Horoscope for January, 2015 – Taurus


Focus this month for Taurus is on education, higher learning, travel, foreign influence, philosophy and outlook on life. On the 21st this will shift back to your career. The two major oppositions you will experience this month will come from your struggle to balance concentrating on your own inner psychology and with wanting to be of service to others. You may also find some opposition between career and home this month; they will both vie for your attention.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, Mercury may cause some issues for you from authority figures, such as a professor, or even one of your parents. It may be about a romantic liaison or about money and your finances. Don’t overreact as everyone will be going through the same tough retrograding issues. Check everything twice, whether it’s your bank account, or if you have met someone new, check that they are legit.

The year begins with the focus on career success and the drive toward it. There is an opposition from authority and this may be one of your parents. You may have ideas of moving or needing more space, and your parents are against it. Or your work schedule will encroach on your duties at home. You may be renovating your home, or your parents may be moving and you must also find new space because their move may be too far from where you go to school. Or, if you already own your own home, it could also be that at work things are very energetic and busy hindering on the current renos going on in your home. On a wider plan, it’s a time for action, not planning.
At the same time, on the 3rd and 4th, you may be itching to get away from it all especially work. Travel seems to be on your mind and part of it is that the transformation going on and your changing outlook on life is pulling you to travel or to expand your horizons. You may feel some deep and profound movement within yourself, as though on the verge of something groundbreaking is about to happen as Pluto, the power Lord of Transformation is rubbing shoulders with the light shining down on you, the Sun.

On the 4th, Venus will sextile Saturn which has just moved into your 8th house of commitment and you may now begin thinking of deepening your commitment with another or to an investment plan for your future.

On the 4th, you’ll also be dealing with a full moon in Cancer when you may have to stop what you are doing and deal with an issue regarding an email or news you have received. It may have to do with something in you neighbourhood, but with your Sun in the house of long distance travel, it could mean you have to travel a greater distance to take care of this issue. It won’t be the kind of travelling you were hoping to do.

On the 5th, there will be some tension or challenge between your need to expand your horizons and your responsibilities and service to others. It could be that you’re thinking that your day-to-day routine may not allow you to travel because you feel you’re needed. Another challenge is that you may suddenly feel like you want to stay close to home because of the need to focus on your self. A bad dream may make you feel insecure about hitting the wild frontier. However, Venus in your house of travel, may have found some way to come up with money needed to do this travelling.

Again, on the 6th, your need for freedom will be hampered by the feeling that your true purpose is to be of service to others, but Mercury will open up conversations regarding the possibility of a loan or help to do this travelling. It could also be that you’re wondering how you are going to pay for this schooling you’re doing and a serious offer comes to you, or a loan will be secured to help you out.

It’s a very deep month regarding your transformation or this recent change in your learning and your true path that is connected to being of service to others. You may be waffling about whether this new path is truly the way you want to be of service to others.
You will be talking about this and Venus who has now shifted to your house of Career may show you the way that this will work out for you. You may see that this path can be lucrative or at least will serve some balance in your life after all. It could be that a woman figures in this conversations and shows you how it works for her, or she may even suggest that you start off by working with her so she can show you the ropes. However, you may still not be feeling it. Something is challenging your view or your true path and how you may truly be of service to others. A new skill you learn at school or on one of the satellite learning lunches will open up a new idea for you to follow.
From the 11th to the 14th, an authority figure, perhaps the one mentioned previously, or another one will open up discussions again to show you how you could make money in this career. This idea sparks a positive notion in you as it feels like it could be something that comes naturally to you. Mars also moves to the sign of Pisces on the 13th and a friend or associate may challenge your sense of commitment. Your hopes and wishes may also get a boost of energy which will in turn challenge your commitments. It may be that it is a male you’re in contact with who presents you with this challenge. Is it someone you work with who has presented you with an offer of commitment, and are you ready for it? Or are your ideals making you question the kind of commitment you want?
From the 15th to the 16th, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in your house of career and authority and things seem to be jiving for you. You will feel in synch with your life path and the money you’re making, or the money you could be making. A female you work with may pat you on the back and let you know that your work is great, or a teacher may let you know that your learning is going so very well! The only little glitch these two days will be this energy that is still making you question your sense of commitment.
With the Moon having travelled to Sagittarius and now conjunct with your Sun, you could well be making solid plans to travel, or actually going on a trip or holiday. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and travel, so it’s also possible that you find the money to go on that trip, or that you find the funds to pay for your education! Either way you’ll win on this day!
Your thoughts and plans are on track with your life path but the two biggies Uranus and Pluto are still in the background trying to test you to see whether this is really what you should be doing. You’ll be happy to hear that the Pluto influence will end on the 20th and that period of transformation will subside and give you a break. Uranus will still be there though causing some opposition so be prepared for things to come out of the blue to try to divert you.
Mars in your house of hopes and dreams will give these dreams a boost of energy however Saturn in your house of loans and commitments may slow you down. That loan that has been approved is probably not in your hands yet, so your energy will feel stifled. Your patience may wane, but Saturn is the great teacher and will want your energy to be organized. It’s not a bad thing to have Saturn slowing things down a little as this month is fraught with disruptions, as well as fits and starts.
You  will find on these two days that you really feel passionate about what you are working on. You will feel good about the life path you are on. You may even find a solution to that nagging issue. You may even find that your energy is a little confused but this is a time for you to really listen to your intuition, to now what your next move will be. Don’t just rush forward without thinking, without listening to that little voice in your head. (The good one.)
From the  23rd to the 27th, you may be put to the test by an authority figure or your authority itself may be questioned. Your sense of discipline may be challenged either by someone in authority or by some event or detail that come into play these next few days. It’s supposed to be quiet before the holidays so why are you still getting these ridiculous requests? Don’t fret as you are able to handle it. Try to go with the flow and don’t resist. Your hopes and wishes are at the forefront of your daydreams, and you may get carried away with them and your idealized view of the world. Your plans are almost coming to fruition so don’t sabotage them by resisting what you know you have to do. Uranus, the troublemaker will still be hanging around causing these disruptions, but remember these are all tests to make sure that you are indeed on the right path. These disruptions may be some little eccentricities in your personality that are rearing their heads and wanting to do things your way. However, during this transit, it would probably be best for you to go with the flow because in the long run, your personal freedom to do things the way you want will prevail. This opposition may touch upon the balance you’re trying to find within yourself to be of service to others seesawing with that nagging need to be of service to your inner self. You are most comfortable with your inner self, so go with the flow and push yourself to go into that territory that you’re not yet completely familiar with and be of service to others. You will probably see that in the end, it will do you a lot of your own service and will be good for your own inner self.
On the 28th and 29th, with Mercury in your career house, you’ll be at the top of your game on these days and will do well communicating your ideas to those in authority, and even your idiosyncratic way of thinking will appeal to your boss. With the Moon in Taurus, your practical nature will help you even if your emotions get the better of you, and when it goes into Gemini, your thoughts will bounce all over the place with tons of ideas of where to be, who to talk to, and the countless possibilities you have at your fingertips.
Luckily your Moon is in Gemini with the sextile to Uranus. Your quick and agile temperament will be able to handle anything that is thrown at you today, even when it’s coming from left field. You won’t want or like your purse strings to be restricted today and you may go shopping despite the fact that your disciplined side will tell you not to. A female friend or family member may also be the one to remind you that you need to be disciplined. On the positive side, you will have something to show for this disciplined attitude that you’ve had, like a fat savings account. You’ll be actively wanting to implement some of these transformations you are putting in place, and perhaps it’s the best time of year since a new year is starting and you can put that foot forward. Uranus is at the tail end of all the disruption it has been throwing onto your path so you should be happy to hear that.
To end the year, that big fat savings account or investment (in your career) you made may come to roost. This could manifest in a different way in that you may see some reward as a result of your hard work or love of the kind of work that you do. You may use some of that reward toward implementing this change you’ve so needed, such as planning on going on a holiday, or getting away for a few days to change the scenery or your outlook. However, be patient if things aren’t manifesting as quickly as you’d like them to. The influence of this nagging disruptive energy that’s been hanging around almost all month has just faded away.
Happy New Year!

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