Apollo Stickhandles The Lord of the Underworld & The Sky God


Next week, Apollo (it’s all about me!) is about to be challenged. He is going to have to contend with The Lord of the Underworld (transformation) and The Sky God (revolutionary thinking).

Apollo will have The Lord to his right and two days later will be directly facing The Sky God. The Lord will be coaxing him to transform some things about him, his life, his friends, his work, or his habits. Apollo is currently in the sign of Libra (Venus) so he will want to keep things harmonious at all costs while The Lord is in Capricorn (Saturn) – basically a stick-in-the-mud – will want to stick to and follow the ‘process’.

The Sky God is currently in Aries whom I’m sure you’re aware also likes to have things his way and ‘now’. The Sky God is impatient during these times and wants the transformation to happen quickly. Apollo is nervous because even though he likes to be the centre of attention, he knows that he has to maintain the balance. Changes are a needed thing but they are not easy.
To add to the mix , Mercury, usually very direct in his communication, is getting ready to arrive in that foggy manner that he does when he reverses his messages and confuses everyone. This is one of the last weeks where his messages will still be ‘sort of’ clear but then everyone will slowly begin sliding down that slippery slope of confusion where information will be askew, e-mails that hold vital information may become lost, machinery will be temperamental, and humans will run amok (“What did she mean by that?”).

If you imagine a cocktail party with all these people – Apollo will arrive at the door with the spotlight shining on him as usual, but he will be in a diplomatic sort of mood. “No, no, please let Mr. Lord of the Underworld in first.” The Lord of the Underworld will smile and look at Apollo and say, “Thank you, I was here first after all.” Apollo will get his back up because he always comes first, but will not want to make waves because out of the corner of his eye, he spots The Sky God. The Sky God has the same aggressive expression on his face – the one he has been wearing for a few years now — “Who made you head honcho?”

Apollo does not want to go into the whole explanation as to why he is the better leader so he will allow The Lord to enter the party first. He also knows that sometimes you have to follow a ‘process’ even if you don’t like it. He also knows that The Sky God will taunt The Lord of the Underworld if he lets Apollo in first – “Why does he always think he gets first dibs?”

There will be struggles with what the Ego wants this week, coupled with the fact that we know there is a process that needs to be followed even if we don’t like it, and because we want all this change to happen quickly – mainly because it is always painful to change our routines – we will need to temper ourselves a LOT.

Try to coast and fly under the radar if you’re one of those folks that don’t like to have the spotlight shining on you. If you’re wary and uncomfortable of change and find that you’re digging your heels in, try to temper your outbursts because outbursts put you in the spotlight whether you like it or not.

By the end of the week, things will have calmed down again as The Lord and The Sky God get out of your way. The new moon will give you all the emotional support to dream and to write down the dreams that are most important for you to move forward. She is like the proverbial Mother who puts you on her lap, hugs you, and says, “There there now, what is it that you truly want and I’ll see if I can get it for you.” — You’ll have immediately forgotten those awful people that bothered you earlier in the week.

Still, be careful to get all your facts straight before saying yes to all those things you asked for because Mercury stopped Mother as he was sliding backwards and handed her that cryptic message (Huh?).

Good luck, and namaste


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