Horoscope for November 2014

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November 2014

Virgo or Virgo Rising: 

Communications with siblings, cousins, neighbours should be good for the most part with the exception of November 10th when there may be some tensions. Tensions will be subconscious or with things secret. With Saturn close by, it is most likely regarding certain restrictions that are placed, for example, your brother or sister, or even neighbours putting restrictions on you. It could also be that you are setting restrictions on others. With the square of Jupiter in the mix, this restriction may also be something linked to creativity such as an idea of yours isn’t given the wings to fly and this will create some tense feelings.

Attention on money, income, personal values will also be prevalent in the month of November, only to be a source of tension on November 23rd and 26th. On the 23rd, the tension may be regarding an expense or an idea that just won’t take off. Good days for money and income will be November 1, 2, 12, 16, 17, 21, 22, 26. Tensions with relationships of any kind may hit a bump on the 21, 22.

Tensions with siblings/cousins/neighbours will be highlighted on November 10, 20, 21, where Mars will stick its finger in the mixing bowl. This may come from a dear project or to do with children. You may also be communicating with your siblings regarding an issue concerning an inheritance or a settlement.

At the beginning of the month, Nov 1-3, things should be quite active with partners. There should be a good feeling of balance and harmony. It will also be a month where action to change things regarding a romance or a project or children will be prevalent. There may be strong words with regards to these changes that are needed but they will be fair. Pluto in the 5th is wanting to move stalwartly toward your life’s direction. On the 21st and 22nd there will be a bit of tension because something you hold dear may not seem as though they are going the way you envisioned.

Mid-month, on the 17th, Venus will glide into Sagittarius which will lighten the mood a lot. And, the Sun will join it on the 23rd allowing a bit of respite from the more solemn and passionate qualities of Scorpio.

Libra or Libra Rising:

Money, income, personal values, possessions, and your daily routine come into focus this month. You should be happy with what you have at the moment, focussing on acquiring nice things for your home. You will be quite active in your home perhaps buying things to beautify your surroundings. Family and past will also come into the picture, perhaps with your mother coming for a visit or discussions around such issues will be highlighted such as the values you hold dear to your heart and which are connected to your family’s roots. Around November 10th you may encounter a roadblock when it comes to purchasing an item or perhaps buying a gift for one of your friends. The item you wanted to get probably costs a little more than you anticipated. However, if you wait a couple of days, you will find that the restrictions you felt probably ended doing you a favour after all because you found one on bargain somewhere else.

Some opposition may be felt within your relationships as others might not feel or say the same as you do, but this should last only during the first week of November. After that, there should be less opposition from partnerships or relationships. Your family will be the ones that may have some of their own opinions to share with you, but these seem to be more in conjunction with your own feelings and will not hinder you in any way.

On the 23rd, the shift will turn to your thought process, siblings, neighbours, cousins, and maybe even some short trips will be thrown into the mix. You will be exuberant as you tend to become during this time of year when the Sun moves into Sagittarius, where feelings loosen up and are more carefree. On that same day, things may feel a little out of whack with what you say or think, and this will be pointed toward some group or association you belong to, or it may have to do with your circle of friends. This will only last a short while though no worries; just keep your head and thoughts on the DL during that day and you will sail through it unscathed.

In the first week of the month, you may find that people will be talking about you, and you will also be quite vocal about what you feel is close to your heart.

On the 9th, the conversation will switch to personal values when Mercury will join the Sun in the second house. Venus in Scorpio and in your second house of personal values makes you quite fixed in your views but Venus has a way if keeping things balanced and fair. If anything should come up at this time it will be on the 10th, the very next day that Mercury moves into your house of values.

The North Node is currently in Libra and the first house so the direction and focus of your life path is to work on yourself. To think of how you appear to the world and to others. The opposite and balance of this is in your 7th house of partnerships. This month Mars will be called out to help during the opposition taking place in these two houses. This call out will point toward family or family history during this opposition. Pluto is also there during this call out and will be the pillar of strength to cope with possible harsh words and disruptions that occur.

For Librans, these years mark a time of changes, and disruptions within relationships, partnerships. With Pluto in your 4th house of home you will feel in part the changes in your family and your home with certain restrictions in your values, income and daily routine. It could also be that it is your partner who is going through some major changes and your personal routines and values will have to change along with that. Even your work routine will be affected by all this, but will not suffer too much because your intuition and adaptability during these years will work in your favour.

For the next year, Jupiter is in your house of hopes, wishes, and friendships/group associations allowing for these to expand. During this month, hopes and wishes will go hand in hand (and might create a bit of tension) with personal values. With Saturn in this same sphere, you are making changes to how you view your possessions and there may be an overhaul of your personal value system. This also is linked to your personal relationships and the disruptions that are associated in that part of your life.

The end of the month will present a few more challenges than the first half in all areas but December should bring some relief to everyone.

Scorpio, or Scorpio Rising:

The beginning of your new year for Scorpio undoubtedly is focused on the Self, how the world sees you, and your appearance. Along with the Sun, Venus in this home gives you the upper hand when looking for that new hairstyle or clothing that will show you off to others in the way you want! On the 9th, Mercury will move into this same area of your life giving you a voice to top it all off. Until the 17th, when Venus will move to your 2nd house, you will be heard and people will like what they hear. Everything will feel in synch with you.

The only sources of tension that are directly pointed at YOU will likely occur on the 10th, 14th, 15th, 27th, 28th. On the 10th, the tension is connected to your values and your career, but this lasts only for a day. You may not agree with something someone wants to put into place. On the 14th and 15th, it could be that something you say is taken for arrogance and irritates someone you work with. Your feelings will feel restricted on the 15th from this. You may suddenly feel as though you cannot say anything lest there is some backlash. No worries because your logical mind and thought process is going through a transformation and this situation ends up being in your favour. The rest of the month outside of the 14th and 15th that has to do with widening your horizons and expanding your world is going good! On the 27th and 28th, another bout of tension but this time will most likely come from partnerships and relationships. It could be that you are spending too much time at work and not focussing enough on your partner.

Your emotional sector until the 15th will be spot on, everything will feel in synch. On the 15th you will feel that tension coming from your career. You will feel some sort of restriction and you won’t like it. It’s not a big issue but you will feel it. On the 22nd, something will bother you regarding your workplace, perhaps this time it is something that is added to your plate that you’re not thrilled about, however you will be able to have a say regarding how to go about it, and it will be taken into consideration. However, be careful on the 23rd because another idea you have might not fly. The 26th will begin a short week of tension with your partner or relationship as well as your own feelings regarding whether you are following your life path or not.

Mercury is in your twelfth house of secrets, the unconscious and dreams during the last week of October and the first week of November will move into the first house on the 9th to sit alongside Venus and the Sun. Listen to the voices in your head, by that I mean the dreams and the unconscious shift taking place in the recesses of your mind. This is usually when you will get some of those answers to the questions you have been pondering. On the 9th, Mercury will give you a voice moving from the hush hush zone of the twelfth house to the limelight house of the Self. Communication, love, harmony will be in your face this month! It’s only on the 23rd that an idea that you are excited about to begin may get knocked down at this time, but should pick up speed after that and into December.

Love, harmony, and the good things in life are sitting right alongside that spotlight that is shining on your this month. You will otherwise feel cooperation and ease in every part of your life for the most part of the month. On the 10th you may feel some disconnect that is associated with your career. On the 20th and 21st, you may feel a little tension with things to do with creative projects, romance, or your children. This tension may only be felt within your because it touches upon something to do with your life path, which is why I think it probably has more to do with one of your creative projects.

Mars sitting in your house of siblings, neighbours, cousins, short trips and THE house of communications will give you a voice and let yourself be heard. Pluto has been sitting in this house for a while now and with Mars will keep you steady while you transform the way you deal with your siblings and the close world around you. This is also significant because of the transformation occurring in your thought processes and even your writing or presenting skills, whether you’re working on your first novel, or writing an email. The planet of energy will only hit a wall on the 20th and 21st this month when you may feel as though you’ve hit another bump while trying to forge ahead on your life path.

Saturn is in your house of the Self until December this year and has given you two years of solemn thinking regarding your Self and what you stand for. Responsibility has become very important to you and your sense of responsibility has come under strict scrutiny in the last two years. You may have placed certain restrictions on your Self, on your appearance, etc. With the Sun and Venus in this house together this month, it is the perfect Segway for Saturn to take its leave from this part of your life at the end of the year. Saturn in Scorpio has been a difficult process for everyone as it dredges up all of the underworld type stuff — life and death, taxes, sex, connections with other, etc. And, so it has been simply tiring for Scorpio individuals. It’s been like someone who has never snowboarded and taking their board to the highest mountain and thinking, “By the time I get to the bottom I should have the hang of this!” So, you get on the board and find every imaginable way to hit that perfect turn, feel the wind in your ears, a couple of woo hoos before face planting (HARD) on the ground and feeling that soul levitation type feeling leaving you wondering who ever thought this was a fun idea. Now, imagine this but in slow motion. Saturn in Scorpio has been this slow motion downward direction into the deep recesses of your mind dealing with life, death, and the whole shabbang. It will feel as though you have reached the bottom of the mountain when you get to December. You’ll be weary but elated that you made it! Your snowboarding buddy will look at you with a big smile and say, “Let’s go back up and do it again!” “Yeaa… really, no.” “Come on, it will be different this next time around!” “Really, no.” But, you get on that lift anyway which will slowly ascend to take you back to the top and, on that lift, you and your best buddy will go over the ideas and philosophies, and lessons you have learned on that hard slow crash the first time around. You will realize that you have to change some of those thoughts you had so that your experience is more enjoyable the next time around. This will be Saturn in Sagittarius.

Neptune in your house of creativity, projects, and romance gives you an intuitive edge to where you should go, even if at times you feel lost or things seem to be shrouded in a haze that you desperately try to decipher.

Uranus is spending an inordinate amount of time in your house of day-to-day work routine and health being a little disruptive and sometimes causing minor havoc in that part of your life.

Jupiter is in your 10th house career/boss/authority and that is where you will see major expansion. This month you will feel a little torn between this constant and the need to focus on your Self.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising:

Sagittarius in the month of November is at its sleepiest moment in the year for you. You are resting and getting ready for the moment when the spotlight will be shining on you starting on November 23rd. It is the month where you will look back at the year and how it went and if it went according to your plan.

Focus is in your house of the unconscious, the spiritual realm and your dreams. If anything has been bothering you , this is the month when you will mull those things over. With Scorpio ruling this house, you won’t just skim the surface of things but will dig deep into the mysteries of life, perhaps your own life. Unconscious desires may rise to the surface and make you more aware of them.

Venus is there until November 17th to keep the balance as you delve into the mysteries of your inner self and then she will leave to focus on the outward Self again. The Sun will join her on the 23rd and you will begin a new year, feeling rather good about yourself.

Your outlook on life and your general philosophy may come to an abrupt confrontation on the 14th and 15th when a dream or something rises to the surface that forces you to change your way of thinking. It will be a momentary event as it only lasts a couple of days, but during those days you may feel uncomfortable with yourself. On the 27th and 28th, there will be tension at home and you may have an emotional reaction to it, which will inadvertently cause you to say something regarding either a romance, a project, or a child.

Mercury which is currently in your house of hopes and wishes, until the 9th, will allow you to voice them to your friends and or social circles or through social networking. Mercury will then enter the twelfth realm of the sub- and unconscious where she will shut up and work under cloak and secrecy. Your friends may wonder what happened to you as you switch from one to the other.

Mars is in your house of income and personal values during the month of November, and you may find that you are spending more money than you like or should. Pluto is trying to transform this part of your life, so perhaps Mars is here to test you to see whether these transformation you are trying to put in place are working. It’s hard to keep that restraint on your purse, especially for dear impulsive Sagittarius.

On November 23rd when the Sun will finally make its trek back to its original position, you will feel as though you have come full circle again.

Jupiter is in your house of travel, learning and philosophy, where it feels completely at home. Jupiter is in Leo for a year and is completely in sync as Leo is also a fire sign. Your outlook and general feeling will be one of generosity and goodwill. If you have any hopes of travelling, this will be the year that you will go on that adventure that you have always wanted, and this trip will expand your mind and may well give you a new outlook on life. This seems to go hand in hand with Pluto which is currently sitting in your house of values. Your outlook on money, values, and possessions is going through a major transformation and will do so for a quite a few more years.

With Mars travelling through this house during the month of November, you will notice that you are able to actually put some of those new plans into place as Mars is the planet of action.

You are also in the midst of events and changes at home and in your sector of romance, projects and children, whether it is having them, or thinking of having them.

Your early beginnings may be the reason you are feeling a little vague or despondent regarding your own forward-moving life and with the Sun and Venus in your house of the unconscious, these thoughts may be coming to the forefront at this time. Saturn in that same house is also forcing you to face those issues and to put them in rightful place.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising:

There will be lots of talk with the boss and with authority figures this month. The North Node also happens to be in this house so some of these talks may be linked to your life path. The only opposition this month will come from Uranus in your house of home and beginnings. You may want to stay home and work there, but your boss will want you to come out and join meetings and be part of the work community. Be careful on the 23rd as you may voice an opinion that may rub the higher ups the wrong way. That is really the only day you have to watch what you say at work or regarding work. The rest of the month has you feeling golden.

This year may be the year that you start a new business and find the partner or money you need to do this. On the 23rd, when the Sun shifts to the unconscious and the hidden part of your life, you will be looking back at the year you’ve had.

You will also be shining in social circles, your friends will be seeking you out, and you may even be asked to join some new social circles. With Saturn in this house you tend to be reserved and now will not be any different, but the Sun will try to coax you out of your reserved shell. Venus will also help to smooth out any ruffles you may be feeling as you expand your social world.

As you progress through the month, you will eventually go back to cocooning and stepping back from the limelight. You are not very comfortable out in the open so this transition back to the inner self will suit you just fine.

Mars in your first house where Pluto has been for a few years already are helping you to transform your Self and your appearance to the world. This month your friends may even help you out with that transformation. During the mid to the  latter part of the month, you will once again revert back to your inward self and the transformation will focus more on the inward part of your Self rather than your outer appearance. You may even appear more solemn and serious again. Your friends will notice that you’ve disappeared again. They are probably used to this as your ruler Saturn has been in the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes for the past two years. It will finally leave in December going into your house of the subconscious. This may turn you inwardly which will feel normal for you, but at least your friends will not feel the restrictions you have been putting up any longer. You will also seem a lot more energetic and action-oriented with Mars in your first house. Pluto is also sitting in your first house so perhaps some of this energy will be to test how this transformation on your ‘Self’ is working out. How are people actually perceiving you? Are the changes you are making working out for you?

You may find that you have been a lot more intuitive and just know things on an intuitive level, not really knowing how you do. This will confuse you a little because you are all about rationality and fact. That slow climb to the top of the mountain is done methodically and cautiously because you do your research, however some of this information will come from a part of you that you’re not used to using. This is all part of your growth and turning you into a more well-rounded individual.

You may have noticed that there has been a lot of disruption in your home or your family life in the past few years. There may be sudden upheavals, and major overhauls to the family unit, or to your actual home. This may be tied to your values, income or possession or to that new business you are trying to get off the ground. A possibility is that you have been working out of your home and now need to find a new place to run this business.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising:

Career, your boss, and authority figures will figure prominently during the month of November for you. Venus will lend a hand and you will not be able to do any wrong as far as your boss is concerned. Venus will switch gears on the 17th heading into the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes, and daydreams. The Sun will join her a week later on the 23rd. Mercury will spend a week together with Venus in this house and there will be energetic back and forth during that time. There may be some tension on the 14th and 15th where you may have to choose between your work and your personal relationships. On the 23rd, there will be a day when something you say regarding your work will spark off a tiff in your personal relationships. On the 27th and 28th, tensions will be linked to your money and personal values and perhaps you overlooked something and it has caught up with you. This will spark an emotional response from you and you will voice your feelings.

At the beginning of the month, you will be in a philosophical mood, and higher learning is also emphasized this month, and you may talk more than usual about traveling and about your philosophy and outlook on life. The only caution I may throw at you this month is that you may find some opposition from siblings and/or neighbours in discussions regarding your outlook or your new philosophies. They may not see things quite the way you do. Aquarians are very good at seeing the larger picture and on a humanitarian level but not everyone has quite the same grasp on these matters. You may be involved in something such as training at work as well and this should go well, until the 23rd when it affects a partner or someone you work closely with.

Your month will be mostly harmonious and things should go well for you especially when it comes to your career (and authority, in general) with the exception of the 20th and 21st when things at work may go a little haywire because you have been a little distracted.

Your unconscious and dream life will also be very active as well this month, in an almost aggressive and energetic way, possibly affronting you in a way that you are not used to. You will most likely remember your dreams as they will be vivid and full of meaning. Your dreams may be linked to your work, your career aspirations, and so it would do you good to listen to them.

Your partner and/or relationship are dynamite and, if single, you may very well find love at work. If this is the case, please keep any interaction on the DL as there might be gossip around the water cooler if not. This may be tied to the glitch I see on the 20th and 21st. You will be in a generous mood with your partners, be they business or personal partners.

You might have also noticed that you have been coming up with what might possibly be considered “over the top” ideas, even some that are a little “way out there”, this is due to Uranus in your 3rd house. This placement is also linked to hearing outrageous news connected to siblings, cousins, or your close neighbours. Or on a more mundane level, the area you live in is in complete flux, à la ‘construction zone’ and any short trips will be filled with disruption, detours, etc. making your life either a living hell or a welcomed distraction.

In short, it’s a busy month at work filled with new ideas, communiqués, training, and you’re either making new friends at work, or finding love there. Just keep everything private and not ‘out there’ for anyone to gossip about. On the other hand, you could be the one gossiping but be careful of this because the 12th house is the house of Karma. It could also be that during the time that Mars is in this house, you may have a difficult time getting things to go your way, so be patient and wait until Mars crosses into your 1st house to do so (on December 5).

All in all, the first half of the month will fare well, and as you glide into the second half there will be a few glitches but nothing you can’t handle if you’re patient and above board.

Pisces or Pisces Rising:

The focus for Pisces in the month of November will begin in the 9th house of higher learning, philosophy, and your general outlook in life. With the Sun and Venus so close together, you will appear charming and people will be open to your views and outlooks. You have been methodically pulling apart the philosophies and ideas you have had until now for the last two years (with Saturn in this area of your life) to see whether they have been working for you or not. Your list of friends may have gone through the same scrutiny, and you may have wondered whether some of these friends are still on the same page, or whether you have to let go of some of them because you are growing apart or away. You may also consider adding to your affiliations/friends rather than letting them go.

Mercury is in your 8th house of other people’s money, and all things to do with sex, joint income, taxes and death. Your conversations may turn to all these things during this month at least until Mercury moves on to the 9th house of travel. If you work with other people’s money, you may be discussing these matters with them, or your thoughts may be turning to topics that concern other people’s money, such as investments, settlements, or inheritances. Mercury will then join the Sun and Venus to add discussion to your outlook on life until the 23rd when your attention will be on your career again.

Opposite this house, Uranus has been sitting, and will be for a few years yet to come. He is causing havoc at times with your income, or your personal values may be going through a major overhaul, such as in how you think of money, or what you think regarding your personal value system and possessions. Again, you may be changing affiliations and/or friends because they no longer fit your plans or aspirations. Because your feelings and thoughts regarding these things is being jigged, it may look as if you are all over the map to others.

Income may come in erratic flow and ebb, at times overflowing and at other times, may seem like events are popping out of the blue where you need to come up with money to take care of these issues. Mercury will therefore also have you focussing your thoughts on ideas to do with joint ventures, income, taxes owing, or retirement, etc. It could be that you reach out to some of these affiliations/friends to go with you into some joint ventures to grow your business for example. On November 21 and 22, you may discuss some of these issues and ideas with your friends or social circle. You will get positive feedback from this area. You may even get an idea from a friend on how to increase your income. With Jupiter in your 6th house, it may be connected with your day-to-day work, rather than your career. It may involve taking on more responsibilities or adding to your daily work schedule.

You will notice that in the following year, you will be busy on a day-to-day level whether it be work or daily routine. Erratic changes or disruptions in your personal routine will affect your work routine. Your health will be robust this year and you should feel good.

Pisces is already quite intuitive and you will have noticed that the world around you seems more adaptable, or that your ability to adapt is more congruent to the world around you, and that your intuition is spot on. This trend will continue for a few years yet to come — another 11 years to go before Neptune moves on to Aries. Also, something you began around 3 years ago will be around for a long yet to come, depending on where Neptune is in your personal chart, it could be a relationship, a project, or even a new career. If you have Pisces rising, it sits in your first house of personal appearance — how you show yourself to the outside world. A new look or trend you have started will only build in intensity and will help you for the next 11 years.

It’s a good month for looking back and for assessing what is going right for you and how you have grown so far. Next month will be a busy month for you even though for the rest of the world it is winding down. Perhaps your business will be busy because of the coming holiday season because you have to cater to it or sell your products that are wildly popular.

Aries and Aries Rising:

Your thoughts will be focused on life, death, physical attraction, and other things to do with the 8th house such as, joint income, money owed to others or to you, inheritances, or moneys from settlements. On the 23rd, your thoughts will switch to travel, higher learning and your outlook in life.

Your 8th house is naturally ruled by Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Pluto is in your 10th house of career and authority, and Mars just happens to also be in that sector as well this month. It could be that this money that is owed to you may be from your company for work that you have done, such as, royalties, commissions, or even a bonus. Saturn, which has been in your 8th house for about 2 years and will leave in December 2014, has been there to make sure that you stay on top of your finances, on top of money that you owe, such as your debts, and in general, your banking matters. By the time, the year begins you will have been well groomed in those areas. This 8th house also rules endings or things that are meant to be discarded because they no longer suit your life. November is your month to purge those unwanted things for good!

There will be a lot of talk in your one-on-one relationships and some of those talks could be quite steamy as Venus is in the 8th house of sex. Some of those talks may be a little prickly, too, but not necessarily bad, as they may cross over into talks about that joint account you both have, or perhaps, you will make the decision to pool your resources together. I think those talks will most likely be positive and harmonious and if there are any issues, they will be smoothed over.

If you have had to go to court regarding settlements, such as in a divorce or separation of assets, this month things should go fairly well and in your favour for the most part. Your romantic life should be going quite well and you will find that you and your current date will be discussing some joining of forces, whether it is business or personal. You may even be talking about having children. This said, the two aspects could be happening in parallel, that is you could be parting ways with one person and forging ahead with another.

If this settlement or court appearance is tied to your career or business, you might be a little more aggressive to get your way. Connected to your personal life, communication and talks will be prominent, and if it involves children, these talks and agreements should go well. You’ll be okay to sign papers this month as the retrograde season of October is over.

Jupiter, planet of luck, is in your fifth house of romance and that might mean, in the broader sense, that you may be moving in together, getting married, or even deciding on having a child. Uranus has been in your first house and will be there for quite a few years more, and so it could be that some of these decisions happen quickly and quite unexpectedly. Uranus in your first house, sitting opposite the house of relationships, which means that a lot of the things that have been happening lately have probably broadsided you and have most likely been coming from your relationships at home and at work. You may have delved into your past a lot lately to help you with all these changes. Your house of the unconscious and the past is ruled by Pisces and Neptune which is in that house. The messages may be intuitive in nature but at times they may be too hazy and unclear for you.

Your career is revved up too with high octane energy, and with Pluto in the wings, these changes that you are putting into place are going to be transformative. If you own your own business, it may change drastically from when you began this venture. You definitely have the energy for the changes that are needed.

Taurus and Taurus Rising:

Relationships, partners, and co-workers may be on your mind this month and things seem to be going quite well overall. You are extremely passionate in your relationships and demand nothing less from your partners. Your partners are usually quieter and not as talkative as you are. After all you are ruled by Venus, and she just happens to be in the house of relationships this month. Your talks with partners maybe also be centred on creating a home and with Jupiter in your house of home and family, you may just be wanting your own place.

Your talks with your one-on-one contacts and relationships may also touch on day-to-day routine surrounding work. You may be trying to get on an even-keel with respects to this. You may also be feeling that things that are beyond your control are in flux and this may cause you a bit of distress on a subconscious level. As you are trying claim some balance and control over your own day-to-day routine, things in the nether world seem to be getting out of hand. These events that are happening on a world-level feel erratic and explosive to you, and you do not like these kinds of psychic disturbances.

You have Uranus in your house of the unconscious and Karma, and so things as you may want them to be are in flux and changeable. Whatever you are giving out, you are receiving back. So, for example, if you are erratic and changeable, things that come back at you will reflect this. Take your time in the rehauling of your subconscious thoughts as they may be affecting your day-to-day life.

Jupiter in your home is a nice and comfy place for it to be and it is connected to your house of beginnings and endings. Saturn is in your relationship sector so you or our partner may be feeling restricted in some ways. Venus is in this same house this month, so it won’t feel as aggravating as it normally does.

Neptune in your house of hopes and wishes for a good long while, keeps you daydreaming for all those things you would love to have in your life. You may be a little too idealistic and your daydreams may border on the impossible, but dream on! Only, try to remain realistic in your day-to-day dealings.

You have been quite aggressive in your learning and education, and with Pluto in this house, chances are you have made yet another change in this respect. You may look like the poster child for the perpetual student, but Pluto will be in this house for a long time, so you will have to put your foot down at some point and focus on one direction. Integrally, you will be transformed by the choices you make.

Gemini or Gemini Rising:

In November, you will be busy in your day-to-day work but you will have Venus working to keep things balanced and in harmony. For the past two years, it has felt like you’ve been plodding through thick goo to get anywhere and anything exciting in your day-to-day work life. This has been a lesson, as Saturn is always there to teach, carefully, slowly and methodically. Gemini has a tendency to go in a million directions, but the last couple of years have taught you to focus more on the task at hand. You may find or have had to with work that centres around graphics, communications, printing, or marketing. Thank goodness for Venus’ appearance to lighten up the month. You’ll find your routine to feel less bogged down and the mood will be better.

On the 17th, she will move on to the 7th house of partnerships and alliances and you will begin to feel a little more carefree. Things will be more harmonized and you will find your interactions with others has taken on a different tone. You will be much more patient with others than you may have been lately. The Sun will then join her a week later and will usher in the lighter mood of the holiday season.

For most of the month, frustrations, loss of personal liberty, your service to others will weigh on you. Be careful not to let this cross over into your health, such as stress or frustration. Normally, you should not feel too much discomfort as Mercury is the natural ruler of this house, and just happens to be your ruler. So, you have his help in these matters. As there are no opposing forces in this chart, you are in control. Career seems to still be in a flux for you as you are still unclear as to what you want to be doing. Or, on the other hand, your intuition may be helping you come to terms with what you are searching for. It doesn’t help that your hopes, wishes and daydreams keep changing!

Talks revolving around projects, creativity, or even romance may be in the stars and will only hit a snag around the 14-15th, and 23rd when the planet of communication squares Jupiter. Something that may have to do with your day-to-day work, your ego-ruled logical mind (with Jupiter in Leo) may spark off some tension. But, this will only last about a day and will be short-lived. So mind your words on those days. You may make some grandiose statements. On the 25th, there may be emotional words spoken with authority figures, don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

When the Sun follows Venus into the 7th house in the third and last week of the month, romance will be in the air. Talks will turn to planning what you can do together with your mate. You may actively consider joining forces with another, or pooling your resources together.

You will also notice some activity around other people’s money, resources, and including your more physical relationships with others. You have been going through some transformations in this area, and this flux of energy may test (in a positive way) whether you are in sync with these transformations that have in process. The 20th and 21st are the only two days I would take note as the only tension is to your North Node, that is your personal life direction.

You may simply discover that a certain activity is not conducive to your personal life direction. You may even have an a-ha moment with regard to your career. You will most definitely be aware of your own personal growth during this month. You may face some of those demons that plague your subconscious but it will be more on an awareness level wherein you could delve into more spiritual aspects of your self. Exercise caution and do not be pulled in directions that may be detrimental to your well-being.

Cancer or Cancer Rising:

You are definitely ready for some fun this month and you will feel this mostly during the first half of November. Last month had you working overtime with an emphasis on your daily routine, even though you had the energy to do so and you were versatile and open to it, you’re so ready to take it easy again. As we get to the end of the year, we tend to like the thought of slowing down a little in order to be able to look back at the year we’ve had. You will be looking for new ways to enjoy yourself and most likely with a partners or partners. You may even meet someone who will be a part of these new visions of fun. Take advantage of the first part of the month to put these plans into place as on the 23rd you will be back to focusing on your day-to-day routines again.

You will be talking about your home or your family more than usual this month. Your personal life direction seems to have to do with your home and you will be communicating this verbally. Some of these discussions may be centred around your mother, or how your home has been inextricably tied to the family. Once you have hashed out all the information and discussion about and around your home and family, Mercury will move into your 5th house where you will pick up the thread of discussing and planning those leisurely activities just as the Sun and Venus are crossing the line into your daily routine again. If you’re not ready to go anywhere, then perhaps you’re planning some new creative outlets or projects to do with your home. You might be thinking of fixing up your home with paint or paintings to make the place more comfortable — after Cancerians are all about comfort!

With Jupiter in your house of income and personal values, it looks like you have all the means to cover all those bases if necessary or you could go overboard and put yourself into debt trying to fulfill all your wishes. Be wary of taking a gamble on a large expense as the 5th house is also known for its penchant for speculation and/or gambling. With Venus alongside, the results most likely would be positive, but I cannot see into your personal chart to see if any other planets are afflicted.

On a broader level, Saturn who has been nested in this part of your chart for the past two years, will see to it that you are careful as he is reserved and cautious. This is probably also the reason why things may have been a little quiet in the “romance” sector of your life. Saturn has the stern eye of discernment and will take its time to make a decision about anything. So the scrutiny on any possible love interest is ten times fold than normal. You may meet someone who at first comes across as being quite energetic (translating into your mind as ‘aggressive’). He/she could simply be over-stimulated at this time, charged with a lot of energy. You will have the guts to approach someone you’re interested and be quite overt about how you feel, vice versa. This someone will make it plainly obvious they’re interested in you. Keep your eyes and ears open.

For some Cancerians, you may have a little one on the way and/or talk of having children may be in the making as the focus is on the home. It may be about how to manage or change the home in order to accommodate such a new addition to your family.

Leo or Leo Rising:

For Leo, it’s all about your home and family this month, at least until the 23rd when it will shift to leisure activities, creative projects, or children. You will be ready just in time for the holiday season getting your house prepped for the onslaught of visits and food festivities.

You may even start thinking about where you could go on holiday or even just go on one! This would happen toward the end of November and in fact you may go on a holiday before the holiday season. In any case, at the beginning of the month, there will be lots of talk about yourself, about others, and including short trips/visits, and your routine is about to get very busy! There may be plenty of short trips around your city or just outside of your city.

Jupiter is in Leo and is showcasing you for an entire year! Toward the end of November and into the early part of December, when the Sun and Venus shift into your fifth house, it will seem as though fun, romance, and leisure activities has exploded into your stratosphere. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is shining on your home this month so anything that is connected to your home, such as, festivities, home renos or buying new furniture for your home should bode well.

It could be that you begin a project that is centred around the home but this project may encroach into your already busy daily routine. Your health will be robust and you may even start a new regime or exercise routine during this time. With Pluto in this house currently (over the long term) you may already have been taking a new stance on your health routines, such as training for an event or running that marathon. I see this as something that you’re doing close to home, or something that is connected to your beginnings or your family or in spite of it. Along with Jupiter in your first house, it is tied to your outlook on life and a new philosophy you are most likely revising at this point in your life. with the outer planets staying in these positions for a long time, you will notice an ebb and flow in this where you will change, review, and revise for a while to come.

Romance will be highlighted toward the end of the month and into December, and it might even come from someone at work or through work, your very own neighbourhood, and someone you meet through a sibling. For long-term relationships, you may see a renewed surge of romance in your partnerships. Your appearance is top notch these days and you will feel generous with your self and your time and others will notice this. That busy routine you’ve got on your plate may come from having to divide time between work, exercise and loooove.


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