Creating An Intuitive Link to Your Self


Each morning I wake up and deal myself three cards ‘of the day.’ I do this first thing in the morning because I am essentially at my most pure at that time of the day. I have not yet had the chance to mull over and cross-examine everything that is currently going on in my life. If I have a specific question, I will reshuffle and again pick three cards to give me some insight to my question.
The first card will describe either me, a person or an event. The second card is a helper or challenge card connected to that first card, and the third card will reflect the possible outcome to the situation.

I don’t live my life according to the cards that are dealt but they do give me a window into the mood of the day. The gilded tarot deck that I use will usually give me an insight to the mood of the day, the outer surrounding energies. The oracle cards that I have will give me insight into my inner world and an insight into what I should work on myself.

I find that when I do this on a regular basis, it keeps me in tune with my surrounding and my Self rather than just dealing with the day as it comes. There are days when I wonder what the cards were relating to if I don’t see any connection, and then suddenly a few days later something will happen and I will have an ah-ha moment.

At first, you may find that you are a little ‘off’ but as you keep practicing doing this ritual you will find that you begin to connect much more easily with your inner self as well as reading into the ‘current’ mood.

Of course, anyone can do this without the use of cards. You can sit down every morning and write out how you feel and what you wish for that day to bring you. You will still get a pure reading on how you feel about things regarding your surrounding and get an inner reading on your inner self.

Following this ritual or routine on a daily basis will create an intuitive link to your Self. You will feel as though you are creating each day as you would like it to flow. We live in a world of quantum connection and naturally each action or thought connects or creates a link to another action or thought. This is a continuous cycle which sometimes loops around in a way that replays itself in order to correct your path, especially if an event has occurred to detract your current course.

This is based on the thinking that we have a link to all our questions. We are given the tools to connect to the deepest regions of our selves to guide us on our way. We must also not lose sight of the fact that we live in a changeable world and that each of our actions, decisions and changes affect us and everything around us like a pebble cast into water creating ripples outward in our lives.

I challenge you to try this for a week and see what transpires! Take notes of your observation of your surrounding and inner life and you will begin to create an intuitive link to your Self. You will see that Everything is connected.


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