Horoscope for January, 2015 – Cancer


The focus for Cancer this month is on your closest relationships and partnerships. On the 21st, the shift will switch to commitments, investments, inheritances and life in general on a deeper level of physical pleasure, life and death. The two oppositions this month which will take up most of the month are between your personal values or income and commitments or investments, and the other taking place between authority figures and the wish to focus on your home and family. Another take on this is that your parents may figure prominently this month, and this could cause some friction for you, regarding what they envision for you, and what you would like for yourself. Another take on this is that there will be a push and pull between your career and your home life. If you own your own business, some disruptions may have you running for home. Or, if you’ve started a family, you may be worried about your career getting away from you directly in opposition with wanting to spend time at home with the newborn or a new project.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, there may be some misunderstand when it comes to a loan that a bank has approved, or you may misunderstand the advice a financial advisor has given you. There may be some confusion regarding money owed to you or regarding a payment you made. Check everything twice!

For most of the month your energy and drive will be focused on the deeper issues of life and death, as well as other finances, the kind that comes from investments, bonuses, gifts, etc. or moneys owed, however at the beginning of the month and this new year, you may feel some challenges between your income and the investments you are able to make. You have the necessary influx of energy to come up with solutions and it will drive you to making the decisions you need to make to achieve these. This is actually more a time for doing rather than planning. Things are going well and this month you’ve got the drive but with this opposition you seem to be re-aligning your values system. What do your possessions really mean to you? What do you really want to have? What are you going to do with all this extra income? Spend it now or save it for later? Conversely, you may have to make payments or buy a big item, and will find the money from an investment or a loan to pay for this. This opposition could play out in a number of ways, and with the Moon in Taurus, you will find on the 1st and 2nd that your emotions are on the practical side. Jupiter in Leo loves to spend but you’re able to curb this with the practical Taurus Moon by your side.
The Sun is going to be in your house of relationships and personal contacts for  the better part of this first month. On the 21st, He will then move to the house of deeper meanings of life, death, sex and taxes where your energies have been focused upon. This is not your actual new year (which usually happens in late June) but because it’s the time of year marked by our Julian calendar as the start of a New Year, all things having to do with partnerships and close relations come to mind for Cancer. You usually think about this whether you have a partner or not. Pluto, the planet of transformations is in this house for a good long time, and therefore all things that have to do with “the other person” or one-on-one relationships takes on a deeper meaning for you. If you meet someone this month, this person is sure to have a powerful energy, and may shake you to your core. With the Moon in Gemini, your mind will be lickety split quick with the banter going on between the two of you as Mercury loves to chat up a storm. If you don’t meet anyone in the romance department, you will definitely come across a like-minded individual who will have a very strong effect upon you.
The 4th and the 5th will have more of this same deep moving energy and you’ll notice that you are able to keep your emotions in check.

The full moon on the 4th will be an intense one in your sign and the first house and it is sure to affect you greatly. A full moon is a feminine influence but also one of a cycle ending. In your first house, it could see you ending a cycle that you have been on for a while. You may decide it’s time to change your MO or something will come up that forces you to change it. Some kind of news you hear from a close relationship (or a reaction you get from someone in your general public circle) will say something that throws you off and makes you rethink how you appear to the outside world. It will most definitely affect you in a personal way.

Venus will be going into Aquarius and making the crossover from close relations to issues of commitment. If you keep love and finances separate and organized, you will feel in synch with yourself and your emotions, but be careful not to set too rigid limitations on yourself.

Venus is moving into the sign of Aquarius to lend you that padding you need to feel safe, and with Saturn in your house of day to day routine, will keep tabs on your organizational skills. Will you have time to fit someone in to your life? or, on the other hand you may be thinking “Who doesn’t have time to fit love into their lives?” If it’s not a love partnership but a business one, you’ll work out a routine that suits both your purposes with planning and organization.

On the 5th and 6th, you’ll love relating to others and with the Sun shining its light in your partnerships zone, you’re feeling on your game, but there will be a bit of tension with you wondering whether you’re going in the right direction concerning romance, a creative project, or children — if you have or want them — this will be on your mind. Will you be able to fit everything in? The Moon is in your sign so you’re probably clinging to old ideas and memories and the disruption is causing some friction on this level. You’re used to things a certain way and are hard to let those ideas and feelings go. Mercury in Aquarius will help you too to see things for the greater good (or the illusion of this in any case), so let go and enjoy these two days because tomorrow will bring almost a month-long challenge between what you want and what you need to change in relation to your life path.
The 7th will begin a long undercurrent influence dealing with the things you want to change in your personal relationship sphere and your life path – the True Node. This is an invisible point in your chart not an actual aspect, calculated where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic. This is your future destiny and usually the opposite end of the sky is your past destiny. Your future destiny is the point in the chart where you need to work toward balancing your life. The past destiny, in the case of Cancer, is in your career sector. This is where you are most comfortable and ‘know‘ how to proceed. With the North Node in Libra, it is pointing to your home, family and your beginnings, as well as your parents, and that is where your future destiny lies for the next year until November 2015, where you will be most at balance, when the North Node is in Libra.
On the 9th and the 10th, your ideas, thoughts and interactions with others will be harmonious, and may even get you some new ideas on how to make money, or how to pay up some of those bills or ways to invest. It may even be an investment to your own business if you have one.
From the 11th to the 15th, there will be more of those ideas and interactions with others, most possibly from investors or a financial planner and advisor. These ideas and plans or even influx of money may come from family or your parents. Along the same lines, if you’re not getting help from your parents, you will be looking at how your parent(s) handled their money for some of your own plans. You’ll probably like these ideas, but some of them may encroach upon how you run your day-to-day routine. For example, if you have some plans to invest in your own business, it may be that you have to change some pattern of business, or it may be that your daily routine becomes restricted or has to be better organized to take full advantage of this new investment. Conversely, you may want or be dealing with people from afar or who are coming to you from far away, and this will encroach on your daily routine or involve changing it slightly. Organization is the key to solving this dilemma.
On the 16th, with the Sun in your house of partnerships, your Moon in your house of romance and projects, you may get a romantic invitation, or a close relation will help you with one of your creative ideas. Your ideas will go a long way if you are organized in your execution.
From the 19th to the 24th, most of the same influences you have had during the past two to three weeks will be at play for the next five days. But on the 21st, the Sun moves into your house of commitments and investments, of beginnings and endings, so the energy that Mars extended to this sector will now have a light shining on it as well, while Mars is now in your house of travel and outlook on life. You’ll still be focused on your investments and financial well-being but your energy will be more connected to travel and foreign places. You may also do some learning regarding investing, or investing in foreign countries. Once again, the key to your success in this area will be organization and discipline.The Moon and Neptune will either confuse you and try to detract you from your plan, or will give you the insight you need to clear the path to do the things that you need to do. If you’re traveling during this time, you may get some of your insight while away.
From the 25th to the 29th, disruptions and a changeable environment may throw a spanner in your life plans, but these will serve to test you to make sure you’re still on the right path. These disruptions will light up some conversations or ideas to get you back on track. Uranus likes to kick the bucket of water all over the floor to cause some revolutionary ideas (on how to deal with the mess) to come to the forefront. Be careful not to let some of those eccentric or disruptive thoughts or events waylay you from doing what you want or need to do.
The last two days of the month, you will most likely have a lot of energy especially if you’re on the road. Partners, love, or finances will be on your mind. Remember organization, organization, organization will be the key to successful fruition of your plans. Uranus is still around to cause some disruptions while you’re actively putting some of these new plans or changes into place. The 31st brings the disruptions to a halt as Uranus finally moves on from opposing the North Node, but give it a day or two before finally breathing a sigh of relief. Also, remember that most of these influences will be happening at a deeper level and not necessarily up front but underlying the core of your plans. You’ll end the month in full transformation and action mode!
Happy New Year!

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