February 2015 Horoscope – Aquarius


For Aquarius, the spotlight in the month of February will be on your Self, that is your personality, your appearance, and how the world sees you. This will also touch on your partnerships, marriage, and all close partnerships, including business ones. On the 19th, when the Sun moves into Pisces, the focus will switch to the things you value including your friends, your hopes and wishes, and your plans for your future.

The start of the month and the 2nd, you will feel good about the path you’re currently on. Your North Node is currently in your 9th house if you’re Aquarius or Aquarius rising until November 2015. You are learning to balance your environment by broadening your horizons while remaining in your comfort zone and staying close to home. The 2nd is favourable for fresh ideas and inspiration regarding adding to your possessions or finding new ways to boost your income. For a few years yet to come, Neptune will create some unclear situations and challenges with regards to your income and how you view your possessions. However, it will also serve you greatly by providing you with inspiration and intuition regarding how to create more income and how to spend it.

On the 3rd, you may feel isolated from your friends, close alliances or relationship because of your recent focus on the restructuring of your alliances, friendships and groups. You may be alienating yourself as you sort through which associations to keep and which to let go of. The 3rd also bring a full moon and this usually marks an ending. You may be ending a friendship, a relationship or associating with a group that you feel is no longer bringing you what you need.

On the 4th, you will feel the uncertainty regarding some of your decisions especially if you are cutting off certain ties. You’re not ending all ties, so remember that you still have others that you can turn to, so coast for a while, enjoy the present, and go with the flow. There are reasons why you are making some of these decisions, they will become more apparent as time goes by and can look back in hindsight.

On the 5th, your thoughts will be on organizing your thoughts and your plans for your future, that is your hopes and wishes for what you would like to have.

On the 6th, you will enjoy success most likely regarding your career and/or your business partnerships. It’s not a time for pushing forward but enjoying the success. A partner or close alliance who may be an older person or authority figure will provide you with the guidance you need to resolve the challenges you are feeling this month regarding your place in the world. With Mercury in retrograde, you are reviewing your self and how you project yourself to the world. Wait until after February 11th if you’re planning on making any changes to your appearance such as a new haircut or wardrobe change.

Challenges may surface in connection to mistakes that have been made concerning friends or groups you belonged to, but with your conscious effort and the help of friends, you will see some real advancement regarding certain new structures and restrictions you have put in place.

On the 7th, a strong personality, most likely a woman, will say something that will trigger your emotions. This may be a statement regarding your current value system versus your way of working together with others. Aquarius is usually quite independent and the idea of giving up anything or joining resources with another can make them feel a little uncomfortable.

The 8th will soften the mood of the previous day with heartfelt words, either from you or from someone you know that is from a different culture than you, or this person may not live in the same city as you. You may hear from someone in your past, as is prone when Mercury is retrograde and it could be someone who had a great influence on you. It will be a good day if you have to share ideas and communicate your feelings. However, be careful and think before you say anything as sometimes with Mercury Retrograde, messages can be taken the wrong way.

For the past few years, your subconscious has been in a state of transformation. You have been planning, whether consciously or not for greater power in your life. You have been questioning yourself, peeling away the layers to get to the real you, to understand how you operate and the role you play in your own life. Your sense of values is intricately connected and tied to this transformation and some secret cravings or desires will come to the surface.

On the 9th, you will be sensitive to any event that plays out and causes disruptions, especially when it comes to something someone says to you either by email or in a discussion. This may come out of left field and may come from a sibling. As jarring as it may be to you, because the comment is made regarding something that is close to your heart, you will gain some deep insight into your own emotions.

Remember that you’re peeling away the layers to discover how you tick, and some of it may reveal a real power struggle taking place as you change your outlook on life. You are at a turning point in your life and this tension that you are feeling demands that you act upon it and if you do, it will give way to some real progress in your life. The kind that you have not seen in a long time. You are in a phase of being able to manifest very powerfully something very real that you want in your life.

The 10th to the 12th are a couple of days where you will feel the calm from this already very emotional month. For someone who is normally able to distance yourself from outbursts of emotions, this calm is welcomed.

You will have a lot on your mind on the 13th, mostly related with things to do with your friendships and groups. Your thoughts may be a bit gloomy while you try to contain your feelings or your self-discipline, for example, if you’ve made a decision to stay away from a particular group of people, but somewhere deep inside you still have to resist being  pulled back to them. A friend, possibly a female, will form part of your new support network.

You may see that this friend will become closer and more involved in your life. In any case, it will feel easier to put in place some sort of infrastructure and plan the next two days than it was previously possible.

The 15th brings a day of calm where you will relax and again go deep into your psyche to make sure you’re on the right course of action.

The 16th will bring forth more deep insight for some inner needs for change. You have been on this path for the past few years already and it is starting to feel quite natural to you now.

On the 17th and 18th, you can think on these ideas as the 18th will bring a new moon and, with it, new activity.

The shining beacon of light on your Self and your instincts regarding your possessions, or of things you value will be in synch. You will find new ways of bringing in more income or of purchasing some items that you value. You are able to start fresh leaving past experiences behind.

There may be some challenges that come up again, ones that you may have dealt with before that may cause some interruptions. If you keep your thoughts organized and keep to your plan, with the help of your support system, you will see some progress.

On the 20th, you are still in the throes of evaluating what your possessions mean to you. If you have any emotional blocks, you will work at removing them in order to be able to accept and receive abundance into your life. Your obligations and responsibilities will also be on the table.

Keeping yourself disciplined and organized will put you in a much better frame of mind and you will be able to handle any interruptions or challenges that come up.

The 21st brings love, compassion, good memories and a better vision of responsibility for your family. Siblings will figure prominently, especially younger siblings if you have them. You will get along with your female siblings and they may provide you with some insight into your relationship and this will help to improve the support structure of your family.

There will be a lot of energy buzzing about the house, with excess energy that needs to find an outlet. You will have the drive to push forward with your personal ambitions and it will be a perfect day to begin them.

On the 23rd and the 24th, some tension may arise concerning your new stance and outlook in association with your friends or groups you belong to. You may come across as a little heavy-handed when laying down the rules of discipline for yourself to follow, and may be asking too much from others because you want things to change. However, you should already be able to see the payoffs of your self-discipline because your future plans are falling into place. Others are also aware of your powers of organization and your self-discipline is apparent to all.

You will want to partake in things that make you feel good physically, whether it’s some form of exercise, taking part in some sport, or attending a sporting event. If you’re dating or in a serious relationship, you will want to show your emotions in a physical way. You will be quite desirous the next couple of ways and your partners, romantic or committed, will enjoy this outward display of emotions. Aquarius is not usually prone to public displays of affection, but you may surprise everyone!

All is calm on the home front on the 25th, and you will be able to relax and observe the growth that has taken place in your life. You will receive a letter or an email with news of a raise or receive something of value from one of our siblings.

The 26th and 27th will have you surrounded with love and acceptance. The things you value the most will be ever-present and you will feel in your place. You will experience some far-reaching inspiration regarding your ability to ensure added security which you value greatly.   

A romantic partner or someone you’re dating may be from another culture than you and this will expand and widen your horizon and mind. You will feel in your zone and following your true path, or North Node for the next year until November 2015, will balance out your opposing desire to stay close to home.

You will be accepting of these new doors opening up to you and your thoughts will be in synch with this expansion happening in your life.

There will be tension or stress on the 28th, that possibly springs from some strong feelings or statements coming from a sibling, cousin, or neighbour. The tension that arises is one that demands action on your part to resolve. These strong statements may come from a female sibling or from someone younger and you may have to go back to the past to get to the root of the problem.

A partner or close alliance, who could also be a sibling, may give you some insight and ideas related to the success you want to experience in your life. These insights or ideas may seem outrageous but don’t discount them as they could be your ticket to a new-found sense of freedom and independence from your day-to-day work schedule.

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