Horoscope for January, 2015 – Aries


The focus this month is on career, authority figures, in conjunction with your friends and associates. Then later in the month it completely shifts to your friends and ideals, as well as your hopes and dreams.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, you may be dealing with some with some misunderstandings between you and your friends. It may have some connection to something that is said in an email or behind your back. It may also have something to do with your daily work routine where everything that can go wrong will go a little haywire.

At the beginning of the month, your focus on achievement and success gets a boost from Jupiter. With Mars as your ruler, your energies will be expansive though a little scattered and pulling against you. If you’re travelling or in school, you’ll especially notice this energy. You will want to grasp things more quickly or you could have too much energy and not be able to sit still to do so. Mars is in your house of friends, friendships and groups, so you may see a lot of energetic activity with friends or groups, and with Jupiter in your 5th house of romance, leisure, and children, one scenario that could be playing out is simply that your friends or groups want you to come out and play, but your romantic partner may want your attention. That would cause the kind of friction caused by an opposition. Another look at this is that you may want to spend time with your romantic partner or your children, but your group activities are pulling you away from being able to do this. Ultimately, you may want to be doing both and it’s impossible for you to wrangle being in two places at the same time. It’s probably a good thing that the Moon is in Taurus stabilizing your emotions.

The Sun is in Capricorn until the 21st in your 10th house of career and authority, conjunct with Pluto, so some of that transformation that is taking place in this sphere may be felt a little more strongly than usual. Transformation is usually a slow process with Pluto but this month with both influences being in Capricorn, it will feel a little more cohesive and on board. Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn and Pluto is Scorpio’s natural ruler, therefore the transformation during this month will be quite profound, deep, and a tad serious. These will be the kinds of changes that are in place for a long time to come. The Moon in Gemini provides some levity and balance making everything seem a little less heavy. You won’t hold back on analyzing your feelings either.The 4th brings more of the same overwhelming powers of transformation and it may even be linked to you finding a new way of handling your finances when it comes to your career. It could involve finding or incorporating a new system or process to bring in more income with Venus sextile Saturn. You’re naturally quite serious when it comes to business as your career house is ruled by Saturn so being methodical is nothing new to you. Pluto is just showing you the way you need to go.

Venus changes sign to Aquarius on the 4th and this will help you to step back and be more objective and rational. If you own your own business and have employees, they will benefit from this influence as you will no doubt make some decisions for the greater good, rather than solely for the purpose of business alone.

The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma, and to grow spiritually. Your North node is currently in your relationship house. The Sun in Capricorn is squaring off with that part of your chart causing you some friction. You have so much to do in your career and now your karmic soul is pulling at you. Are you spending too much time at work or focussing too much on your career and how it benefits you? Where you feel most comfortable is focusing on yourself but that will not bring you personal fulfilment. You will feel this most acutely in the next couple of days. You will find that karmic balance if you work at balancing out your career with your personal relationships.

You may also be a bit moody, reflecting on the past, or thinking about how things were done in the past. The Moon is in your house of home and so your family may have a say in some of your decisions. Perhaps your mother tells you that you need to spend more time with your family or partner and this will grate on your nerves. Or, your home will need some attention as well and your partner is reminding you of such details.

Again, Uranus is in your first house and you have been changeable and more erratic in the past couple of years and this disruptive nature is causing issues in the 3 main areas of your chart – career, home, and relationships today!The planet of love and money is sextile the planet of discipline so during this transit you will most likely embrace the idea of discipline in learning of any kind and if there are restrictions placed therein, you will not resist. Aquarius’ natural ruler is Saturn, but modern ruler is Uranus, so discipline is something that comes naturally to you when it comes to love or money matters. What does this mean? Your philosophy or outlook on life may help you with your work in some way, and your friends may agree. Conversely, you may meet someone through your friends who may challenge the way you view life and you may be up for that challenge. Saturn is now in your house of higher learning and philosophy and you may notice that the way you view life needs an overhaul or may be restricting the rest of your life in a way.

With the North Node in your house of relationships, you may want to review this philosophy you have as it may not be where your ‘heart’ should be.And, the very next day, this friend that has challenged you, may make you question yourself. You may alternately have a head on collision with an authority figure along the same lines, or your career may challenge this me first attitude. The North Node is in Libra until November 2015 and is all about making love not war and posited in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, this is doubly accented this year.

You’re not above being able to deal with these whammies as Mercury will give you the way to deal with these challenges, and you will not say anything that trips you up. You’re learning discipline, the hard way perhaps, but you’re learning it. Uranus in your first house has been handing you all the necessary challenges to test you along your way, but on the 6th you have the arsenal to speak your thoughts and be accepted. However, this was just a window to what you have facing you the rest of the month until the 20th.

The 7th really begins the squaring off of Pluto with the North Node. You can’t seem to get away with this challenge this month, as now the Lord of Transformation is looking to make sure you keep to your soul mission — the one where you must learn to balance your relationships and embrace them because it’s not really all about you. With Pluto in your house of career and authority sees that you do not leave any kind of relationships unturned. This is the flavour of the month for you, the undercurrent that will be ‘there’ behind everything else that is going on.
On the 9th, discussions with friends and groups will begin to last a couple of days. You may be going over plans to get together or your friends may even give you some tips for making more money, or even give you some ideas on how to balance your relationships. Be careful of associates who agree with you, it may be that they have the same philosophy, and this won’t really help you any along that path of learning to balance your relationships. Until the 14th you will find yourself surrounded by friends or acquaintances who could make you feel as if you’re on the right path, going out and partying, and trying to guide you away from that path, but Pluto is there like a parent or a police officer to remind you that you’re not on the right path and will steer you back no matter how you try to avoid it.

You’ll be cruising along until the 14th, getting together and chatting with friends, groups or associates all along having watchful Pluto to remind you that your responsibility is still there. You may even meet someone through friends, or who becomes a new friend, who challenges you in a good way through these discussions.

Venus is friendly and trying to sway you to see that relationships aren’t all that bad. Saturn in Scorpio really made you do a major overhaul on how you handle commitment, and perhaps because you realized how big a commitment partnerships are, has made you take them much more seriously.Mars, the planet of energy and sometimes war, shows up however, and some of these discussions may become fiery. That same new friend may give you much more than you can handle and you’ll feel challenged! You may feel that you need to leave where you live to find that ideal, or you may come in contact with people who come from foreign lands who help you along your path to learning about yourself.

On the 15th, you’ll be toggling people who view life the same way you go and friends who challenge that way of thinking.You may find that your thoughts are congruent with your path in some ways and that you’re finding some of that balance you seek. Mars will continue to challenge you here and it could well be that your new friend is someone who comes from another culture and the challenge they present you with is tense but worthwhile mulling over.

The next day, the 16th, you may be feeling like you want to go away, to get away from it all, especially from your work environment and it may work out that you have some vacation time coming up. If there are any legal matters that you have to take care of, these will be in your favour as authorities are willing to work with you.Your communication skills and thought process is working in tangent with your balancing work of treating others fairly and it will feel natural in thought if not in action yet.Your fiery new associate may point out some weakness in your philosophy, again posing as a challenge to you today.

On the 19th, something shifts in your house of friends, here perhaps, you meet someone through friends who sparks a romantic interest in you. Or, a friend suggests a new creative project that might be lucrative. There is some opposition to this proposal and you may feel unsure whether you want to accept this proposal. One scenario is that you will really like this new person but it goes against your new philosophy to get involved with anyone seriously unless you know it’s going to go anywhere.

Mars has now moved on into your house of the unconscious along with Neptune and you may find that you have a relevant and active dream life for the next month or so. Neptune clouds thoughts so you may not quite be able to decipher what your dreams are telling you. Mars may help to clarify some of them. The influence of Pluto has finally waned and the heaviness and load associated with finding your soul path has lightened.The Sun moves to the sign of Aquarius on the 21st shifting the focus to your friends and group associations.

Here you’ll feel a little more in your element as your acquaintances and groups are completely in synch with your views and outlook on life. You will have a grand ol’ time with them, probably at a get-together. On a lark, it may be that you join a new group of people who share the same views as you but be careful as this may not be the direction you should be taking.The moon conjunct Neptune in your Karmic house may cloud your judgment and you may think that you’ve finally found the right group of people. Keep your nose to the ground and don’t get too swayed.

The 24th will continue this trend for another day, however, Uranus in your first house of self is being activated again and will oppose your purpose again.For the next 2-3 days, you will feel some irritation within yourself where the balance will feel off again. You want it to be all about you, you, you, but your personal relationships will not allow it. You will try to put a spanner into events or relationships and they will push back, not allowing it. In fact, you may hear from a few of your relationships that your behaviour is disruptive at best or you may notice it in yourself. Be careful not to be your own worst enemy.

This will continue for almost a week and with the Moon in Aries in that same house, there will be compounded activity and energy until the 27th when the Moon will glide to your second house in Taurus, calming your senses and making you think about the things you value. Some of those things may be your personal and close relationships.Discussions around the issues at hand will yield positive result even as your behaviour or the way you appear to others is changeable and disruptive.
The Moon in your second house will temper your erratic behaviour on the 30th and your friends will bring up the topic of your outlook on life again. They may not really be too enthused with your views, or you may find a friend who feels similarly and come up with a plan to go away. You are also on the path to find what life really means to you and going away seems to be on your mind.Mars in your house of Karma will sextile Pluto at the end of the month and what you have given out will come back to you, especially in the sphere of authority or career. If you’ve been working hard, you will be rewarded. Or that change you’ve been seeking will happen.The opposition of Uranus and the North Node comes to an end on the 31st, and you will be happy to get rid of this aspect in your life. Mars is still sextile Pluto and you will see a lot of things changing on that front as well. You’ll be glad when the heavy duty aspects of January are over but will be energized with all the conversations and interactions you’ve had with your friends, and possibly new ones. February should be quieter on that front as you enter the last month before your birthday year and usually it is the month where you take a look back at the year and everything that has gone on during before heading back into the new birthday year.
Happy New Year!

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