February 2015 Horoscope – Gemini


The focus for Gemini is on the expansion of knowledge and your core beliefs, and  with Jupiter in the opposite house of extending boundaries, this will produce positive results. You will be focused on education and broadening your horizons. There is a certain amount of importance to this pursuit as you are looking toward the future. It will also bring things foreign or people from foreign lands into your life. The focus will then shift to your career and authority figures. There will be a lot of energy and action at the end of the month starting on the 19th. You will enjoy what you are doing and what you do for a living will be important to you.

The beginning of the month begins with the Sun shining on your life path. Until November 2015, the North Node is centred around romance, creative projects, and matters involving younger persons, or children. If not your own children, then on finding your own inner child. It will be important for you to enjoy the work that you do. The career you are pursuing has to mean something to you. You will be filled with fresh ideas and inspired to reach out to the things you enjoy. You will also find ideas that not only bring you success but added income.

On the 3rd, you may feel a little cut off from your environment. Some projects may culminate, projects that include some kind of communication. While Mercury is still in retrograde, read over everything you send out by communication, such as emails, press releases, letters. You will also find that you are becoming more organized and structured in your partnerships. They will come to see that you can be counted on for support.

On the 4th, you may feel a bit of uncertainty regarding your education or matters concerning contracts. Make sure you read over everything twice before signing. Have someone else look over the contract, or if possible wait until after the 11th to sign. You will feel more confident if you share your thoughts or apprehension with others. You should also coast a bit instead of pushing, and go with the flow.

On the 5th, you’ll be discussing with partners or close relationships, the subject of learning or educational choices. Your partner, or someone close to you, will be able to help you organize your thoughts and keep you on the road to discipline. If you make a conscious effort to work together, you will see some real progress.

The 6th brings more insecurity or uncertainty regarding your education and your choices. With Mercury in retrograde, and your sign is ruled by Mercury, it would behoove you to review carefully what you really want. It would be better to take a little extra time thinking about this, than making a decision that you can’t reverse. Talking to others will help you to resolve the tension you are feeling. You may also be considering travel or dealing with foreign lands or people, or people from afar may be coming into your environment. Go with the flow and if you need guidance, you may get it from someone older than you.

Those discussions revolving around travel or education or contracts will continue from yesterday. Keep your thoughts organized and your self-discipline in check and it will result in making good progress. A female member of your family may help you out.

On the 7th, a strong woman will figure prominently in your life. It could be a sibling or someone you know in your close environment. You will experience some uncertainty still with matters pertaining to education, travel or a contract or some legal wrangling. Enjoy your life and go with the flow.

There may be involvement with younger people, or you may participate in some sport activity or attend a sporting event. You may also find that you are reacting to situations in an energetic, if not slightly aggressive or critical way. Try to find a way to use up this excess energy instead of taking it out on others by taking part in some sport or exercise.

Where, on the previous day, you were a little more critical, on the 8th, you’ll find your mood will have shifted and you will react with thoughtfulness and with empathy. Siblings may visit and you will be out and about your neighbourhood. You may also hear news from someone in your past. Any communication you have to send or tend to today will be amicable and any messages will be sent with good will.

It is a positive day and love will feel quite powerful. There may be matters that have to do with your career or the work you want to be doing that will come up and, if you work together with a committed partner or someone close to you, you will be successful. You will be ready for this change and will be creating some elaborate plans to satisfy this new craving for change. There may be things that are being worked on behind the scenes.

On the 9th, there may be some power struggles with a romantic partner as well as some disruptions coming from your friends that has you in a tizzy. However, this situation will probably create some incredible or spur of the moment insight or aha moment for you and it will involve something that is close to your heart, and means something to you. If not your romantic partner, then it will involve a project that is dear to your heart. You may be wondering how you can incorporate this into your future plans.

If you put your power struggles aside and work together with your committed partner you will see some great progress regarding the plans you have. It is a very powerful day for manifesting your dreams, hopes and wishes. The sort of tension you are feeling is stress that you are possibly placing on yourself but you will feel at a turning point and will need to deal with this inner tension.

The 10th to the 12th will be quiet and will allow you to assimilate everything that has been going on. Mercury retrograde ends on the 11th, and you will feel things moving forward again at regular speed.

On the 13th, even with the end of Mercury retrograde two days earlier, your mood will be a bit somber, but not dark. You are aware of the discipline and you are doing your best to control your emotions regarding your closest relationships, perhaps realizing that this is your support system and you should take care of it.

The 14th your mood bounces back lifting from the somber mood of the previous day. You will be out and about your neighbourhood, possibly connecting with siblings or cousins. Your plans related to success are on cue, and it is a time to be productive.

The 15th is another day that allow you to take it all in, coasting allowing you to go with the flow.

The 16th will be a day where you will find yourself with practical ideas for change. You will be able to transform your feelings into something concrete, and you may even get some insight into the things deep inside you that you would like to change. It could be how you view commitment, or matters involving joint resources or ventures.

The 17th and 18th will bring another two days of peace and calm. The 18th brings a new moon which usually portends new activity.

The 19th will fresh with new ideas which might not yet be definite but will invigorate you with renewed desire and motivation. You will be able to start fresh and past baggage won’t be an issue.

On the 20th, there will be more deep thinking and these will stir your emotions. This reaction will cause you to rise to action or to come up with some concrete plans for activity, business or joint plans.

If any past mistakes come up or causes you to interrupt some plans, you will be able to get past them if you involve and work with others. Share your thoughts with your personal close relationships and you will be able to conquer any challenges that have to do with matters such as education, outlook on life, or anything that has to do with signing contracts.

On the 21st, you will enjoy getting together with friends. Good feelings amongst friends or groups will bring feelings of love, compassion and improve support structure. Friends may share some ideas on how to increase income.

It will be an energetic productive day and the activity you begin will plant seeds for future plans. You will feel confident with reaching out to friends if you need their help or company. Your personal ambitions will be at the forefront of your mind.

On the 22nd, your plans related to accomplishments and your future will be on your mind and the resources you need will be ready at hand.

The 23rd and 24th will bring some tension to the surface but it’s the kind of tension that demands action on your part. You will see the results and rewards of your new-found sense of discipline. You may be laying down new rules to yourself and your close relationships, but it is already obvious to others that you have made some great strides. Organization and discipline have been your strong points lately!

You will feel very physical and will want to show your feelings on a physical level. You will be attracted to things that make you feel good such as getting involved in a sport.

The 25th will be calm and will allow you to take it all in again so that you can be ready for the next few days and end the month with a bang.

The 26th and the 27th will bring the focus on your career. You will be inspired and your imagination will be in synch with the things you are striving for in your life. You will feel as though people have your back, and this will give you confidence.

You will feel as though you are on the right path and projects that come up will be the ones you want to pursue. You will naturally share your ideas with others to get the feedback you need.

Thoughts and matters to do with education and learning will feel right and on the path you should be on. If it feels natural it should not be taken for granted. That is where you should be.

The last day of the month, you will again experience the kind of tension that demands action. If you’re feeling stressed, you may react with strong emotions or make some strong statements. You have reached a turning point and will be dealing with how you think about your personal possessions.A friend may make some strong statements and you will react to them, but it will be more of a reaction that will make you want to do something about it rather than one where you would want to prove them wrong. The month has been going very well for you so I don’t see that you would take what is said in the wrong way. If anything it will spur you to act upon it in a positive way. 

The resources you need will also be there for you , and most likely you will not have to travel too far for these. You may even get some friends who will help you out with this. This help could come in the form of a recommendation. New ideas and insights related to career or ambitions may bring the independence you are looking for, and these ideas may be related to something quite inventive or unique.

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