Transits for the Next Week – May 25th to 31st

Sun square Neptune / Mercury conjunct Venus / Saturn trine Neptune / Uranus square Pluto (until June 6th) / Mercury conjunct Mars / Venus conjunct Jupiter / Moon square Mars / Moon trine Mercury

These are the planetary movements and transits of the planets as they are occurring in our skies. You will need to see how they affect your own chart to see how they affect you personally.

The outer world:
Venus and Mars are in good connection with Mercury. Emotional, highly volatile, erratic and aggressive behaviour will take its toll on the public. Uranus and Pluto are squaring off creating changeable events (that are unstable, aggressive or erratic) that will transform many lives. These two will be squaring off until June 6th when they will finally let up and give us all a break. Venus is conjunct Jupiter so a little luck and harmony will be cozy with each other, a little respite from all the turbulence out there. The changeable world will most likely get people to band together and help each other during this trying time. Emotions will be tense because of the stress caused by high energy or aggression, but there will be a lot of communication about this. In other words, people will be very vocal about what is going on whether they can get a handle on it or not.

I have looked at the chart for the month of June – and it does look like all this will simmer down during the summer months. Whew!


The transits affect my personal chart in this way for the following week: Natal Planet aspect Transit Planet
Venus conjunct Moon / Moon sextile Mars / Saturn sextile Moon / Ascendant square Mars / Ascendant sextile Mercury / Venus sextile Moon / Jupiter conjunct Uranus (long transit) / Jupiter square Pluto (long transit) / Mars opposition Sun / Saturn conjunct Moon / Neptune square Moon / Ascendant sextile Venus / MC conjunct Mars

My inner world:

It looks like it is an emotional roller-coaster week for me as the Moon is in aspect with almost every major planet in my chart. There are positive reinforcements with Venus, Mars, Saturn, but the Moon squares Neptune during this week. There may be some information or misinformation that surfaces that rubs me the wrong way, otherwise for the most part my emotions will be flowing smoothly ranging from love/harmony to high energy, and routine/discipline will work well with me this week.
My ‘Public’ Self will feel a little bit of tension from aggressive Mars. It could mean that the high octane energy of Mars will show itself in public. I may come across as aggressive on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week or it might just be a very active three days. Mars is in my house of higher education, philosophy and travel, so I might be vocal about my views on things. On Thursday, I will be able to communicate these thoughts rather well because my Ascendant will sextile Mercury giving me a hand on being heard by those around me.
Jupiter is in a long transit in conjunct with Uranus but squaring Pluto. The conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus will be over in June but Jupiter will continue to square Pluto until July 18th. The planet of expansion, beliefs and philosophies has been putting a damper on the transformation that is taking place in my house of projects, leisure time, children and romantic life and Jupiter in my chart rules that same house. Natal Pluto is my first house and Pluto rules my fourth house. So, everything from my Self, home, children, creative projects are going through a transformation and my natal Jupiter is digging its heels in during this aspect while I try to make these changes.

It sounds like an active week all around for everyone and for me. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

Namaste, CC


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