Where are the Passengers?

bad11-pictureofkoifishtattoo28129Queen of Cups

I understand that in order to find the passengers we need to find the plane, but there are people on that plane and if they are alive, they are sending out energy to find them. So, I pulled out some more cards today asking for more clues (Yes, I am a little perturbed by all this.):
Cards from the tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti
5 of Wands: Strife amongst group or individuals
– strife, group from same tree, same association, family
5 of Coins : Poverty mentality
– circle of light coming through window, stained or coloured glass (the plane, a hangar, a church, a warehouse)?
8 of Wands: Speed in action
– travel/communication
– Mercury and Jupiter (Sagittarius),
– planning another flight? want to do this quickly?
Temperance: Balance
– a static angel (Statue?)
– circle of light through stained glass window, coloured glass (again, the plane, a hangar, a church, a warehouse)?
– fire/water/earth
Queen of Cups: Reflective force
– chameleon-like qualities
– ocean, seaweed, pearls
– koi fish (tattoo?)
– feminine energy
– watery palace, Aquatic environment
10 of swords: Situation
– everything has gone wrong
– situation has failed miserably
– criminal’s identity will be revealed
– end of illusion
The Magician: Outcome
– man of learning, student/teacher of the sciences of physical forces of the universe, a gifted individual, science, equipment, magic, occult, communication
– one of the passengers? one of the culprits?
– someone will find a way to send a message out, or a message will come
– short trips
– idea of transformation?
– things are not what they seem

All the cards that are pulled seem to be connected or perhaps it’s all just a coincidence. I hope we receive some sign soon for the families and those people on board that plane — whether it’s to help them or to find closure.


PS Just an afterthought: There was a story of a guy who dug a 200-metre tunnel from his garage to the local mall so that he did not have to walk outside in the winter to get there. (Yes, some people have a lot of time on their hands and a strong motivation for results.)


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