Horoscope for January, 2015 – Sagittarius


January will focus on money earned, your possessions, ideas regarding money and a whole new way of handling your money. Because Pluto is in that same sector, the polarity of your money versus other people’s money, also said, money earned versus money arrived at by inheritance, bonuses, raises, or settlements. This could also be monies spent versus taxes, etc. Saturn has just entered your sign, and as its ruler represents restrictions while yours represents expansion (in a sweeping general rule), this transit will not be as difficult for you as it was for Scorpios. Still, you will have to contend with working with opposing forces until December 2017. You are a sign that loves freedom and to cast that arrow and go to wherever it happens to fall, but with Saturn in your corner, you will notice you are more careful and tentative than normal. Saturn will definitely teach you discernment and discipline. You may even appear much more serious and contemplative to others during this transit.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, communication will go haywire and important emails may not get sent correctly. Check everything you send and receive twice especially when having to do with pertinent information. The third house rules cars and transportation, be careful and practice defensive driving during this period.

Mars begins in your 3rd house of communication at the beginning of the month opposing Jupiter in the 9th house. You will have to contend with rushing about your immediate environment, getting together with siblings, dealing with neighbours or colleagues, most likely on Friday when you may just have to go in to work. Ever since Jupiter (which rules your sign) entered your 9th house, you have begun yearning again for travel and widening your horizons. Your outlook on life and things regarding legal matters, or contracts may appear during this phase as well. The possibility of travel will come up as well, and you may be tempted to take flight as you may not have had the chance to leave lately. It could also come up as an opportunity to go back to school to upgrade your skills. You will be full of ideas of how to enhance your income or may suddenly feel very tied to your possessions. It may surface as a need to ‘show for’ all the work you do. You will also realize that this desire for ‘more’ will require discipline and accountability.

The Full Moon on the 4th at the entrance of your 8th house will bring about news or a change in things to do with joint ventures or commitments. You will either enter into a deeper commitment such as get engaged, or you will make a break for it. Another way the Sun and Pluto in your 2nd house could play out is that you’re really starting to think about buying real estate and that means forging a real commitment with your partner. Are you ready for that? It would seem as though you are, but your itch to travel is making you doubt this.

From the 5th to the 6th, you may feel some tension coming from your group of friends, or associates, because of your focus on your own personal routine and not making time for them, or the tension may come from how you value things which is slowly beginning to differ from theirs. Your North Node is in your 11th house and is where you should be working on while the North Node is in Libra. This will usually be noticeable with collective projects you have with others, connections and humanitarian ideals. The opposite house being your own personal projects, children and creativity. You are used to working on your own, but will need to work on the balance between this ‘knowing’ and learning to work with others. Certain projects may not jive with your idyllic view of life and will not feel comfortable. Venus and Mercury which have made and are making their way to the 3rd house of your immediate surroundings may lend you some good ideas in order to keep to your life path and to make changes within yourself to deal with these new challenges.
The 7th marks the start of some major influences during this month. The way you are transforming your values system and your earning capability may not be congruent to your life path. They may be a little more selfish than you are meant to be focusing on until the end of 2017. Pluto wants you to get your money house in order while Saturn is working at teaching you discipline. Your humanitarian side is feeling the contra-current of this influence and may not be liking it. However, you are churning idea after idea of how to generate more income for yourself. These ideas will benefit your life path in the long run so if you’re not able to put them into motion right now, keep them under your belt for a later time. You will find the challenge is within yourself as you criticize yourself for not being disciplined enough yet. This criticism could also come from a sibling or from a parent. Your evasiveness may come from experiences in your childhood which will be the reason for either your siblings or a parent to make a comment. Neptune currently nestled there will give you some powerful insights into your childhood but be careful not to martyr yourself for events that should be left in the past.
The 15th and the 16th will bring more of the same influences as the previous week, where you continue to deal with the same challenges but along with those will be a slew of those ideas that will generate some positive strides toward balancing elements in your life, such as, dealing with friends and groups versus love life, collective projects versus your own personal ones. The Sun (Capricorn) will be holding hands with the Moon (Scorpio) on the 16th and because these two signs are compatible with each other and most times seem to have the same kind of determination and desire to succeed, you will be able to set some of ideas down and put together a plan to make them work. It might not be an overnight success, but discipline and drive will carry you through. It will be like an aha moment where you say, “I am on the right track.” You will have to deal with either your own inner voice criticizing yourself, or have to hear some comments from a parent about what looks to be your lack of direction. On the other hand, it could be some critical information given to you by a parent about how you should go about it but it rubs you the wrong way because you have your own ideas about it. (Go figure!)
The 19th to the 24th brings on a few of those other opposing forces at play to the forefront. With Venus now in your sector of communication and learning opposing Jupiter in your sector of travel and outlook on life, you may realize that you really like the direction your education is going. Everything seems to be widening on the horizon and you don’t feel locked in, however the little bit of challenge you’re feeling is that yearning to break free and actually go to those horizons in person – to see the world and to learn on the road! You may just be doing your learning ‘on the road’ however, Saturn is now beckoning you to do so with discipline. It will feel like a real push and pull within yourself during these long transits. The larger picture is that at the end of these transits, you will have learned a considerable amount and able to pull yourself through to achieving the rewards (such as income or possessions) you deserve.
The 25th to the 27th will bring more of the challenges felt between the 5th (personal projects, romance, children) house and the 11th (friends, hopes and wishes, collective projects) house. There have been a lot of minor disruptions in your house of romance, personal projects, children and/or the idea of having children butted up against your hopes, wishes and ideals. Are both areas congruent with what you wish? Will getting real estate, making a commitment, and having children work with your need for freedom? And your mind is still churning out ideas to make it all work out.
It’s been a tiring month of speculation and challenges to your ideals, personal philosophy and outlook in life. The 30th and 31st brings the end of these big influences this month. You’ll be glad to be rid of these opposing forces within you that were working overtime this month. You know that you will need to keep on being disciplined if you want these ideas to come to fruition and to reap the rewards. You will have to have patience if you want to see the results of your efforts toward greater control over your life and your income or investments. You’re not the most patient of signs and because you have the planet of luck at your beck and call, you tend to get used to things falling in your lap. This period in your life is to teach you patience, follow-through and perseverance to achieve that wish you wish to achieve. The rest of the year will have its ups and downs but none of the month will be as taxing as was this one regarding challenges.Happy New Year!

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