February 2015 Horoscope – Capricorn


For the month of February, the spotlight will be on your income, values system, possessions and personal routine. Your attitude about money and your material resources will be on your mind. With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, money owed may be delayed or you may experience a change in your daily routine. What you value most will be under review. Short trips, a move, and letters/memos will become prominent in the latter part of the month.

The beginning of the month centres upon the re-evaluation of your values and your material possessions in connection to your career. If you are just starting out in the working world, you are assessing what it is you value and how you may direct your career to bring you the things you feel are of value. If you are at the end of your career, you are doing the same kind of reviewing and weighing whether your possessions or income has equalled how you value yourself in your career.

You may hear from your siblings or may take a short trip to visit them. They may energize you and this will lead to some fresh ideas and lots of discussions.

The 3rd brings a full moon in your house of endings and inheritances, bonuses, and one time pay offs. You may experiences some feelings of isolation as a result. If you keep yourself organized and take a disciplined approach, you will be able to rebuild your infrastructure and create a new support system.

On the 4th, the opposition between this ending and your sense of values may butt against each other, but your accomplishments will far outweigh any kind of material possessions. Enjoy the now and go with the flow and you will succeed .

The 5th will bring your thoughts regarding income and  values system together and if you keep your thoughts organized, you should be able to see results. Some past problems may crop up or you may experience some interruptions from institutions such as a  bank or office.

From the 6th and 7th, although events concerning your career or life success are unfolding to your liking, you may still feel divided in your feelings. The best course of action during these two days would be to go with the flow and coast until you have all of the details. An authority figure may provide guidance.

Again, thoughts regarding your personal values will be evaluated or income coming to you will be evaluated by an institution. There may be some interruptions but if you are patient, you will see some real progress. If you’re evaluating how much you’re worth, you may go  to a bank and find out your net worth. If you’ve been organized and disciplined, you will be happy with the results.

You may be considering a trip abroad, a holiday, or you may be making many short trips around your neighbourhood. You may hear from a younger person who lives far from you and you may be looking to the past with a sibling and that may bring back some tense emotions.

On the 8th, you may hear some heartfelt messages in connection to your career. Your boss may have some kind words for you or you may be giving a speech in front of your colleagues and your words will be heartfelt. You may hear from someone in your past through a letter or email. You may also receive a letter from your employer regarding  some income that is owed to you. Or your employer may have some different  ideas about how to increase your income.

Your appearance and the way you appear to others has been undergoing a transformation. A woman is largely a part for this and if this woman is your partner or spouse, you will experience a deep transformative love. There will also be some secret plans or some hidden matters involved. These plans or secrets may involve your siblings. 

On the 9th, events or issues regarding your career will cause you some deep emotional reactions. Whatever is happening in your career is also affecting your home, but these tensions will result in some pretty incredible insights about something that you keep close to your heart.

This will definitely feel like a turning point in your life. Your career is still causing you some inner emotional turmoil and will affect your ego. However, the deep transformation to your outer Self will coincide with the events happening in your career. You are on the brink of some actual manifestation in your life.

The 10th to the 12th are quiet days and you should take advantage of these quiet days to recuperate from the  emotional seesaw  of the past week.

On the 13th, the mood will be a little dismal or subdued and you will be trying hard to control your emotions. Mercury retrograde ended on the 11th, and time will feel like it has sped back up to normal speed.

The 14th will bring a day of accepting the things that life brings you.You will be taking a deep psychological view of what is happening in your life, including beginnings and endings, because with endings come a new beginning. You will be able to plan and build a new infrastructure, possibly related to a new path. It is not a time to sit back but to be productive.

The 15th allows you the time to hydroplane a little all the while putting your ducks in a row. Planning the next course of action requires calm, organization and discipline and you have plenty of that! If you have been let go from a company, with a sizeable package, you will be able to plan your next move. Capricorns are usually never caught off guard, but this new development may have pulled the rug from under you, so to speak, on an emotional level. You can handle it!

The 16th brings it all back to that slow transformation that has been going on deep inside of you. You could be rewiring your thoughts about your Self; you may be thinking about the next phase in your life, whether its winding down, or reeling in, or aiming for the top. In any case, you are working on yourself to achieve that which you want to accomplish.

It’s an emotional month for everyone as the Moon is touching upon every part of your chart. The 17th and the 18th provide another two days of respite where it will be calm. Your thoughts will nevertheless be focused on you, your basic point of reference, your conditioning, as well as your values. 

The new moon shows up on the 18th bringing with it a slew of new ideas and a renewed sense of your immediate surroundings. On the 19th, your siblings may contact you, or you may get together with them. You may be busy with short trips or will sit together with siblings, most likely this sibling is a sister as the Moon is usually a feminine influence. She may have some good ideas or insights that will help you. If you don’t have any siblings then it will be someone in your close surroundings that you consider as a sister.

The 20th will have you deep in thought and your emotions will definitely be feeling some turmoil. Along with that deep and intense inner revamping you are building upon, the changes that may occur in your immediate surrounding may push some emotional triggers and will spur you to action

Ideas regarding your income and your sense of discipline will be on your mind, but there may be an issue or a challenge that comes up. If you remain organized you will be able to deal with the challenge and see some real progress nevertheless. The challenge that presents itself may be something as minor as dealing with the way you see or assess situations, subconsciously. Or, it could be that an institution, such as a bank or financial institution, wants you to consider a different option regarding an investment.

The 21st will bring matters pertaining to your family, your home, and your beginnings. Your mother, sister, or wife may provide the support you need. You may inadvertently be rebuilding the family structure and this may involve your children as well. You will be in a good frame of mind emotionally and your vision concerning your personal goals wll be clearer.

You will begin to plant seeds for future plan of action. You don’t like to sit back and let life dictate which way to go, so your inner needs and urges will drive you to begin working on some of your ideas. You will also feel the need to be physically active, whether its taking part in a sport, or showing your love outwardly.

On the 22nd, partnerships, joint ventures and resources, or a bonus, inheritance or a payout will again be on your plate. You will be planning and may get guidance from someone who has experience, or from a family member (most probably a woman.) You will be in a productive frame of mind.

You will also be feeling in the mood to display your love in a physical way or doing things that make you feel good physically, such as a good massage, or exercising, but you will quite probably be staying close to home as opposed to going out to look for these distractions. You may cozy up to your loved one, or hit your personal gym or watch your favourite sport!

On the 23rd and 24th, you may notice some tension raising its ugly head due to some of your own inner stresses. However, these may be unfounded if you have been diligent and organized as Capricorns are naturally. You may be laying down rules for yourself or others to deal with these fears but to others it is apparent that you are where you are because of your power of organization and your self-discipline.

If you are suffering from some of these stresses, find some physical activity that will take care of that excess energy you have bottled up inside of you. Find a sport, do some exercise, start some of those projects around your home that you have been wanting to tackle and haven’t had the time for.

Another day of rest comes on the 25th where you can relax a little and take stock of the progress and growth of ideas or goals you’ve been working on.

As the month begins to wind down, the 2nd will bring some inner calm and acceptance of the things that have taken place this month. You may be inspired and willing to share some of your vision with others in conversation. You will feel as though you are exactly where you should be. Your plans may not yet be crystal clear and you may still need to tweak some of the details but you will feel good about the direction you are headed.

The last day of the month will be a turning point in your life. The moon is in your relationship sector and there may be some strong opinions or feelings that come up. Someone may share some of their thoughts with you, and it may come from a sibling or someone in your immediate surrounding. It may be you that is sharing some of these deep emotional feelings you are experiencing. Some of these feelings may be surfacing because of past but may garner some positive results.

You are on your way to gaining some of that freedom and independence you have been seeking after years of hard work, or may be ready to put your abilities to work in order to go forward with a business venture that will allow you to work toward greater independence. The doors have opened up for you to do so for the next year and you should watch for all opportunities that come your way to take advantage of them. If you have already been handed some opportunities, this will be the time for new insights and ideas. Some of these ideas may even border on a little odd or quite unique so don’t be surprised if what you come up with is a little left of normal for you.

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