February 2015 Horoscope – Scorpio


The month of February for Scorpio is all about your connection to your home, your home environment, and family. Mercury will retrograde until February 11th so you will be reviewing and rehashing any issues regarding your living situation. You are reviewing where you would like to live, what kind of environment you would like to be in, and perhaps, the location as well. This will most likely be in conjunction with career decisions or in connection with a parent or authority figure in your life.

The month begins on a good note with focus on feeling good about your home and following the path you instinctively know you should be following. Be careful not to take things for granted but enjoy the feeling. The Moon is influencing your outlook on life and with Mercury looking backward as well, you will look back on your past, and perhaps tweak your outlook. You will have some new and fresh ideas regarding love, romance and imagination despite the fact that the full moon, the following day, will bring some culmination to projects that you have on your plate.

On the 3rd, there will be endings to projects begun last month, which will give you the opportunity to reorganize your time, regain discipline and control and rebuild your infrastructure that may have suffered while you concentrated on these projects. It will be a natural progression of events and you will be able to take charge and notice the progress you have made.

The 4th will be a day to enjoy the present and to simply go with the flow. Career or authority figures will figure but you will do best to coast and enjoy your accomplishments instead of pushing ahead. You will want to stay home while at the same time forge ahead on new projects. You will have time for that at the new moon. For now, enjoy and seek the company of your family to balance and resolve this restlessness and inner tension.

The 5th could bring some past problems to the surface, causing some interruptions regarding your home or family but if you work together and are disciplined and organized, these issues could be handled with care and result in some real progress. Some of these issues could have to do regarding your home and your sense of value. For example, you may want to purchase some furniture for your home, or do some renovations, but your plans for savings for additional income, will cause you to stop and think twice. Mercury is also still in retrograde motion so you may want to think twice regardless before heading out to get that new fridge or washing machine.

From the 6th to the 7th, your career is looking good and you will enjoy some success. An experienced person or authority figure will provide some guidance. You are feeling some tension or struggle between your home and your career. It could be that some decisions that need to be made on the home front are disrupting your plans for your career. Or, because of some changes made regarding your home, this will create some tension for you regarding your career.

You will be able to get a handle of resolving some inner tensions if you get your thoughts and ideas organized. Plans to save or invest will help organize your thoughts or plans regarding decisions that need to be made .

A female friend may be able to give you the push you need to fulfill your ambitions regarding some of your projects. She may bring up things that happened in the past to give you some insight and direction to help you resolve the tension you may be feeling. It’s an emotional month, so you may just find a sport that you will enjoy to let out some of this energy.

On the 8th, the Moon is influencing your subconscious, and your thoughts and ideas will seem in sync to how you are feeling deep inside. You may hear from someone in your past, possibly a family you haven’t heard from in a long time. It is a day to make some real effort toward some of those plans you have. You will be thoughtful and if communicating with the public, you will find the right words. It’s not a day to hang back but rather to move forward. Say what you mean, mean what you say!

You have been working on transforming your way of communicating and going much deeper in how you perceive and experience your everyday environment. You may be having some powerful cravings for things. It could also be that you may have some projects that involve communicating and creating and the message may be quite powerful.

The 9th is an emotional day where you will experience some emotional insight into how you can be of service to others. You may get some spontaneous intuitive ideas into the kind of work that you would like to be doing, whether you are already in a career or not.

The Moon lighting up your subconscious could create some tension that spurs a rise to action. There may be some power struggles but you will still see some tangible progress as a result. There is a very real power of manifesting something real. This may be linked to projects you are working on. 

From the 10th to the 12th, you have a couple of days of calm as the universe is allowing you to digest the emotions and insights of the first week.

From the 13th to the 16th will bring more emotionally based days. You will begin these days, on the 13th, in a somber mood. Your thinking may be heavier than usual and these may be as a result of the feeling from the loss of freedom because of responsibilities. You are in the process of trying to control your emotions especially with regard to issues with money such as saving, squirreling away, or creating more income. You may be finding it hard because you may have the urge to do some spending. This will pass and you will be happy for your restraint.

On the 14th, your career or job will be keeping you busy again helping you to squelch those urges. You will again be expanding those plans related to your plans to succeed. You will feel very productive. You may hear news regarding money which will raise your spirits.

The 15th brings some calm and the 16th will bring you some deep insight into some changes you feel the need to put into effect. You may be connecting with sibling(s) and they may give you some insight on your situation..

The 17th and 18th will bring some calm to your life if only for a short snippet of time, with a new moon on the 18th bringing with it new activity.

The 19th is a day for concentrating on what you value in your life. The new moon brings new beginnings and lots of ideas. You will begin some new projects and will move forward leaving the past behind. This day will bring subjective and personal feelings to the forefront so be aware not to make any assumptions.

You will do well to work together with others this will help you  to resolve some past issues that may resurface. This is  not something that will come easily but with conscious effort on your part you will be able to make some progress when it comes to organizing your thought and staying on the path of discipline, like sticking to a routine, regarding how or what you spend your money on, especially when it comes to your home. It could also be that you need to set up a routine about the house as it affects your family, or the family in your home. This will have a positive effect as your Sun has now moved  into your  house of projects and creativity. You may meet someone new as Venus and Mars are also close by but be aware that you may not know everything about this person. Take your time. Venus and Mars will move along  on the 21st regardless and amp up your daily work routine so you will be busy and with your thoughts remaining on being organized, it would be best to remain focused on your plans. 

Even though your month is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, most of it brings some really good results. Through conscious effort on your part, things in general will run smoothly and give rise to action. On the 20th, a message you receive, or a short trip to visit someone younger may set off some emotional triggers and give you the energy or spur you to put some plans for action into place. This person could also be a sibling or neighbour. It may be an intuitive insight shared with you or a deep emotional feeling you get from spending time with this person that gives rise to these feelings. It will concern your sense of values and the results of how you perceive them. 

You are now spurred to action with the moon in your sector of your day-to-day work routine. On the 21st, you may find yourself with a busy schedule with many things coming at you. You will enjoy being busy. If you delegating work, or receiving assignments, you will see positive results. You will feel the support coming from loved ones and family. You may also see some development in connection to your plans of increasing your income as a result of your work assignments. It could be that one of these work assignments gives you a clue to what you would really like to be doing.

You will have the urge to push forward, changing up your work routine to accommodate your personal ambitions, and planting seeds for future activity or enterprise. This could involve younger persons, or could mean that you are very close to this idea and it means a great deal to you.

Your health routine will leave you feeling good about your physical self and you will enjoy being active. You may spend some of this day doing some sort of physical sport. Or, if you get together with a special someone, you will want to show your affection on a physical level. Regardless, you will feel very good!

On the 22nd, with the Moon still in Aries, and lingering in your house of work assignments or routine, you will continue to feel dynamic and energized to deal with the list of things to do.You could land a plum assignment that will make you look good to authority figures at work. This could open up some career opportunities as well. You may also get some guidance from someone older, either at work or someone whose opinion you respect. They will be supportive of any plans related to success and may even give you a heads up. It will be a productive day!

You will also still be riding on that wave of love and compassion and physical good wellbeing. You will not be shy to share this feelings with those around you. You may also take part in or go to a sporting event!

After the last couple of days of work piled up on your desk and working on those projects and assignments, you will see the results and rewards of your hard work. This concentrated effort to complete these work assignments may have cut into your personal daily routine and may cause you some tension or stress, but if you keep yourself organized and disciplined, you should be able to come out on top. The higher-ups will definitely notice this trend. You will be rewarded for your hard work!

Venus and Mars are still influencing you to enjoy the things that make you feel good on a physical level, whether it’s a sport, an exercise routine, or physical pleasure with another. It will be spontaneous and energetic, or may infuse you with energy.

On the 25th, you will again have a day where you can coast and enjoy your close relationships. You can take the day to savour the moment.

On the 26th, you will feel like sharing with others how you are feeling. It will be a day where your intuition is spot on. You will be filled with compassion with a feeling of acceptance of the world around you. It will be a zen day for you where the atmosphere around you will feel dreamy and where you languish in your imagination. It could also be that someone in your environment is this kind of person who will be a source of profound inspiration.   

Joint ventures that come up may deliver the elements needed for you to follow your life path. It may feed that inner work you have been doing on yourself. 

This new joint association or venture may be connected to discussions at home or with family. In any case, you will be sharing this new beginning with your family or they will share their ideas with you to help you along your path. There may even be two different joint pursuits you are considering. 

With your inspiration on high voltage, and changeable work assignments being given to you, you will be filled with new ideas related to your career which will lead toward your plans for success. These plans may very well have to do with wanting to have your own business, to be your own boss. Listen to your inner voice and some of these spontaneous ideas may be the key to your search for independence and freedom.

On the 27th, you are still enjoying sharing your thoughts with others, who could be your committed partners, or about these new ideas for joint ventures with a business partner. Keep notes on these insights and ideas that are gushing forth from this well of inspiration.

Your family will support your ideas and will gladly share in the discussion with you. You will have a lot of thoughts regarding your life path, the path you should be on. You are thinking about the hidden impulses and habit-forming patterns that you can be prone to. This is a time to delve in the creativity that comes from your subconscious or unconscious.

On the last day of the month, there will be some tension that arises from the sphere of your life that deals with travel, your personal philosophy and outlook in life. The tension may arise from needing to ‘just get away from it all’ and having a busy schedule. You will notice a turning point on this day where you will want to reach out to the public. You will reach into your past to yield positive results when dealing with the public, the people who work around you, and people younger than you.

Your career and you daily work routine will also be in synch. Be open to any new inspirational or spontaneous ideas that come to mind. Even the craziest, zaniest ideas could be valuable in your search for a successful career. You may come up with an invention or an idea to gain more freedom and independence.

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  1. Marika says:

    “You are reviewing where you would like to live, what kind of environment you would like to be in, and perhaps, the location as well. This will most likely be in conjunction with career decisions or in connection with a parent or authority figure in your life.”
    Yes, that is true for me. I have been busy thinking about that these past few weeks and have been visiting new places and houses where I might want to live just last week-end. That subject gives me a real headache because I have not yet found THE solution to reconcile contrary wishes, desires and obligations.


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