Saturn in Scorpio … The Time Keeper

I’m not sure about others out there but I am really feeling the influence of Saturn in Scorpio in my life. Since Saturn entered Scorpio last October (2012) everything has slowed down to a crawl in my life – and it seems in all areas that have to do with processes. Saturn is the Task Master and the Time Keeper and damn if he isn’t so methodical that it seems like I’m walking through a fog. Have you been feeling this too?

It’s not so much a lament or a complaint but wow is it hard to get moving on some things when you’re waiting for others to be wrapped up. In some cases, I’ve had to move forward on things even when those other transactions have not been closed or completed – so I’m having to deal with two things at once, for example, two cars and two homes. I know, you may say, well you shouldn’t have jumped the gun on those ‘new’ items, but I had no choice (yeah right) but to jump when I did otherwise I might have lost the chance. Of course, I might have found different items. I am, on the other hand, extremely happy with my new purchases, no doubt about it.

The old items are acting like old boyfriends/best friends that don’t want to let go (LOL.) I suppose in this case, Saturn is making me learn about these processes in detail in case I ever (which I hope I won’t have to) do it again. Would I do it differently? Only if I have a crystal ball next time around.

So, Saturn is all about learning, slowing things down to truly experience the now, thinking and rethinking matters, giving you the time to plan and maybe change plans or methods.

For instance, with the one home I am still trying to sell, I’ve had the chance to go through the thought process about whether I should sell, or rent it out and keep it as an investment. I’ve also had the chance to feel what my gut is saying even though most people I’ve had the chance to banter about this will say to keep the investment. My gut says that I should sell it.

I’ll stick with my gut on this one.

When I bought the condo, Saturn was in Leo (my ascendant) and then I waited through Saturn in Virgo (1st house) and it was when Saturn was just moving in to Libra (2nd house) that I moved in. It took 4 years to get into that place. I put it up on the market just as Saturn was entering Scorpio.

All this to say, that since October 2012 (or even as far back as 2006) it feels as if I have been wading through molasses (in waves).

There is a lunar eclipse on May 25th which is supposed to bring an end to certain matters, the lunar eclipse is falling in Sagitarius, right in my house of home. So, perhaps I’ll see something move at that point, or a month to that date.

We’ll see. I’m good at multitasking but it’s not something I like to do for long periods of time.

It would be interesting to hear whether you have been feeling this and in what areas of your life you have been experiencing this slow down.

Thank you Saturn for your lessons in patience.

Namaste, CC


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