Balancing the Field

I know, I know… I have been gone a while. You have probably already forgotten who I am. BUT, I have actually been writing and drawing while away… I have also been doing a lot of reading, studying, and learning to “Balance the Field.”

I’ve been reading up on balancing the field, and some fiction. The last fiction book that I read was called The Shack by Wm Paul Yong and I really liked it except that I found the ending a little abrupt. I walked into Chapters (for those who don’t live where I do — think Barnes & Nobles (USA) or Cultura (France) or some other type of bookstore where they let you read for as long as you want without buying) and saw this book sitting on a table with a sticker on it “Staff’s Pick.” I admit that I had picked it up a few times before but had always put it back. This time I kept it, walked over to the counter and purchased it. Synchronicity sent me a smile and the girl who was ringing in my purchase just happened to be the “Staff” that had picked that very book! I love it when things like that happen.
The other book under my arm was called The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale. It is an “Encyclopedia of your Energetic Anatomy” and an extremely interesting read if you believe that your body is a living energetic system.

I had not done any drawing or illustration in a very long time, and I decided that it would be a good thing to start again to find that balance that would offset my writing and help me to focus on details. What makes a flower look like a flower? How does light reflect off plastic fruits (that look real but don’t shrivel up in front of you as you take forever to draw)? I find that my first drawings are a little too “stiff” but I will keep at it and see where it takes me.

I haven’t done much with Astrology or Tarot lately, although I did find myself an amazing Tarot card set by Ciro Marchetti. I love his artwork! I already owned his previous version, but this latest updated one is absolutely gorgeous. The detail on each card is intricate and carefully thought out.

I have also been revising my grammar skills to refocus my attention on my proofreading and editing skills in order to get my certification.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to …




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  1. JJ says:

    Excellent to hear–love your lily. I wore a corsage of a lily for my wedding. I have three botanical/natural history drawing books on order, I should get them this week. So nice there is someone else plugging away at their art. Have you tried the Stillman and Birn sketchbooks? They are great–Curry’s has them.


  2. JJ says:

    I usually go to the one in Markham or Whitby, occasionally the one in Barrie. You can order online–they had free shipping around Christmas but normally you have to spend $75 to get free shipping in Ontario. $40 to $75 is only $5 shipping.

    I agree, the place is mesmerizing, almost as good as a book store. You can the flyers for their sales online too. Sales usually last one to two months.


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