Horoscope for January, 2015 – Libra


Most of January will be focused on your home and family and will then move on to your creative projects and self-expression, romance, and people younger than you, such as children, or nieces and nephews, or underlings. Saturn has just moved into your house of communication, short trips, your immediate environment, and siblings or colleagues. Discipline and responsibilities needed in these areas will become noticeable as you go through the next 2-3 years, until December 2017. In the summer of 2015 it will retrograde back to Scorpio until September 2015 where it once again will continue its trek through your third house. Your time in January will be divided between your home, your creative projects, and your daily work routine.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, a creative project may get lost or misplaced on its way to your editor or publisher. Be careful to back up everything, or if it’s an actual piece of art, deliver the item yourself to be safe. If an art piece or a beautiful piece of furniture is being delivered to you, be there to watch the movers so that nothing is broken or ruined.

From the 1st to the 4th, Your Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be focused on your home, where Pluto is resting until 2023. Pluto has already been here since 2008 and since then you may have noticed that your home base, your family dynamic, and your immediate surrounding has already been transformed in some way. Venus will have you looking at your space and beautifying it in some way, perhaps acquiring new artwork or a new piece of furniture, in any case, something that makes you feel good about your home. If you haven’t yet this month, Mercury will certainly bring you lots of ideas in this respect, especially in the first week. Venus and Mercury will move on as of the 4th and 6th to your 5th house, and it could be that some of your ideas take on a creative spin. You find that painting that you love and bring it home, or you decide to create your own painting. Librans love to be surrounded by beauty.

The full moon on the 4th will be hard to deal with if it affects you directly. If it does, it will most likely touch upon something you do for a living. You may hear some news regarding a project that will bother you and that will you will likely have to deal with. It could also have something to do with something a parent tells you.

On the 5th, you will feel a little bit of tension possibly with something regarding your father and mother. Some childhood memory or change of event concerning a close relationship will have you at odds with your Self. Could it be that someone makes a comment about your appearance or how you come across that has you feeling a little irked? or someone makes a comment that reminds you of something your parents have said in the past or in your childhood.
With the Moon in Cancer in your house of authority and career, either it’s something your Mother has said, or someone you work closely with that makes a comment that gets under your skin. This is a passing thing so don’t let it get under your skin.
An artistic undertaking will have positive results if you are disciplined in your approach. Saturn will show you the way to achieve this, one step at a time.
On the 6th, again, a male figure from your family may make a comment regarding your life path and this will bother you, but no worries, as Mercury is moving on this day to your 5th house of projects and the ideas will be flowing regarding the ways of discipline and responsibility that will work in your favour in the area of self-expression and creativity.
The 7th marks the start of some major influences at work this month. Pluto will square your North Node, where you will feel some major friction between your home and your career, criss-crossing at odds with your Self and your close and personal relationships. It really does not help that Uranus, in your house of close personal relationships is causing havoc by changing the game and the rules during its lengthy stay there. The North Node in Libra is asking to balance the equality of your Self in tandem with the togetherness of your 7th house relationships. Do you feel you are losing yourself in this relationship? Do you feel the need to have it be more about you? The Moon in Leo will accentuate this need of the focus on ‘me’ especially during these two days if you’re lacking in that.
From the 9th to the 14th, communication, focusing on income or artistic endeavours will work in your favour. The influence of the square of Pluto and your North Node is still at play and will be for most of the month. Ideas, emails, and any kind of communication will be positive in yielding creative ideas to help you bring in more income or to create that masterpiece! Saturn in your house of the immediate environment will help you to be disciplined and to be extra careful of the words you choose and Jupiter in your 11th house will help you pick the right projects and the right people to work on them with you. These new creative ideas will be more on target to the new Self or image you are working on. Mars who has been in the 5th house infusing you with energy toward your projects has no moved on to your 6th house of daily work routine and health. Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. With Pisces in this sector, you may find that this renewed energy will bring you some valuable insight on how to best use your time.
From the 15th to the 16th, Mercury continues to infuse you with some great money making ideas. These ideas are in synch with your North Node and the very things you need to balance and work on regarding your Self and how the world sees you. You will feel energized and may have some difficulties in remaining disciplined during this time because you just want to get everything done. But, quantity is not necessarily better than quality, and Saturn is there to help you strive for quality. It is watching that the message you are sending out is true and honest. It is helping you to discern what is necessary from what is superfluous.The Sun and the Moon are holding hands on the 16th. The Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Scorpio, these very like-minded signs are progressive especially in matters of business. Perhaps, you have stumbled upon a way to make money out of a hobby you enjoy. This idea seems to work very well with your North Node pointing to your Self and self-expression and how you want to present yourself to the world. Be careful that your energy doesn’t get dissipated and off course. It’s something to watch, but Saturn is there like the authority figure it is to calm any impractical actions. You may feel a little agitated because you may be used to running away with your energy.
From the 19th to the 24th, the other opposition will be felt before it moves on and that’s the opposition of your own personal creative endeavours versus the ones that are being presented to you from your groups and associations. Another way this opposition could be experienced is that your ideals are becoming much grander than you’re willing to handle as it will cut into your leisure time. Mars in your 6th house is conjunct Neptune and even though the personalities of these two planets are quite different from one another, they seem to be helping each other out this month. Neptune will pave the way by providing the intuition needed to ‘act’ upon. Mars is the doer and Neptune is the dreamer, but Mars is not always as intuitive as Neptune. In this case, it would warrant you to listen to your inner voice this month. It will help you to move forward without falling back. You’ll be able to take two steps forward without having to step backward. The help of Saturn will lend discipline and accountability to all you achieve during this time.Uranus continues to create some tense situations between the ‘me’ and the ‘me and you’ in almost direct opposition to the tension existing between our personal projects and the humanitarian ones linked to your groups and associations. With Neptune in your 6th house, you are able to adapt to these changes in an intuitive way.
From the 25th to the 29th, you will still feel the tension mentioned between the ‘me’ and the ‘me and you’ in connection to your individuality and your identity outside of the couple. The work you need to do to achieve this balance is to create a balance between these opposites that aren’t as opposite as you would think. The ‘me’ that is an individual is the same ‘me’ in the ‘me and you,’ it’s just that the dynamic is different. You’re an individual in a relationship where you can be free to be yourself, without the fear of losing yourself. And, your creativity and creative self-expression should help you find the way to this balance this month.
The 30th and 31st ends the month with these major influences finally winding down. The Moon in Gemini will have you looking to travel and most likely with your sweetheart. If not itching to travel, you will be able to share your philosophy and outlook in life with your partner, your spouse, or any close relationship you may have, and this includes a business partner.
Venus will want to let loose a little but Saturn will keep pulling in the reins. Your creative expression will want to break open and try something new, but Saturn will dampen it by applying a sense of responsibility and accountability to your actions.
Mars is always raring to go and creates a lot of energy and change with the help of Pluto. A way this could play out is that you want to give your routine a complete makeover and Pluto in your home will take a deep look at what can be changed in your environment to accommodate this. Or, you are very busy with lots of projects and Pluto helps you find a way to do this all at home. You could also get advise from someone at home, or from your parents on how to handle all your energy.
Thank goodness for the end of these major opposing influences this month. Yet, you end the month feeling a little frustrated with the restrictions placed on your purse strings, or on your creativity. Mars is still all gung ho with moving ahead with some of the deeper issues that are being brought out to the forefront at home and within the family.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Marika says:

    “The ‘me’ that is an individual is the same ‘me’ in the ‘me and you,’ it’s just that the dynamic is different.”
    Indeed, the dynamic is different, the energy flows differently. You can be a “closed system” when you are alone but when you are with someone else, you become an “open system”. What you need to balance out within yourself when alone needs to be balanced out inside the relationship when you are 2. Not always easy…
    Thank you for that monthly report.


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