Sun in Aquarius – Jupiter going forward


Aquarius by seirarelur666 @

Today the Sun moves into Aquarius! I don’t know why I’m so excited about this but frankly the Sun in Saturn has felt like days moving like molasses. The Sun likes to move and Saturn likes to be extra cautious – which isn’t a bad thing altogether. However, for Mars/Mercury folks it’s torturous at times.
Also, Jupiter retrograde since October 2012 has felt like the wheels were spinning in place. Jupiter will be going forward at the end of this month! It is going to feel as if your wheels have finally gripped the asphalt and that jerk you feel from finally gripping solid ground is going to make you feel dizzy – especially after all these months of standing still. For some, the action has probably been going on behind-the-scenes as it so often is when a planet is retrograding. It isn’t actually as if the planet stopped doing its ‘thing,’ it’s just that you can’t tangibly ‘see’ what it is doing. That is probably just as frustrating as when it feels like nothing is happening.

So, wherever you have Jupiter (in Gemini) in your skies is where you will begin to see forward movement again. Jupiter is all about expansion, learning, generosity, optimism, and favorable breaks!

So, in the meantime, the Sun in Aquarius is here, and all the fast moving follower planets will be joining the Sun as well, Mercury and Venus, while Mars is already ahead of the group. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus – originally ruled by Saturn as well, but 2 months of Saturn is just too much. So, let’s make it Uranus, where unexpected surprises and shifts (hopefully pleasant ones) abound! Basically speaking, you may see some of these in whichever house the Sun is transiting through Aquarius, and where Uranus is presently transiting in Aries as well. It will touch where Saturn is transiting as well in Scorpio – but like I said, let’s ignore Saturn right now (haha). The actual Uranus transit is much longer because Uranus takes about 7 years to transit a sign – we have already been through about 2 years of that and it is visible in the chaos and political and socially-oriented changes in the world. Uranus is all about sudden turns, rebellion, independence, invention, surprises, liberation, disruption, and awakening. Hmmm…
This month will give us a view of the Uranian changes that will have to do with humanity, or your own humanitarian ways, in the house of Aquarius. For example, it will be in my 6th house of day-to-day routine, work environment, minor obligations, health, and small pets. The 6th house is ruled by Virgo (Mercury) and I just happen to have Virgo in the 1st house, so some of these things will affect me personally as well, and Uranus is transiting my 8th house of joint assets, other money’s such as banks (loans, investments, partnerships), etc.

I wish you all a wonderful Aquarian month!

Namaste, CC


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