February 2015 Horoscope – Pisces


For Pisces, February is the last month of your previous birthday year. Coincidentally, the spotlight is on your inner world where you are evaluating and reviewing the previous year. It is a results-oriented month where you look back to see where you have progressed and where you still need more work. On the 19th, you will be entering the new year where you will beginning planning how you will proceed, beginning with your Self.

The 1st and 2nd has you feeling that you are on the right path and that path concerns balancing matters pertaining to money, such as inheritances, bonuses, joint venture and income with your sense of values and possessions. You will be full of fresh ideas and inspiration and with Neptune in Pisces your intuition has been palpable. Love and acquiring new things for your self. You will want to pamper yourself with new clothes or a new hairstyle. The 3rd will bring some  feelings of estrangement but if you take charge you will be able to make progress and may realize that you are not alone and have a support system. The full moon will bring some endings, so someone in your work environment may leave, most likely a female, and a figure of authority. You may also see a part of your work schedule end or change as a result.

The 4th may bring uncertainty, and struggles especially concerning your work schedule, however if you let go and coast, and go with the flow, you should be able to accomplish everything you need. to.

The 5th will bring cooperation and a higher up with help if problems or mistakes are made. If you keep your thoughts organized and maintain your sense of discipline, you will be able to achieve some progress.

On the 6th, you will continue to feel some of that uncertainty and will continue to feel tension and stress. You should sit back and enjoy what you have accomplished . An older person or authority figure will provide guidance to help you get through this challenging situation. It may be that you simply have too much on your plate and need to learn to delegate more rather than doing it all yourself.

The guidance this person will provide will really influence you. You may even be groomed to assume a more responsible position at your company.

On the 7th, a woman who holds a certain amount of power may present you with the possibility of a partnership. You will be quite eager to begin something new but you’re not sure yet whether this is the answer. This indecision within yourself may cause you some inner stress. You may need to find an outlet to let out that excess energy.

The 8th may bring some news of a bonus, a raise or a new contract. If you have to share you thoughts through writing, you will be able to find the right words. You may also hear from an old friend, someone with whom you shared similar psychology and inner world and this will bring back some nostalgia regarding the past. Mercury is still retrograde so going back to the past is actually conducive to you.

You will most likely be experiencing some feelings of wanting to gain a certain amount of power back into your life. You may be collaborating with some friends or groups, where you have been doing a bit of trimming of late. You want your friendships and connections to have deeper meaning, to be more connective, and to be transformative. Or you may have noticed that the people you have been attracting of late are of a different kind. They may be people who love power too, but the kind of power that is transformative.

On the 9th, you may have a mind-blowing idea regarding a matter that is close to your heart. This matter will have to do with an idea on how to make more income doing what you love, or on how to get your hands on this object. This idea may be a little incredible but you’ll be surprised how easily it takes off.

It could be that a woman in your group of friends is causing you a little tension, perhaps something she says to you may get under your skin, or there may be some power struggles between the two of you. This power struggle may have existed for a long time if you have known each other for many years. However, sometimes these kinds of power struggles, are exactly the thing needed to make some real progress. These are usually the situations or people in your life that give you the impetus and drive to go after what you want.

You may be able to manifest exactly what you want. The 10th to the 12th will give you a couple of days where it will feel like the calm in the middle of a storm.

The 13th is a little dampening as you will have a lot on your mind regarding your career. An authority figure may be making your life a little difficult with their demands. If you’re able to control your emotions, keep on top of your responsibilities, you should be able to succeed regarding your duties. Conversely, if you’re the boss, it could be you that has had to be a little heavy-handed with your staff, especially if it involves younger persons.

These are not opposing forces, and those around you will understand that things need to get done if you’re to stay in business. You will have the time on the 14th to build that infrastructure to keep things together, it will be a productive day. This is where you will shine when dealing with the ‘big’ picture.

The 15th brings a bit of respite in the midst of a heavily emotional month. The moon is touching upon almost every aspect of your chart.

On the 16th, you will again be touching upon some of those ideas for deep sweeping changes in your life, most of it on an inner level. Where a couple of days ago, the moon sparked off some tension, now you will be able to use that power to make some real changes. This may again be directed at your friendships or any group or association you belong to.

The 17th and 18th are quiet days again, and a new moon on the 18th will have you buzzing or itching with new ideas for a new start.

The 19th will bring fresh ideas to the table, new beginnings regarding how you appear to the world. Some of these ideas may just be getting inked on paper but are not completely clear yet, but they will make you feel good. Your birthday month has begun and you will be moving forward again. You are done with reviewing the past year, going over the things that went right and the things you could have done better. Now are ready to take on the world again.

The 20th has you working with others in order to achieve this and you will be happy to see improvements if they were needed. It is hard for you sometimes to relinquish your duties as you are the sign that needs to be of service to others. However, sometimes it may border on martyrdom and is actually a detriment to you. Your need to help and rescue others becomes stressful to you. You have begun to ‘take care of business’ so to speak and allow others to take over when you need to rest.

Your psychological make-up is greatly influences your career this month. You have gone over past challenges you may have dealt with. Some of these may be that you tend to think you have to work alone, but if you get together with others, you will notice that there is a conscious effort to work together and that if you do follow this route, you won’t feel so alone, and real progress can be made. Organize your thoughts and try to remain consistent, either toward those in authority, or whether you are the authority.

On the 21st, you will feel as though you love the world and the world loves you. Your family will be supportive and rally around you. You will feel energized with all this support that you are actually feeling on this day. Your personal plans are falling into place, and you will gain some insights on how to build your support system so that you don’t overdo yourself.

You will feel a drive to push some of your ideas forward, especially the ones that are the seeds for future action. For example, if you have been putting a plan together concerning how you are going to retire, this will be the day to plant some of those seeds to accomplish that. If you are younger and are thinking of giving yourself a makeover, this day will be the day you begin to put those plans into action.

You may also have come upon a new idea for bringing a new source of income and now will be the time to begin. This new idea will feel natural to you and will come easily to you. Don’t take it for granted because now is the time to be productive.

You may wake up on the 23rd and the 24th feeling those old bouts of stress and tension. This will be coming again from the direction of your career as there could be someone who is very driven in that sphere who gets you going. However, if it’s you who is pushing hard, you may be feeling from others the brunt of your ‘laying down the rules’ to them. The rewards you have been reaping are a direct result of your own self-discipline and organizational powers. This is apparent to those who work around you so don’t be too hard on yourself or others who work with you.

With Venus and Mars in Aries, the energy will be overflowing and you will feel good in your skin. You will have the urge to show your feelings on a physical level, whether it’s through transformative sex, or exercise, or even getting together with friends to play a sport. You will have the energy to do this. On another note, if you’ve been wanting to change something in connection to your personal routine, this will be the time to begin this.

The very next day, the 25th, will bring you some calm and you will be able to see the growth I mention from the day before. You may be able to catch up on your list of things to do and run your errands because you actually have the time to do so.

On the 26th and the 27th, after a day of rest from the emotional roller coaster, you will feel good in your skin. You will feel accepted and loved, and profoundly inspired. You will be overflowing with feelings of love and will want to share all of this with those around you, especially your family. Since Neptune moved into Pisces, you have been like a fish in the ocean. Inspiration and imagination comes easily to you and you will have felt as though you can literally move oceans.

You are definitely on the right path, and are willing to share with others how they can find their true path. Your intuition and deep undercurrent feelings can sometimes see what others need more than they do themselves.

Share your thoughts with your family. Your true node requires that you balance the commitment of joint affairs, monies pooled together, and business ventures, with your own personal values, income and possessions. What you value has to also be balanced when it comes to other people’s resources.

You will gain some new insights related to your busy work schedule and your inventive ideas on how to make a little extra income. This second source of income may be something that you do from your home, and you will find the way to be able to integrate it into your schedule. 

The 28th ends the month on a tense note. A project that you have begun may cause you some stress because you may have to invest some money into it. You may have overlooked this, but you should be all right, as you have the ability to generate new income. Sometimes you need to invest to get a return. You have reached a turning point and may even be ready to reach out to the public with your product or sales pitch. Go back to your past and remember how you have approached this before and you will see positive results. You may get or need help from your children or from persons younger than you.

Your search for financial independence starts with your career. If you’ve been wanting to run your own business you will get new insights that could lead to success. If you haven’t yet found the idea, then take heed of any ideas or project, even if they sound incredible because they could very well be your new source of income.

You will end the month taking into consideration the things that you value the most.

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