February 2015 Horoscope – Libra


For Libra, your month is centred upon projects, your creative expression, and/or your inner child. You may actually have some leisure time and will enjoy going to see shows which may feature dance, the opera, music, anything that speaks out to artistic expression. This may also include going to galleries to see your favourite painters. Of course, if you’re an artist involved in any of these kinds of creative expressions, it could mean that you are spending time delving into these ways of expressing yourself. You are hanging back and with Mercury in retrograde until February 11th, you are most likely in the process of reviewing and re-evaluating, your projects. It is not a time to begin new projects but rather to go over the current ones. One of your creative projects may be under review. Toward the end of the month, you will again be back to focusing on your day-to-day work routine, your immediate working environment, the people whom you work with, or who help you.

Your North Node is center point as you begin the month. Are you on your path? Are you balancing your own needs versus the needs of your close relationships because one needs the balance of the other?  It feels natural for you to be in a relationship but your own individuality cannot be taken for granted either. You will be full of fresh ideas and inspired with matters pertaining to your daily work routine and your career. Your imagination will reach a peak and your intuition will serve you well if you listen to it. Make sure to listen to that inner voice.Your month is mostly centred upon what you value and what means most to you. In the context of groups and associations, you are taking charge and building a solid infrastructure through discipline and control.

The 3rd is a full moon which brings culmination to some of your projects. You may feel alone in this restructuring, but you will begin to see some real progress if you remain organized.

On the 4th, you may also feel a bout of insecurity about whether you are going in the right direction regarding an association or group. You may be reacting to something that is growing out of this association or a person may make a remark about one of your projects which has you rethinking things. Instead of resisting you should just simply enjoy the ‘now’ , the present accomplishment, and go with the flow.

On the 5th, past issues regarding a projects, or concerning a child, may rear its head. If it’s a project, hone in on the message, organize your thoughts, and ask for help. Working together with a sibling, or cousin, or even someone within your immediate neighbourhood, and handling the issue with care will bring about some real progress.

The 6th brings out some insecurities again, but this time in connection to growth in the area of your group interests or friends. Again, avoid resisting this expansion or growth, and enjoy your success within this organization. Go with the flow. An older person may figure and provide you with some guidance regarding this association. It may be that you are struggling with this group’s direction regarding some universal concern.

Working together with others, sharing ideas and thoughts about projects and creative expression, and keeping yourself organized will result in better progress. The results of this is related to conscious effort made on your part. You have just begun to gather your resources and are in the process of revamping your communication style, or writing style. Normally you are used to a freer sense of communication but are now dissecting and pulling apart how you go about doing this.

The 7th, you are still feeling that nagging uncertainty and are struggling with some inner tension. It could be that the creative collective is taking prominence over your own creative expression and causing some friction for you. It’s not a day for resisting, instead seek others, enjoy your successes and go with the flow.

An older individual, perhaps in the form of a strong woman, will figure prominently and will provide some advice and a look into your past. She may touch upon some past issues that  will enlighten you regarding your inner mental realm. You will feel energized on a physical level and will actually want to participate in some kind of sport to let out some of that excess energy. You may also be involved in some kind of public event where you will require a lot of energy.

On the 8th, matters regarding how you appear to the outside world, your personality and outer appearance will give rise to some emotions. You will be able to tap into these feelings to convey your thoughts with care. Words and writing will come naturally to channel these feelings, possibly through writing a journal, or a blog, or even a book. With Mercury still in retrograde there is a possibility that you will either hear from or run into someone from your past.

At the same time, the love of family is changing and transforming and you will feel a powerful surge of emotions from this. There may be some secretive arrangements being made, something connected to family or your home. It may also be linked to your work environment and daily routine. The focus will be on your relationship to your Self with regards to your home, your close relationships, and your family and how all of these relationships are transforming.

On the 9th, the balance between your individual self and  self as part of your love relationship will be in the spotlight with matters pertaining to some disruption occurring in that sphere. You will have some emotional insight into your reactions regarding certain matters and those insight may be spontaneous and true ‘aha’ moments. These circumstances involve a subject that is very close and dear to your heart.

This will be a turning point for you as the stress may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. These tensions are connected with the home and with your parents. There are issues of the ego and of power struggles that took place in the home. You cannot sit and hope for the best, in this case you will have to solve this inner tension by making a decision. If you have a certain picture in mind of how you’d like things to go, you will be able to manifest it into something real.

The 10th to the 12th will bring some calm back into your life. You will be able to go about your personal routine in relative peace. Money and possessions will be on your mind and what you value will be at the forefront of these thoughts.

The following day, the 13th ushers in a slightly somber day when your emotions will be heavy and you’ll be thinking greatly about the organization of your life. You may make a short trip to see a sibling. If staying close to home, you may get a call from one. You know that you have to get a hold of your emotions, and that if you’re disciplined things will work out. If related to your method of communicating, such as writing, understand that Saturn is sending you lessons to teach you.

On the other hand, you will feel satisfied with the group you may be associated with, and your list of friends is growing. You are making a lot of new connections and this helps your personal creative growth as well. Your infrastructure is developing and success is at your fingertips. It is a productive time.

On the 15th, you have another day to step back and relax, to take in your recent progress.

On the 16th, matters related to your home will surge but you are in a practical state of mind. You know what you want to change and if you stay quiet for a moment and listen to your inner voice, you will gain some deep insight into your inner needs.

The 17th and 18th bring another day of calm and a new moon. new moons are good for beginning something new.

Luckily for you, on the 19th, the new moon occurs in your sphere of projects, creativity and leisure activities. You will feel a sense of renewal, new activity and fresh ideas which may not be ironed out yet, but which will invigorate you again with energy. You will be able to free yourself from the baggage you straggled along the past week.

On the 20th, emotions will be stirred and issues regarding your home or family will again cause some disruption to your work day but you will be inspired to act upon these emotions rather than getting bogged down by them.

Your discussions will touch upon your projects and if related to communication, marketing, advertising, or getting the word out, you will do best by keeping your thoughts organized, fastidious and conscientious of your message. As a result, you will see some real progress.

On the 21st, you will be much more compassionate and will gain a better perspective into the concerns of your family. Personal plans are on the front burner but you will gain some insights that will allow you to create a support structure. This may involve younger members of your family or surrounding. These insights may inadvertently come from a female in your work environment.

With Mars in tow, you will have the energy to attack these plans. You will be infused with the drive to push forward and these plans may be seeds for future action. These may be related to your work day, your schedule, or a new health regimen.

On the 22nd, your partner, love or business, will be in synch with matters pertaining to your associations or your ideology. If single, you may meet someone new through your friends or as part of this new group or association who share the same ideals. 

On the 23rd and 24th, you will again experience some inner tension related to your ability to be of service to others and how to communicate this to them. For you, it will be a day where you will want to see some results or progress to know or feel that you are on the right path. However, if it’s not apparent to you, it is to others and they are aware that your self-discipline and powers of organization are moving you forward. You will be laying down some rules for yourself and others, but don’t be too forceful as what you have in place is working for you.

Your feelings of love will manifest themselves in a physical way and your partner will definitely notice it. You will be frisky, playful and focused on activities that make you feel good, whether it’s playing a sport, doing exercise, or having sex. Your partner will be in the groove as well and enjoying your company! It’s a good day to remind each other how you feel for each other. If you are not in a relationship it will be a good day to get out there and enjoy the company of others, especially in this emotionally charged month.

The 25th is a day of calm and rest again from the fray of emotions. You will like to surround yourself with nice things and it is a good day to go out for a nice dinner, to pamper yourself with things that make you feel good.

On the 26th, your spotlight and thoughts are focused on how you best serve others. You will feel compassionate toward those  who work with you, whom you employ, and your general work environment. You will share your vision with them and will feel in sync with  your surroundings. You will feel some profound moments of inspiration and your imagination will be boundless.

You will feel that you are on your true path as your emotions and your thoughts are intertwined and looking in the same direction. your ideas regarding projects will  be on your mind and will clearly reflect on your philosophy and outlook on life.

It may also involve travel to foreign lands or contact with others who live at a distance.

The advancement and germination of your ideals, groups, and friends will strengthen your career and success. You will have new insights and some of them may be quite inventive. 

You will end the month feeling some strong emotions regarding your career. There may be tension and powerfully emotional  statements made. Your close relationships or partnerships may be putting some stress on you. You will be dealing with the public in general or with younger persons. You may hear some energetic declarations which may cause a strong emotional reaction. 

Use these feelings of discomfort to your advantage and new insights and unique ideas related to your career and in connection to your future plans will lead to success. This will lead to your future aims for greater independence.

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  1. Marika says:

    “The 10th to the 12th will bring some calm back into your life. You will be able to go about your personal routine in relative peace.”
    There you go!
    I read your blog on the 10th and I wouldn’t be able to sit here if I had not been able to go about my personal routine in relative peace 🙂
    Some calm is back into my life indeed and it feels good.
    I have been spreading myself too thin lately and I feel the need to focus more on what is really essential to me.


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