the 9th, your subconscious may feel some of the disruptions that will cause you some tensions today. What made you feel powerful the day before may cause some emotional tension. You may conversely have some unique or spontaneous insight regarding a subject that means something to you, and this insight may help you resolve the tension. The Moon in Libra will help you to see all sides of the situation.

The tension you may be feeling are probably arising from the same feelings of power that you almost felt tangibly the previous day. This tension can only be solved by you and if you understand that power struggles can be averted to give way to actual progress in your learning, you will realize that you can manifest your wishes into reality.

From the 10th to the 12th, you will experience some respite from the powerful emotions you felt in the last couple of days. You will be able to concentrate on your closest relationships and daily work load. Mercury retrograde is finally over, but give it a few more days before you sign any papers or begin a new job, or buy anything with moving parts.

On the 13th, after a couple of days of rest, the mood will be somber as you try to control your emotions and hone in on self-discipline. Things to do with younger persons or your past will come into play again. Don’t forget that you have a support network to help you.

Your support network will stem from your family and home. 14th will feel as though things are going your way again. Once again, plans for your future are on your mind and, it is a day for being productive.

The 15th brings a day of calm where you will dream of faraway places and of getting away from it all.

On the 16th, from the learning you are doing, you will transform your emotions into some actual ideas for change. This insight will come from deep within you but realize that these are from a subjective point of view and be careful not to make assumptions.

The 17th and 18th bring a bit of calm in the universe, and the new moon will activate some new activities. If you’ve wanted to begin a new project, the 18th will be the perfect day to begin.

From the 19th to the 20th, your focus shifts to your friends, ideals and thoughts for the future. Your goals and your emotions are in sync but beware that they are subjective and can be prone to assumptions. You will be able to move past the baggage of the last week to concentrate on some fresh new ideas and a renewed impulse to start on some fresh new projects.

If you are in a committed relationship, your partner may again be part of organizing and working with you to come up with solutions for some real progress for your future and your career. It could involve a plan that you work on together, pooling your resources in order to achieve your plans. Conversely, it could be that you’re helping a partner to put their plans for the future into place with some investment plans, etc.

On the 20th, you will again be focused on your learning and your education. You may also be wishing to travel farther, whether on a mental level, or a physical one. A female friend may bring up the topic of travel. If the trip is a mental one, you may receive some deep insight and intuition from a friend and you will appreciate the information you are given.

On the 21st, it will be a powerful day for focusing on results-oriented goals. Venus will bring love and compassion to the overall mood of the day. Your emotions will most likely be quite subjective but you will gain some valuable insight that improves the support structure. This may involve some personal plans or could be concerning younger persons in your life, most likely from your circle of friends.

You will feel energized and this burst of emotions will have you planting some seeds for things that you would like to achieve in the future. You have the drive to push forward and your personal ambitions are important to you. Subconscious matters will help you as inner urges come to the surface.

You may also want to be physically active, whether sexually or going out and taking part in some active sport. You may be feeling especially frisky, so go with the flow and enjoy.

On the 22nd, you will feel in sync with events and be energized to put plans related to success into place. It is a day to be productive and you will find that putting together and building the infrastructure related to that success will seem easy.

You’re still experiencing deep desires and thoughts of all good things related to love, sex, and other pleasures that make you feel good on a physical level, which could include massages, aromatherapy, and anything to do with bringing deep subconscious thoughts to the forefront. If not on a pleasurable level such as a massage, you may want to get out again and play some sports which will raise your adrenaline and your endorphin level, and make you feel on top of the world.

From the 23rd to the 24th, you may again be feeling some stress from some inner tension. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you should notice or receive some rewards for your work on your self-discipline and organization. If you aren’t able to see it for yourself, your friends are sure to notice and will let you know.

You may also see some monetary rewards or actively pursue them. At the same time, you will feel some real love and be very physically expressive toward your partner or on the whole if you are single. You will feel good about yourself and act upon it.

The 26th and 27th will be powerful days to focus on your values system, such as what you think you’re worth, the income you’d like to be bringing in, creative projects, joining resources with your committed partner, or investments. You will have some very insightful thoughts and inspiration and will want to share these ideas and visions with friends or groups. Your mind is buzzing with lots of ideas and you will want to communicate them.

On the 27th, your mind is still going a mile a minute with ideas and discussions. You are feeling inspired though you may not have all the facts, but your emotions are filled with love, compassion and acceptance that you want to share this with others in your life.

You will feel good on your life path, your values and emotions seem to be on target. Discuss them with committed partners or with your investor if it involves any investments. Some of these discussions may touch on your career and your vision regarding your hopes and wishes related to it.

This is a time for new insights related to your success as you search for freedom and to gain more independence. Some of these insights may even be genius and arise from some your subconscious desires.

On the 28th, you will have reached a turning point. You will most likely be dealing with younger people, and with the Moon in the sector of communication and your neighbourhood, you will be reaching out to the public or to younger persons in general. You will delve into your past experiences for insight to achieve positive results. If you work for an institution or business, it could be that you have to deal with younger persons, or with the public in general. You are energetic but be careful not to come off too strong. You will be feeling some tension but these are just inner tensions stemming from strong reactions or statements that have been made, either to you or from you.

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