February 2015 Horoscope – Sagittarius


For Sagittarius, the month of February focuses on how you communicate with others. You will begin the month considering results and consequences of past actions. With Mercury in this same area of your chart and in retrograde, I cannot emphasize more that you will have to be doubly careful of what you say and how you say it. Sagittarius is famous for ‘foot in mouth’ statements and this month it would behoove (pardon the pun) you to take extra care with your words. On the 19th, the focus will switch to your family and home and you will be in a good place with anything concerning those matters.

The month begins with the spotlight on siblings, your neighbourhood, friends and lots of chatter. Some of that chatter may be in the background, whether that means secret talks, or your own thoughts remaining in the back of your mind. There will be a lot of discussions, and a lot of thinking on your part regarding your siblings, or your neighbourhood.

There is a lot of interaction with siblings and things to do with family, most especially your early family, rather than the one you are building now. I say this because of the connection to siblings. Some of these talks will be in connection to the subjects of inheritances or money owed or money given to you, and this will border on talks regarding how you view life and endings.

The 3rd will then bring a full moon which usually brings endings. If you have been dealing with some legal issues, you will be seeing the end of these. If you have been travelling, it could bring the end of a trip such as a holiday, or it may even be the end of a course you have been taking. You have recently begun honing down and putting restrictions on yourself, as well as setting about being more disciplined and regimented than you are naturally.

Despite those new restrictions or conditions you are placing upon yourself, on the 4th, you’ll still feel the itch to be free to travel and roam where you wish. You are doing a lot of short trips this month, but you would much rather be on longer ones. If you’ve just come back from a trip, this feeling will be magnified. However, things to do with foreign lands or dealings with others from foreign lands may also be your way of feeling that broadening of learning if you are not able to leave. It’s an inner struggle and you should enjoy the present, where you are now, and go with the flow.

The 5th brings it back to your powers of organization and how you organize your thoughts. You may realize that matters in connection to your siblings affect you more than you previously thought. These interruptions will make you appreciate how far you’ve come. Instead of working against your siblings, if you work together with them, you will see some real progress.

The 6th and 7th will again bring some cause for tension and stress regarding things you say and your philosophies or outlook on life. You may have a very different way of seeing life than do your siblings and perhaps if you talk things over with them, you’ll realize that they aren’t really so different, you just act or react differently than they do. An authority figure will provide guidance and this may be someone from a very different background than you.

The 7th will bring some tension with authority figures, on both the career and the home front. This will most likely be in the form of a female, such as your mother. It could be that something she says gets your back up. You could experience some powerful emotions. You will be looking to the past as a result and come to some realizations of how your past affects you.

The 8th lightens up the mood with your attention shifting to your friends, hopes and ideals, and your plans for the future. With Mercury in retrograde, you may hear from an old friend and this will stir some nostalgic feelings. This may also involve your siblings, or it could be that this friend has made a short trip and is visiting your neighbourhood. If you have to communicate or write, you will find the right words and your words will be thoughtful and caring.

You have been transforming your thoughts on what you value, how you value your material possessions, and how you invest or spend your money. You may consider buying something for your home that makes you feel good. Or, you may even be considering investing in a home as that would mean so much to you – having your own home. Your friends may be helping you with searching for a home, or it could simply be that your future plans, hopes, and wishes are concentrated on this matter.

The 9th may bring exactly what you are looking for, perhaps an insight from a friend, or a project or creative idea that comes out of left field that stir your emotions. This insight may touch upon a matter that is much closer to your heart than you realize before.

This tension will mark a turning point where you use these power struggles to make progress toward manifesting something real as opposed to just dreaming about it. If you’re feeling in any way uncomfortable about your emotions, you could be ready to do something about it. Something from your past may be the driving force behind this emotional reaction.

The 10th to the 12th will be calm and where you will withdraw into your own thoughts and inner world. You can take stock of the results and consequences before moving forward again.

On the 13th, you may be feeling a little disheartened or sad, as your thoughts may be overwhelming you. Mercury retrograde ended on the 11th, but you’re still reeling from all the emotions felt as a result of looking back into your past. You will be trying very hard to control your emotions. In general, for the next two years you will come across as more serious and controlled than people are used to. These changes will remain in effect for years, even after Saturn takes his leave from your sign. Take advantage of this period of putting into place the aspects of yourself you’ve always wanted to set straight.

The 14th will highlight the things you want to learn in connection to the changes you are putting in place, especially concerning your appearance and how others see you. You want to be taken more seriously, and any plans related to what you consider to be easier to put into place and will be successful in the long run. You will have a very productive day if you take advantage of this grace period.

The 15th will give you a chance to have a look and to review if you are going in the right direction. Are you investing enough money to cover your plans? Are you hanging on to your material possessions and is this getting in your way?

On the 16th, after taking into consideration some of these questions, you will get some deep insight into what you really want and need.

The 17th and 18th will give you the time to reconsider or review these ideas. And, the 18th will usher in a new moon, the perfect time to begin something new: a new project or a going in a completely new direction.

The 19th is the beginning of Pisces, and this will bring you back to your home base. You may find the home you have been dreaming of, or you may have some fresh ideas of where you would like to live. Even if this is not completely clear to you yet, you will have renewed energy and desire to begin searching for that new home, or how to refresh the current one you live in.

On the 20th, you may be needled by some emotional triggers and will throw you into deep thought. You will be able to pinpoint what bothers you and this will spur you to action, or at the very least, you will be able to put down to paper a concrete plan of action. Let your family help you with this and you will be appreciative of what comes out of it.

In order to move forward, you will need to organize your thoughts and to put together a course of action. You may get help from your siblings or you may look around at your current neighbourhood to put together some of the things you would like to have where you are planning to move. There may be some interruptions but if you remain organized you will be able to tackle any challenges and see some progress, even if it that you reach a much clearer vision of what you want.

The 21st will have you feeling a lot of compassion for those younger than you, for family. If these are not your own children than it may be a connection to younger members of your birth family or a partner’s children. You will take this younger person or child into consideration. Compassion and love will give you a better vision of what you want. You may even be considering whether you want children of your own and how they will fit in to your plans.

All of these emotions and insights will drive you to push forward with your plans, planting seeds for any future action. You will feel energized and confident to begin putting some of these plans into place. After all, you have to start somewhere, and why not at the beginning.

The 22nd brings a period favourable to setting up and beginning your plans. You may also be considering moving further away than you planned but need to take into consideration younger persons in your environment. If you take all notables into account when putting your plan in place, you should be successful and begin noticing some positive results.

Some of this tension you are feeling may rear its head on the 23rd and the 24th. You may be too forthright in laying down rules for yourself, as well as to others, in order to achieve your plans. Remember that your self-discipline and power of organization will be the key to your success and believe me when I tell you that others have already noticed this remarkable difference in you. You will see the rewards of all your hard work.

Your physical nature will be at the forefront and you may even be a little bit boisterous. Exercise or any sport involving younger persons will hit the spot. Your frisky nature will bring back the spark in your romance for the next couple of days. You may even go out and pay for a massage or give yourself a spa day including anything that makes you feel good in a physical way.

The 25th will bring a day of respite for you to sit down and breathe. This will begin a period of growth. You can relax a little and take a look around in order to move forward

On the 26th, you will be overwhelmed with good feeling, thoughts of love and acceptance, and you will feel inspired. You will feel good at home and will share your new visions with your partner and your family. If these plans include your partner, he or she will be on board with you.

You are definitely on the road you should be on. Your true node points to balancing your future plans, your friends and circles with your own self-expression, through your creative projects.

Sharing your ideas and thoughts will also help in creating a balance in those two areas of your life. With Saturn in your sign for a couple of years, you may find that you want to withdraw from the world while you work on yourself, but try to keep that balance between the projects you undertake with friends and those that allow you to find your own inner child.

Sharing your thoughts with your partner or close relations will bring new insight and ideas to the table. You may even have some amazing ideas that will give you opportunities related to career or personal successes. If you have any legal issues or contracts you need to sign, it should go well. If you have come up with a creative idea that is unique, you may want to consider registering or patenting it.

The last day of the month will bring up the topic of joint resources and ventures, with regard to matters that involve either young children or personal projects. There may be some tension as you iron out whether you are committed and share the same values. If you are in a loving relationship, there may be talks regarding sealing that commitment and this may cause you some tension as yours is the sign of freedom and independence. There may be some strong feelings or statements made and these may involve matters to do with younger persons or children. You will not be averse to commitment per se, but you will want to make sure of all the details because once you’re committed, you’re usually committed for life.

Your philosophy and outlook in life is broadening and either your self-expression, inner child or the child that is in your life will give you some new insights in relation to the issues surrounding a deeper commitment on your part. They will seal the deal for you, and you may just sign on the dotted line.

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