February 2015 Horoscope – Cancer


The focus for Cancer in February is on joint ventures, investments and inheritances, loans, or money owed and offered, as well as beginnings and endings. There will also be a focus on investing and spending, first on investments then possibly on travel and learning, or regarding legal issues or signing contracts. It is an emotionally-charged month and even though it is a very positive month, you will nevertheless feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster.

The 1st of the month will find you thinking about the future, commitments, or investments in connection to your home, or your family. You could be thinking of some commitments dissolving, you could be dealing with property that is inherited or dealing with your childhood  home, or the home of your parents. It could also be in connection to your own home. You could be thinking seriously of investing in a home or a second  home.

You will most likely find yourself travelling near water and you will very much enjoy this trip. If you’re not actually travelling, you could be dealing with persons who are from foreign lands regarding some creative projects. You may be dealing with the consequences of some legal issues or you could be signing a contract. Mercury is retrograde so try to delay signing after the 11th. There are some facts that are probably hidden and this information might come to light after you sign. Make sure to get all the information you need before signing anything.

The 3rd brings an ending with the full moon in Leo in your second house. Some investment you may have made has come to an end, or you may sell something you own. Another scenario is that your personal daily routine will be disrupted because of work. You will have to be organized and disciplined if you want to succeed. A project that you’ve been working on will probably come to an end this week.

The 4th brings some opposition between investments and joint ventures and your own needs for material security. You’re uncertain about which direction to take, but you should take this day to coast and enjoy what you have accomplished so far. Go with the flow is the best course to take.

The 5th has you getting your thoughts organized and you will have to be disciplined if past problems or interruptions surface. If you work together or discuss your issues with someone in a committed relationship or business partner and make a conscious effort to work together on this matter, it will get you past this glitch.

The 6th will again bring some uncertainty regarding property, investments, or possessions. You are enjoying your career or life success at the moment, and it would serve you to coast a bt and go with the flow. An older person or authority figure may give you some guidance regarding these challenges. Outside forces will help you to resolve tensions.

It could also be that someone from your work environment may offer you a partnership, help, or a solution.You really have to work on setting some discipline and on how you handle your daily work day, this will see you accomplishing a lot more.

On the 7th, you may find yourself connecting to siblings or neighbours. You may come across a woman with a strong personality with whom you will share similar philosophies and outlook in life. You may also find yourself travelling with one, or meeting one on your travels. You will also be quite physically active, possibly enjoying sports or going to a sporting event. In either case, you will be feeling energetic and energized.

The 8th is a good day for merging emotions with words, so your correspondences will be heartfelt. Your thoughts will go back to the past or to matters regarding your family. You may also hear or communicate with from someone in your past. Your emotions will be balanced and justified and be in synch with your thoughts. Your family history may also come into play .

Some things secret will come out with regard to some close  persons in your life. You may receive some artistic objects from a close friend or partner or from someone far away. There is a deep transformative power or love of power that permeates your thoughts. You may be scheming on how to achieve some of these grand plans that you have. You love change and sometimes will create situations in order to achieve this power that you seek.

On the 9th, you may get some incredible insight into what to do regarding your career and your home. You may feel tense because of the disruptions you have been challenged with in your career.

This day is a turning point for you regarding a struggle you have been dealing with that has to do with your home and your close personal relationships. You will definitely feel that you can manifest the things you want into something real. Past family influences will come to light and the tension you experience demands some action on your part.

The 10th to the 12th will bring a bit of calm to let you assimilate everything on your plate so far this month. It is an emotional month to say the least and you will get a few days of calm peppered throughout the month at intervals that allow you to take stock of everything that is happening this month.

The mood on the 13th in your house of work will be somber and you may find yourself deep in thought. You may feel restricted by your schedule and that’s why you’re doing so much thinking. Organization, discipline and trying to control your emotions and your work routine is front and centre.

You will however get a bit of relief on the 14th where your infrastructure will be easier to build and plans related to success will be positive. It’s a time to be productive.

The 15th is another day to get some relief from the emotional wave this month.

On the 16th the moon in your sector of partnerships will have you thinking of how you’d like to transform your life. You will experience some deep inner needs for change.

The 17th and 18th allow you another two days of respite from the emotional whirlwind that is this month.

The 19th and 20th bring a new moon and the Sun in Pisces. The new moon ushers in new activities, plans, and ideas. It is the time to start fresh and to let go of past issues. You will feel a sense of renewal that will give you renewed impulse especially if related to travel and a new outlook on life.

On the 20th, deep thoughts regarding your philosophies or outlook will stir your emotions and you will act upon these thoughts. You may experiences some emotional triggers brought on by something you see or something someone says, or just by being in a different environment.

Again, the commitment to your daily work schedule will be present but if you are organized you may be able to fit it all in. You may experience some interruptions but if you’re organized, your day will go on without a hitch.

On the 21st, Venus and Mars saunter into your career sector and you may get the support you need from your parents or an authority figure. You will get some great insight into your support system and find how you can get it to work for you. Younger persons may be involved, or it may be you who feels young at heart.

The 22nd may have you reaching into your pocket, and spending some money, and it could be on something related to your field of interest. You may conversely find a new source of income related to sports or sporting events. You may be involved with activities involving young people who will spur the drive to push forward with your personal ambitions. This involvement may also be tied to your career or with superiors or authority in your field.

On the 23rd and 24th, leading out of the last couple of days where you were able to let out some steam or energy through physical activity, you will experience a new source of tension, this one being inner stress, the kind of stress that demands that you act upon it. As a reaction to this inner stress, you may come across as a little heavy-handed with laying down rules to yourself or others. However, if you don’t actually resort to that, you will notice some fruits to the self-discipline you have placed on yourself lately. Others will also notice the fruits of your labour as a result of this discipline.

You may be enjoying a new direction in your career or if you have met someone in your field of interest you will be quite attracted to them. Another way this could manifest is that you feel so good physically that you will sign up for some new sport and will get out there and be quite competitive. You will really enjoy this level of competitiveness.

On the 25th, you will have a day to rest and enjoy without any added aspects to contend with.

The 26th and 27th are result-based days where you will see how far you’ve come and you will be in a chatty mood to share your thoughts about your successes with others. There will be a feeling of compassion with those around you, and you will be inspired whether you are travelling or delving into your own inspiration and imagination. You will be energized and animated when sharing your thoughts and feelings regarding your philosophies and current outlook on life. You will feel very much in tune with healing energies, your own or others. 

You are quite in harmony with your life path, the one that brings things back to your beginnings, to do with your home or family, or your past.

There may be some discussions regarding joint ventures that will come full circle with your life path. You may be signing a contract related to an investment or a joint venture in connection to your home, family, or past. If you are not signing any papers, you will most certainly be discussing the possibility of it.

With the Moon in Gemini, quick thinking and discussions with individuals in authority or with others involve in the same line of work, will spark some new insights related to your career and to a new goal of success.

The last day of the month will bring some very powerful emotions or comments to the forefront. Most likely these strong statements will be coming from you. You are feeling a strong drive to reach more of the public with regard to your business. This will be a turning point in your career and public life. This may be related to this new idea or insight that you have arrived at. It will definitely be related to a new source of income for you. You will begin to realize your own dreams of freedom and independence. 

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