Horoscope for January, 2015 – Leo


The focus for Leos will be on daily routine, the daily grind, health, and the service to others. This focus will then shift to your close relationships on the 21st, when Mercury begins to go retrograde.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, something you say or something your partner or someone close to you says to you, whether personal or business, may be misconstrued or will create some misunderstanding between you two. Try not to overreact as it may just be a simple misunderstanding as Mercury Retrograde is famous for this!

You begin the month with Mars in your relationship and personal sector and lots of energy! There might be a bit of a tug of war between the demands of the one on one relationships and time for yourself. You may of course also still be dealing with the repercussions of the New Year’s celebration and not have as much energy to deal with these opposite tugs on both ends of this spectrum.
On the 3rd, the Sun, in the sector that deals with daily work routine, health, and of being in service to others seems to be in your favour. You’ll find that the year will start with some of those changes you’ve been wanting to implement and they seem to be working well. With the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, there is sure to be some organization and discipline involved in these changes that you are implementing into your daily work routine.
On the 4th, you’ll notice more of the same in your daily grind, but it’s going well, and you may even find a way to make more money while you’re at this implementation stage. This comes about from changes in your discipline and organization. Another scenario is that this implementation is taking place at the place you work and these changes will work for you.

There will also be a full moon to contend with and you may get news from an organization that throws you for a loop. This will affect you deeply on an inner level, or it may throw a spanner in your daily work routine this week because you will have to work around your schedule to deal with it.

From the 5th to the 6th, as you are dealing with these new processes at work, something is still not quite right along your life path that is making you feel a little tense on the 5th. Your North Node is located in your things to do with siblings or your immediate neighbourhood, or with the way you communicate. Perhaps, things you hear or discuss at work makes you realize that there are still some things lacking for you to feel as though you’re on the right path. Is your company not doing enough for its employees? Are you willing to work with others? Are you willing to put your ego aside for others? Those are some questions that may arise on these two days. If you organize your thoughts, you may just come up with the answer to this. Or, someone may share their thoughts with you and therein you’ll find the answer.
On the 7th, you’ll realize that the last few days have been just a Segway to the month-long undercurrent trend that will last until the 20th. Are the changes underway truly leading you to the path that is yours to follow until November 2015. Each North Node transition brings us a clue on what to work on during that transit. This one is focused on your neighbourhood, siblings (or cousins), and/or communication with your immediate surrounding (your local community, in other words, not the world at large.)
On the 9th, Mercury and Venus in your personal relationship zone and will cozy up with each other until the 14th. There may be exchanges of love and sweet messages that will tickle you to your core as you love to be in love! If these chats aren’t about love, they could be regarding a possible partnership which will have you equally excited because it may be a brand new collaboration that will bring you some extra money. Pluto is sitting right there listening and making you pause, at least to make sure that you’re not falling back into your old ways, but are concentrated upon that transformation that will lead you toward your future karma. Be careful to not be too revolutionary in these reforms taking place in your life. You may come on a little too strongly and scare off your close and personal contacts. Remember moderation is key. Leos love to this things in grand style, but this one will need to be more subtle if you really want these changes to hold fast and steady. Pluto is about the long haul and this is not a quick fix for your life so implement them carefully.
The 15th will still have you hearing sweet whispers in your ear and you’ll feel like you’re in 7th heaven, literally because Venus and Mercury are in your 7th house of partnerships. You’ll begin to see your ideas moving toward your future destiny the way you would like it to be. Your close interactions with others are giving you a glimpse that your life is beginning to be back in order. Mars, in your 8th house, will provide an influx of energy with anything to do with joint ventures, joint accounts, beginnings and endings, inheritances, or winnings, as well as, any moneys owed to others. This zone deals with other people’s money so money either coming in from or out to others. You may dealing with a partnership that’s on its way out, or in, or dealing with both at the same time. Take it slow, in either direction, because these kinds of decisions will be in place for a long time. Keep your actions organized and be disciplined in your dealings. On the other hand, it could play out that the issues at hand force you to be organized and disciplined regardless.On the 16th, the Sun meets the Moon where creative projects (or children) will bring some relief from your daily work grind. You may get some ideas on how to balance your daily work week with some enjoyment from your projects or children. You will still feel on your mark when it comes to your life path and your way of communicating with others.
From the 19th to the 24th, you will appreciate the direction your life is taking and will garner some insights while actively working at following your true path. There may be a little bit of confusion while doing so where you may wonder whether you are doing things the right way to accomplish this. Not only that, but you may experience some disruptions that may steer you away from your true path. You will notice an apparent difference in the way you approach your greater world, where you will be more organized and disciplined when it comes to creative projects, and planning your work schedule regarding leisure time. Your children may notice a lot more disciplinarian attitude coming from you. They will notice its emphasis more at this time because of the recent changeover of signs – from Scorpio to Sagittarius. However, this new approach will take the 3 years to be entrenched into place. As you focus more on yourself, your children will notice that you are more restrictive and less generous when it comes to them. Not a bad thing in itself if your children are on their way out of the nest. They will become more responsible for their own lives.
With no other distraction from the 25th to the 27th, you will most likely feel the opposition of Uranus, who will continue to try and thwart some of your plans. The Moon in Aries will make you restless and you may actually have to travel to take care of a sibling. Another way this could manifest is that some information may come to you from afar and it will change your outlook on life, which in turn will affect the approach you take to following your current true path.
Mercury will join this aspect on the 28th when communication and discussion with someone you have a close personal relationship with will help you to clarify your true path and the direction of your higher learning and/or education. With Uranus opposing your life path, another thing you should be careful during your travels. For example, if you were in Albany and traveling to New York by car to an interview for a job, you may get lost and be so nervous that you’re going to be late, that you’re late. Or, this job is the perfect opportunity for you, but for some unexpected reason, the interviewer asks a question that stumps you.
End of big influences this month. These disruptions are almost over, but now close personal relationships will be at odds with your new sense of discipline and focus. Your partner may notice that you’re less willing to spend loads of money to go out and be entertained. Your daily work routine will pick up and you may notice some good sales if you’re in sales and marketing. You may be aggressive in your approach to others. You may be out there pursuing people who have not yet paid you in full for your services. Your daily work routine may change as a result.These aspects will be in place until the last day of the year and with the Moon in Gemini in your house of friends and groups, you may find that you are in contact with a lot of people and you will be sharing your hopes and wishes with these friends. Gemini is talkative, communicative, intelligent and you will find that you are surrounded by good friends. You will also be focusing on your close personal relationships at the end of the month.
Happy New Year!

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