Self and Karma



These runes represent Mankind and the unknown. Today I should go with the flow and have faith that things will go according to the ‘plan.’ Assistance from others or another is the order the day and accepting that assistance — or conversely, it could mean my assistance given to another. I feel some sort of protection coming from the Mannaz rune in respect to the home. I will be protected from any kind of problem that may arise? There may be some sort of surprise as to how the problem or issue is solved. I must have faith and trust in the forces without to help me come to a successful resolution. Mannaz reminds me of the wooden designs on the old medieval homes. The cross within the design looks like Gifu, the rune of relationship and partnership representing another or others that are involved.

The blank rune looks like the universe — the milky way — the sky above the home protecting it and myself. There is a mystery of how things tend to work out the way they should.

Let’s see what this day will bring me?

Namaste, and I wish a beautiful day to all of you,



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