Energy, Partnership, and Togetherness

20130706-071723.jpgSigel (Sowulo)/The Sun, Gifu (Gebo)/The Lovers, and Mannaz/The Chariot

The Runes are from the ancient Northern countries and this alphabet (that goes by different names) was used by the Vikings for divination. I have always felt a certain kinship to the Vikings and these symbols speak worlds to me. Energy, partnership, and togetherness (home, security) is what I see in these runes today. A bolt of energy, a gift or partnership — these runes do not have a reversed meaning and are all encompassing. Togetherness comes from humankind/Self, and I see the protection of the home, working together but not losing one’s self. In Mannaz’s Tarot equivalent “The Chariot” I also see trying to keep control and balance.

In these three runes, I see a lot of energy, possibly a new sort, coming forth from a partnership, that will bloom even further by not losing one’s self in the process. It is in the giving and receiving that the energy will grow and togetherness will flow from there.

I love the sensory aspect that goes along with the visual symbols. These runes really speak to me on a deeper and subconscious level that I find very different than the Tarot cards. Admittedly, I have been having interesting and intense dreams since I began using these runes. Sometimes the messages are really deep and encrusted in the subconscious and takes a little more than mere reflection to decipher them.

I will continue to work with these and share my findings with you.

Namaste, CC


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