February 2015 Horoscope – Leo


The focus in February for Leo will be on relationships, partnerships, marriage and love. There will be a lot of discussion in this sector either with others or with your current partners. You may hear from someone in your past and rethink or review that relationship. You may also be reevaluating your position in that past relationship or your role in the current one. Toward the end of the month, after you have done all this reviewing and reassessment, you may be confronted with the ending of one and the beginning of another one. You will also be dealing with the details of dissolving a relationship or partnership but things look like they will work out amicably. The result of the spotlight on these matters will either have you planning or going on a holiday, dealing with legal issues which may be a little disruptive, and definitely a new lease on life or you may have a new outlook on life. 

The beginning of the month will have you already ensconced in your feelings regarding your past or current relationships. You will feel in synch with your decisions and will feel that you are on the right path. Your unconscious or subconscious will bring up the past regarding the results of your past decisions.

Regarding joint ventures, you may not have all the details yet so don’t be hasty in your decisions. You will be inspired and full of ideas regarding committed partnerships or business ventures and your intuition will be spot on. Be careful not to make any assumptions or of filling in information where it’s missing. Make sure you have all the information at hand.

The 3rd brings a full moon and along with it, endings. You may be finishing a big project, or a romance may be ending.  Your emotional focus is on your Self, so you may feel it is necessary to reconsider a current romance. You want to organize your life and how you come across to others is very much on your plate of things to do. Your projects need you to be disciplined, organized and diligent in order for you to be successful.

On the 4th, attention placed on your close relationships and partnerships will pull opposite the focus that is on your own individual growth. It will cause some tension but these struggles will not be resolved on their own. You will seek others to help you. Try to enjoy the present and try to go with the flow.

On the 5th, you will need to keep an eye on your projects. Past issues may resurface but if you connect with others you will find the solution. The answer may just come from a partner or close alliance. 

On the 6th, you will again feel the tug of war between the ‘you’ that exists within a partnership and the ‘you’ that is growing as an individual. Go with the flow, and try to coast a bit instead of rocking the boat. An older person may provide you with some guidance.

Connecting with others and seeking their help will garner positive results. You will also have to remain organized, disciplined, and make a concentrated effort if you want your projects to take off and be a success.

You will feel opposition but this time between the way you value your own possessions and the possessions you share with someone else. You may be dividing property if in the process of separating, or another scenario could be that you receive a bonus or a raise and you are planning how to invest it or how to spend it. A strong woman will make herself heard.

The 8th will have you feeling mellower and things past may have you feeling nostalgic. You will be sharing memories or good times with close partners or even going over old ground with someone you run into from your past. It could be a partner from a past relationship.It’s a good day for words, speaking and writing. You may be taking a short trip with your current squeeze or with a business partner. 

You may also be considering a deeper commitment with your current partner as you are experiencing a deep transformative love for this person. If you are not currently in a relationship, you will long to be in one such as you imagine. You may instead channel your energy into purchasing  something of value, possibly property or making a substantial investment for your own material security.

The 9th has you see-sawing between staying close to home or wanting to go on a longer trip. It could also be that you are torn about some new learning that you need to do. Should you take a course online or should you go out and learn from the real world ‘out there’? You will nevertheless experience some uncanny insight into your emotions and something that is close to your heart will suddenly become very clear. Your outlook on life may be quite unique.

There will be some tension that will demand your immediate attention but you will realize that you are at a turning point, Changes in your work routine will challenge how you communicate with others. With Mercury still in retrograde, you may want to think twice before saying or sending kind of communication out. Something from your past may surface and it could have something to do with a sibling, or a neighbour, or someone whom you consider like a sibling.

Th 10th to the 12th will bring you some calm with Mercury retrograde ending on the 11th.

After a couple of quiet days, the 13th will feel a little somber and you may have a lot on your mind. Regarding romance or some creative projects, you are trying your best to control your emotions, or to be disciplined in order to be productive. Your past may come up.

The 14th your projects will suddenly feel like they are on track. You are able to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

The 15th brings another day of calm in this relatively emotional month.

You will get some constructive ideas for change to your work schedule. You have been needing to change how you go about your way and this is all part of this decade long transformation that is in place concerning your daily work schedule, how you are of service to others and things concerning your physical health.

The 17th to the 18th will again bring a bit of calm along with a new moon full of new beginnings.

On the 19th, the new moon falls in your sector of commitments, whether in love or business, and this will generate some new and fresh ideas which might not yet be precise. There is a symbiotic relationship between monies given or owed and/or joint ventures and accounts. 

The 20th will once agin touch upon your making deep transformations with respect to your work schedule, and the way you find yourself to be of service to others. There may be some emotional triggers that affect you deeply and your thoughts and heart will be stirred.

Partners may figure prominently in discussions concerning creative projects. These could be projects that you are working on together. Discussions will be fruitful and will show real progress if you are organized and self-disciplined.

The 21st is a day that even you will say in hindsight was filled with love and compassion. Your family, and memories of family members close to your heart will give you a better vision of family. A younger person or family member may provide some deep insight.

Your emotions will be energized and you will feel an urge to push forward with your plans. These plans may involve some travelling or people who are from foreign lands. Your personal ambitions will most likely be involved, and you will begin planting the seeds for your future.

On the 22nd, the focus may be on travel, foreign places, and people from foreign places. You may be considering going away on holiday or if you’re not able to get away, education may also be on the table and it may be related to learning more about yourself.

The 23rd and the 24th will bring some tension but it will be the sort of tension that demands action on your behalf. A project or plan may get the funding it needs to be completed. You may be too hard on yourself, but others will notice  how much your projects have progressed because  of your self-discipline.

Physical expression of love and things or activities that make you feel good on a physical level, such as physical therapy, massages, playing some sports or going to a sporting event will release that energy build-up.

The 25th will be received with cheer as this has been am emotional month and even though you can be emotional and dramatic yourself, you will welcome the calm.

On the 26th and 27th, you will be connecting with your friends, groups and associations. You may be discussing the possibility of some joint ventures that have the potentiality to make money. There may be information that is unclear or missing so be wary of signing on the dotted line too quickly. You will feel very closely connected to your friends and may even be profoundly inspired by them.

You will be sharing your thoughts and discussing future plans with your friends. You will feel that you are on the right path and these talks will confirm that things are as they should be for you now.

It will be a time of deep insight, and your ideas may be connected to places in foreign lands, travel, or with people from another country. You are trying to come up with a plan to live your life with more freedom and independence. You may consider going back to school, learning a new skill, or a career that deals with foreign goods or lands. 

On the 27th, you may be considering a new business venture or deepening a new relationship but be careful as you may not yet know enough about this person. Take care to gather more information regarding the new venture or the new partner. However, you will be feeling quite inspired and will want to share these ideas with potential partners.

Some of these talks will involve your love or business partner and you will know that you are going in the right direction. Future plans will feel right.

The last day of the month will end with some powerful feelings that will demand some action in order to relieve the stress that you are feeling. You may suddenly have the urge to ‘just get away’ and this may result in some strong statements being made, either from you or from someone younger. You may reach into your past in order to alleviate this tension. You may have to cater to your own care or psychology, and this is what may be bringing on the impulse to travel. You may also be dealing with someone from a different background than you, and they may potentially be the catalyst for this tension.

Concentrate on yourself as it is a time for new visions and ideas related to yourself, your career and the kind of education that you learn from traveling  or from dealing with other cultures. There will be a lot of inner thinking and evaluation and some of these exceptional connections will affect you very deeply.

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