February 2015 Horoscope – Aries


Last month, your focus was on career, and it has now moved back to what you would like to achieve going forward. This month, the focus is on friends, groups & associations, ideals, hopes & wishes, and dreams until the 19th when it will go further back into your subconsciousness and psychoanalysis. With Mercury in Retrograde as the month opens, you will be in a reflective mood, looking back over past plans and wishes, and how you went about bringing those plans to fruition. You will also analyze whether those plans hold the same values for you going forward. Mercury rules your 3rd and 6th houses, so it is possible that the plans have to do with your daily routine, both at home and at work. You want to see results in these areas. The month will generally be focused on the values you place in your hopes and wishes, as well as those focusing on the future.

From the 1st to the 2nd, the start of the month you’ll be feeling pretty good about your associations and your close relationships. It will feel so good that you’ll almost take for granted that things are going so well. You may be looking back into your past to connect the dots that has led you to feeling this good.

These are the years that you are more closely tuned into your subconscious desires and dreams, and this month until the 21st, you’ll be filled with inspiration and ideas when it comes to your closest relationships. With your North Node in your sector of close relationships, this works perfectly for you.

The full moon in Leo on the 3rd brings about a culmination of projects, discussions about children, and/or the fruition of plans regarding leisure time. The holidays are over and a new year has just begun. The next couple of days, you will be generous with your emotions.

You will feel like you need to take charge of some projects or plans that include enjoyment on a romantic level. If you’re considering traveling or something that will expand your higher knowledge, you will be frugal in your choices as much as you would like to spend more. It could also be that you need to gather more information to achieve some of these personal and creative projects you are planning. It won’t be hard as you are adept at coming up with plans on this level. You may also get the support you need.

From the 4th to 5th, although your emotions or something blocking your emotions may not be at par with some of your plans, go with the flow and enjoy the day, and coast a little. It won’t hurt. You will seek others to help resolve these tensions, most likely a woman, like your mother or sister or even a daughter to talk things over. Or, it could be that these tensions are a result of comments made by a lover or a child. Are you spending enough time with them?

On the 5th, your past mistakes could cause issues to do with anything legal, such as child support payments or visitation rights. Handle these with care and work together with your ex-partner to resolve this and you will see real progress. It could also have to do with your routine changing concerning visitation and these might butt into your work or personal schedule. You will have to work around these. I see the issues ironing themselves out as you go with the flow and rearrange your schedule to accommodate.You may just have an authority figure watching over this, so keep your end of the bargain on the up-and-up and things will go smoothly. It will be a conscious effort on your part.

On the 6th, things are looking up in your career and life, though you may feel some opposition coming from your romantic partner. Don’t take for granted that just because things are going well that you don’t have to make any efforts. The Moon in Virgo will give you the tools to notice the details. Your new romantic partner may want to feel as though they are a part of your life and may feel a little left out as you have to deal with these issues from your past, with an ex-partner regarding children. Your romantic partner may want more time with you, or your child may want you to spend more time with them. If you apply some discipline to your life, you will succeed in making everyone happy. This is a time to work together with others and not trying to make these decisions alone. If you are going through custody issues, you may be working together with a mediator to iron out specifics. It is possible that someone from another country or someone you know who lives at a distance will lend you some insight on how to proceed.

On the 7th, an older person or authority figure will give you the guidance you need. Go with the flow and you’ll notice that your outlook may change with this insight. If it’s only a matter of making time in your schedule, it is possible that you will be spending more time with your child(ren), or if you don’t have any, some pet projects will be taking a lot more of your time and you will have to work around your schedule to fit these in. There is a strong feminine influence around you and powerful emotions will come into play. If you’re male, this woman may be the reason for this divisive confrontation or insecurity regarding these struggles you are trying to resolve. If you’re female, a strong woman may be the reason you are feeling insecure and is causing these issues to arise. There may be past habits that you have to resolve. Regardless, your emotions will have the help of logic and detailed analysis to help you discern what the issues are to take care of them. You may even consider getting some psychoanalysis to discover what your inner blocks are to face some of these issues. Also, with the Moon and Mars at play, it may be that a younger person (possibly a child) will need some attention because they have gotten hurt at a sporting event and will need to be taken to hospital.

The 8th will bring some new influences into your sphere, as emotions are more balanced. the tensions of the previous day have somewhat settled. You may be feeling nostalgic and your thoughts may wander back to the past regarding your close family or past love relationships. If you have to communicate with any of these people, what you say will be filled with a thoughtfulness where normally this aspect will bring out what is natural in you, this time you will be making a conscious effort to think of the other person instead of yourself. If you’re involved with someone, this will most likely be the person you will be communicating these thoughtful words. If you do not have someone serious in your life, it will most likely be a female friend. You are more aware of the need for close relationships with your North Node in this area of your life.

At the same time, your love of power, of change, and of acquiring power or things of value is never far from your mind. This influence will not be apparent until Venus moves to your house of Self on the 21st, but in the background where hidden matters are involved, you may be creating some elaborate schemes to make this possible. Your authoritative power in your career will begin to take shape as Pluto will be in that sector for a long time working to keep up this level of power in your career or business if you are self-employed. This success comes about with learning to work with others, and for you it comes as a conscious effort as Aries usually likes to pioneer a new business, path, or project but is not always good at keeping their attention on these same initiatives for the long haul. Working together with others will bring you the power and the money you are looking for.

The 9th will bring about again a bout of insecurity and uncertainty from a close relationship, whether it is with a current partner or an ex, or even a business partner. You may notice some outbursts of emotions or emotional tensions. You usually seek out partners who balance out your own volatile nature so you may be surprised by this outburst of emotion. Conversely, it could be you that has an outburst with Uranus in your house of Self. If you’re a quiet Aries, you’ll surprise yourself or your partner with this display of emotion. With Uranus at play, you never quite know what will burst onto the scene. But, you may just have some spontaneous insight into your emotions regarding this insecurity or uncertain situation. In any case, it will be about something close to your heart.

It is a heavy-duty day even as you are able to keep your emotions balanced, seeing all sides of the situation. Some stresses from your career may spill over into your close relationships, and you will notice a turning point in these matters regarding your career and your close relationships. Things may come to a head and you will have to make some drastic changes to move forward. The outcome will be a direct manifestation of something real and tangible as the past or something in your subconscious comes to light. This kind of tension demands action and resolve on your part, not anyone else’s.

From the 10th to the 12th, you will get some reprieve from the past couple of weeks of emotional tension. Coast and rest for the next couple of days until the 13th when you will have to deal with emotional issues again. However, from now until the end of the month, emotional issues will not be as disruptive as they will be on the road to resolve. As the Moon is in its last quarter and in Scorpio, you will notice that digging deep and solving some of the mystery behind this emotional roller coaster will bring some good results. Mercury also ends its retrograde motion and so the wheels will begin to move forward again.

From the 13th on, your month looks much brighter than the first half which was more volatile in comparison. The mood is a little more somber while you try to gain control over your emotional reactions, or those of others, most likely involving younger persons in your life. You will find the right words and the best way to deal with this. It will mostly have to do with your bright outlook on life and the skills you have of being able to look at the grand picture will help.

the 14th brings a bit of a release for plans concerning projects or children, or plans for travel with a romantic partner. Your outlook may also be slowly changing the structure of your life, with you suddenly wanting to widen your horizons and not remaining within the confines of your current outlook.

The 15th is relatively calm with no extraneous activity disrupting the day.

On the 16th, you will be back to the brass knuckles and getting down to work. You will get some deep insight and feel some inner need for change in your career. Are you doing what you really want? Are you going about your business in the right way or do you need to change some things? All these are seeds for thought on this day though you may hit a bit of a blind spot because these feelings are subjective. You feel you need to shift your MO when it comes to your career, but what of it?

From the 17th to the 18th, you have again two days of calm to ponder these ideas. The new moon will give you the energy to think of beginning a new activity that will put this new ideas into play as they will also touch upon some hopes and wishes you have. Your friends or group associations may give you some insight to help.

From the 19th to the end of the month, you will notice that your ideas, thoughts and emotions are forward moving. Past baggage and the emotions of the first two weeks of the month have subsided. You will have fresh ideas and a renewed impulse to get moving on some of these ideas.

You may look to your friends and group associations for help to get your thoughts and ideas organized. You will have to deal with fixing past problems or errors that may come up. If you handle these with care, you will notice great progress. It could be in the way you have communicated to others before that you would like to change or work on. It could be your outlook on life that is shifting. Perhaps one of those philosophical stands is not working for you anymore.

On the 20th, following along similar grounds, your emotions will be your barometer about which action to take. You may experience some emotional triggers which give you some insight about why you suddenly adopted your particular outlook or philosophy. The Moon is in Pisces in your house of Karma and psychological background. A female friend or associate may say something that triggers a reaction. Take heed of this reaction.

Saturn in your house of travel and the law, may have you feeling like you are not able to go away. It could be tied to your responsibilities to your daily work routine or some health issues. Conversely, it could be tied to some legal issues, in the worst case scenario, as in not being able to leave your country or that your legal bills are too high that you don’t have the money to leave. In either case, the house of travel also deals with expansion and higher levels of the mind and which means that you can travel without leaving your home or have dealings with people from far away who come to see you. Saturn will see to it that you deal with these issues to see some real progress.

The 21st brings you more emotional insights and reactions. The latter half of the month seems tied to your emotions in many ways. You will have some good chats with people younger than you, like children, or nieces and nephews. Your love life may get a boost, and you may meet someone or be romantically involved with someone you know from your past and who is possibly younger than you. Your support structure will improve but be careful to make any assumptions regarding the feelings of others.

If you are interested in someone, you will feel confident to move forward and to share your feelings with them. The focus is now back on you and your outward display to the world and not your inner world where you spent the first part of the month. The focus is toward the outside now, a place you feel much more comfortable with. Again, don’t make any assumptions. Plant seeds for the future that will move your personal ambitions forward.

Love and physical pleasure is most likely playing a big part in your good feelings today. You will feel energetic and positive!

The 22nd will bring you abundance, productivity in areas where you feel most comfortable, especially issues that you are able to control. Any plans you have on the table for success, the infrastructure of your life, and productivity will be positive today.

You will feel energized by some display of love toward you, or you may be feeling especially frisky and turn toward some physical display of affection to another. This may also come out by getting out and playing sports with friends. Who knows? One of these friends may just be the subject of your emotions. Enjoy this time!

From the 23rd to the 24th, the Sun now in your house of Karma and the subconscious will bring some inner tensions. Saturn will help you find the self-discipline, rules and power of organization to help you with any stress that may come up in your subconscious. This is related to how you deal with others in your life, and how you deal with your own health. This sector brings out any emotional blocks or attitudes you may have and this will point directly to your outlook on life. Something may need to change, and if you work at this, you will see some excellent results. Try not to always follow the path of least resistance.

You will need to find some sports or go to the gym to release some of that excess energy you are feeling. If you have someone in your life to express them to, go ahead! Be careful if you’re not completely invested in this person as you may give or get the wrong impression. This will be followed by a day of respite, on the 25th, where there will be no aspects to deal with. Take a breather and enjoy that time.

On the 26th, the Sun and Neptune in your house of dealing with others, health and your inner psychology will work for you today. You will feel acceptance for who you are, from yourself as well as others. How you treat others will come back to roost, so if you’ve been nice you’ll get some insight that others are feeling the same way toward you. Your imagination and inspiration will come from within and you will feel like sharing this with others.

Your emotions, thoughts and ideas will flow naturally toward the path of togetherness in your close relationships. This is where your North Node is pointing to, and remember the North Node is where you need to do some work to create balance in your life. Until November 2015, you have the chance to create balance in your life in the sectors of your Self versus your close relationships. It’s not just all about you, but your consideration of others and your ability to allow closeness and close relationships into your life.

At the same time, remember to delve into some of those strange new creative ideas you have as they will help you to find that individuality and independence you are seeking. You may come up with an invention that does just that! After all, you are a pioneer!

On the 27th, your visions of life that are coming through from your inspiration and imagination will spur you to share this with others. It is subjective so take care that you don’t assume everyone will understand or empathize with your ideas, but they will listen and you will feel complicity with others.

Listen to your inner voice as you may get some really wild and genius ideas regarding your career and success related to it. Some of your ideas may be a little unconventional, but you are one of those signs that can make it work to your advantage!

On the last day of the month, the 28th, you may again be feeling some tension and these will be related to your home or family, that is, parents. Maybe a parent will have a suggestion regarding someone younger, such as your child, that gets your back up. There may be some strong statements made because of the reaction toward these observations. You will not hold back on how you feel, but whatever comes up, you will have to solve it yourself.

You will have to contend with that situation while your mind is still buzzing with ideas related to advancing your career success. Listen to your crazy ideas as unconventional as they may sound. You may be on to something new that will allow you the independence and freedom you seek in your career!

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