Horoscope for January, 2015 – Aquarius


Aquarius’ focus for the better part of the month with be with the hidden and subconscious part of their lives, made up of their dreams (actual night dreams), the things that deal with the spiritual self, and karma. The focus in general will have to do with partnerships, friendships and groups, and your own inner work throughout the month. Other directions point toward travel, legal papers, and widening your horizons.

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in Aquarius. This is the first of the retrogrades this year. It is the time of year when you will have to be careful of things going wonky in your communications, or your travels. Please do all the things that are precautionary such as, backing up your computers, checking your information, checking everything twice before sending. As well, try not to buy any new mechanical things such as computers, cars or anything that has mechanical or moving parts, and/or try not to sign any contracts or agreements unless they are formed with someone or a company you have dealt with previous to the Mercury Retrograde.

In your chart, it may be that something said or announced will be misconstrued and taken the wrong way or out of context, and it might affect anything to do with a joint venture or with a romantic interest.

From the 1st to the 4th, the month begins with energy and vitality in your 1st and 7th house of Self and close relationships. You may appear a little more aggressive than usual and things may be looking up on the relationship end of things. Pluto in the 12th house has you contemplating very deep meanings to your dreams and your subconscious touching upon what you really want from life.Venus in the 12th house will bring up the things that you subconsciously find attractive or harmonious, and Saturn in sextile will probably highlight the things you find you like associated with discipline and responsibility. Saturn is currently in your house of friends, groups, and collective projects. You’ll find that getting together with friends or attracting new friends who are disciplined and cautious. You may find that you are restructuring this sector, and in that I mean that you are sorting out who are your  true friends and what you really need from ‘friends.’

The Full Moon in Cancer falls in your 6th house of day-to-day work routine, people who work under you, your health, as well can also include anything to do with pets. The Full Moon in this sector will probably coincide with a female worker leaving, or if you are the employer, she may leave your company. If you employ a nanny, for example, you will see an emotional display for the reason she has to leave, and it may be related to a health matter. You may find that you have to help this person, perhaps by taking them to a hospital, or helping them find the right doctor.

From the 5th to the 6th, your inner subconsciousness will feel adverse to working on the wider horizon, preferring to stay within yourself and your limits where you feel comfortable. The opposite end of the spectrum which will come into play in March, where you may find yourself trapped with a lot of travelling experiencing many disruptions while on the road. Your siblings could be causing some disruptions in your life as well, or messages keep changing causing you to detour or go around in circles. Close personal relationships are expanding your life, possibly the addition of close family members by proxy of your partner, and by the same token this is helping you to work on widening your horizons, possibly through more learning, or travelling. You may prefer to stay closer to home but you need to balance this by seeing the world.
The 7th is the beginning of some major influences for the month. Pluto is questioning whether you are making the changes needed to move toward your North Node in Libra and in your house of higher learning, travel and outlook on life. Are you doing the things you need to do to follow your path toward enlightenment and freedom? Are you widening your horizons and reaching for the stars or are you staying put where you feel more comfortable?
The 9th to the 14th brings you more of the same focus on structures, and pushing the envelope in your comfort zones. Your ideas to change your appearances to the rest of the world are in synch with the broadening of your world through a partnership, whether it’s a business or a personal one. Your comfort zones are being tested and you are ready for the challenge. Your immediate surroundings are going through a lot of disruptions lately that you are rethinking your fears regarding expanding your area of living, not just your home itself, but your neighbourhood. Are you ready to move away from where you are used to being? You’re starting to realize that beauty and harmony can be found far from your immediate surrounding. You may now want to act, but it could be in haste and Saturn wants you to be discerning as to where you want to go. Your friends will probably be your devil’s advocate to slow you down and think things through carefully. You’re finally able to let go and be adventurous, but don’t do it in haste.
The 15th and the 16th expand upon more ideas on how you can create or find this harmonious place. The thoughts and ideas that you are sharing with your close personal one(s) will not falling on deaf ears, and they may be the source to some of the answers you seek. Perhaps a partner gets you thinking about where you would like to visit or expand in your life. Again, your friends or associates will take care to slow you down before you go and spend money frivolously just for the sake of change. You want to act quickly because you’re afraid that you’ll change your mind, but Saturn wants you to take your time anyway and so you will feel frustrated. But, no worries, as these lessons will be in place unto the end of 2017. So, take your time and assess and make the changes where they are necessary and things will fall into place.
From the 19th to the 24th, you will feel pleased with your progress and with your successes, be it on a personal level as well as in your career. When you start to work on yourself, it eventually spans out and touches all areas of your life, including your outlook on life. Mars and the Moon join Neptune in your 2nd house of personal property, values, and income. Your possessions might take on new meaning to you: What do you really value? What makes you feel worthy? You may get some insight with Neptune close by, or you may not be able to see it clearly yet, but Saturn will help you reach your hopes and wishes though discipline and responsible actions. Mercury will slow you down from the 21st onways for about 3 weeks for you to rewind, replay, rethink before you make any major decisions.
From the 25th to the 29th, you are dealing with more of the same influences and dealing with friction and opposing forces. the seesawing effect of disruptions being the cause of concern for where you live and the lesson and path of widening your scope. Your current perspective may be too narrow and you must leave your comfort zone to experience something new. You can’t expect change if you do the same thing over and over again.
The big players this month finally come to an end. It’s been a tiring month of delving into your subconscious and rejigging your comfort zone. You have the energy to put these changes into action. The Moon in Gemini in your creativity sector gives a hint that you may find your answer in a creative way. You may realize that you have two options to choose from that will both work. It could also be that a child helps you to make this choice. This choice or choices may include having to be disciplined and responsible in your approach to the challenge, but it seems that you will like this structured approach. Saturn is one of your natural rulers as is Uranus, so disruption and change is not foreign to you, you just prefer to be able to control when it happens and how you like it to happen. This will be one of the toughest month to get through just because these influences are lasting a longer time than usual this month. Happy New Year!

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