Worry, Aspiration, and Magic

pink-abstract-wave-backgroundHere is a 5-card spread inspired by JJ (Photon Stimulus) in her post yesterday. I really liked the questions so I thought I would give it a whirl this morning. I love the gilded tarot cards – they are so colourful!

1) How can I remain true to myself?
I must remember that I am a strong woman but that I don’t need to prove this by being by myself. I am in a great relationship and he allows me to be myself, and I don’t need to be afraid of that. I must focus on the bright side of life and listen to my intuition.
The Queen of swords is proud and dressed in rich garments – ruler of her domain.
Words associated with the Queen of swords: analytical, objective, perfectionist, strong

2) How can I remember to set work aside for other important things?
I worry about not having enough. But, I always do have enough and I have never not been able to do what I want. If I want it bad enough I usually set about to get it, to do it, to see it, so I should stop sometimes to smell the roses and stop worrying about the uncertainties of life.
The woman holds on dearly to her child trying to protect her, and the man is facing the woman letting her know that he is there to help. The coloured windows make me think of a church, of the soul, of the power that is always there – keeping her safe and that she should always have faith that things will be better or get better. Or, that things are just fine and to stop worrying. The beacon of light coming through the window signifies that.
Words associated with the 5 of pentacles: uncertainty, change, activity and freedom; conflict, expansion, opportunity and resourcefulness

3) How can I develop and maintain the courage to express my feelings?
THE STAR (Hope and Inspiration)
The Star looks like an emotional card and yet the lady in the card is able to maintain the balance. I need to believe in myself more and realize my potential. It’s okay to share feelings because it helps to maintain emotional balance.
Words associated with the Star: Optimism, insight, aspirations, peace, promise, healing, developments, inspiration, hope, blessings, optimism, return to life, faith, aid, continual flow, good health, bright prospects, new opportunities, new independence, inner-strength, and just rewards, calm, healing, renewal, recovery, harmony, abundance, generosity and humility.

4) How can I remember to stay in touch with people I love and value?
9 OF PENTACLES (Comfort)
This lady likes to be by herself a lot; she enjoys her own company. She must not forget that in order to feed her soul and her ideas, she needs to get out and to meet others – hopefully with like minds – and share her own thoughts and ideas as well. I must be careful not to get too comfortable being by myself, i.e. living in my own head.
Words associated with the 9 of pentacles: Great abundance, growth, self-reliance, contentment, domain, plenty, material wellbeing, balance, rewards, prudence, safety success, accomplishment, discernment, certitude, fortitude, seeking a purpose, achievement, reflections, analyzing plans and goals, satisfaction, pleasure, material gains, self-esteem, reward for effort.

5) How can I demonstrate my choice to be happy?
I must realize that I am the master of the universe (that is, my own mind.) I can manifest whatever situation I wish in order to be happy. I have everything at my fingertips to enjoy happiness. I actually am in a very happy situation – just lately I have had way too many things to juggle, but slowly it is whittling down to the regular 1-2 things.
The Magician is in control of all aspects of life. He had the thoughts, the energy, the emotion and the material world in balance and can use any one of those strengths to keep his world a happy place. He is master of the universe.
Words associated with the Magician: Focused will, creation, creativity, everything is possible, manifestation, skill, diplomacy, ability, confidence, communication, subtlety, self-confidence, work, new beginnings, activity and overwork.


One Comment Add yours

  1. JJ says:

    Great post. I liked your thought for the 5 of Pents of the window signifying that things are fine and you should stop worrying.


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