Venus – The Planet of Love

Taurus - rules by Venus
Taurus – ruled by Venus

Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus

I thought I’d write about the planet Venus and how she affects your chart. I’m not sure why but today seemed like a Venusian day — in fact, this entire week has felt like a Venusian phase for me. I have simply relaxed around the house and read. I don’t get too much free time to read, so when I do, I pick up my current book and I read. I also managed to get some writing in, but Venus wanted me to relax and read — and I listened to her. It could be, too, because I have Venus traveling through my fourth house of home.

I do have to add that underlying this relaxing atmosphere is a little bit of tension, uneasiness, fear and at the same time, expectation, anticipation because my condo is up for sale — and I am waiting for that one person to come by and buy it. I know they’re right there, I know that they have already seen it, and so I am patiently waiting for them to show up.

I must say that when I say tense, it is because I am technically the owner of a new home. I love this new house and I can’t wait to move into it. In my Venusian mind, it will bring a lot of things together. But, I also must sell my current home.

Since November, I have had Venus as my ruler in my solar return chart. I can feel her at every turn — leading me toward my dreams. Coaxing me to relax and enjoy myself, to watch and smell the roses, and to feel at peace.

Venus is the planet of harmony, love, togetherness, fun times, diplomacy, the feminine mystique, softness, laughter, beautiful & comfortable surroundings, and relaxation.

In my natal chart, Venus is transiting my fourth house of home. I can see and feel her influence in that house. I have bought a beautiful new home; I also bought a new table for my new kitchen (which is also a Venusian thing to do); and I got it on sale (Venus – good for buying at great price); and I have put my condo up for sale (Venus is supposed to be great influence for selling at great price.) I also have Venus in my fourth house natally. I am definitely enjoying a nice holiday season (at home) and it isn’t quite over yet either… As a besides, I also happen to have Mercury at the tail end of my fourth house, and that means a lot of communication happening at home and about the home. Mercury is also about commerce – the exchange of information. It is also linked to thoughts about the past, or the family in this house, of thoughts about the father or mother, of roots, and foundation of those roots. Also, indicating a very busy time, which is very true in my case. Since I have Venus following behind but not that closely, I am able to enjoy this little bit of time to relax.

In the first house, Venus is all about the Self. Most likely, you will be thinking of what you can change to make yourself look better or feel better. A new haircut? A new diet? Shoes? Your appearance becomes a main focus when Venus is here. You will also be very attractive to others as you will most likely show a softened, more harmonious self, unless of course there is a square somewhere in your chart.

In the second house, Venus is concerned with money — how to earn it, how to spend it, how to feel in harmony with it, your possessions become important. If there are no conflicts therein, you will be generous, offering beautiful gifts to others, or to yourself.

In the third house, Venus is communicating — words of love & songs filled with romance. You will be chatting with neighbours, making short trips to visit friends, or writing letters to them. Your language may be flowery and full of expression. If you have any grievances to communicate, you will most likely come out on the positive side of things because of your diplomatic skills during this time.

In the fifth house, Venus is creative, and in pursuit of romance, whether in a current relationship or looking for one. Others will find you attractive and a possible romantic partner during this time. Relationships with children is harmonious, partnerships are fruitful, and you may also find yourself adding to the family, or beginning a family.

In the sixth house, Venus will be dealing with the day-to-day tasks of work, but will find a way to make it enjoyable. At work, you will be likeable, friendly, and smiling to your co-workers. You will not like any tension to disturb this period.

In the seventh house, love will bloom and be harmonious. Things should go well in one-to-one relationships. You should feel a great deal of harmony in your partnerships.

In the eighth house, business partnerships, marriage, and anything to do with other people’s money should go well when Venus is transiting through.

In the ninth house, Venus will influence education, philosophies, and travel. If you are travelling during this transit, you will find that everything falls into place. You will meet like people, enjoy a relaxing journey, and you may even fall in love with the place you are visiting. You may also find love while travelling. If you’re not travelling but in a classroom instead, you may find love there, and with someone from another country.

In the tenth house, Venus will be knocking at your career door. If you are looking for work, you may find a job that you really like. If you are working on a project, you come up with some very creative ideas and others will like the results. Authority will also notice your work and praise you.

In the eleventh house, you will enjoy good times with friends as a gift from Venus. Social environments will be fun and lively!

In the twelfth house, Venus will go underground and appear in dreams, or act as an inspiration for your creativity. Your psychology will feel balanced and stabilizing. You may also start a secret love affair during this time, or experience unrequited love.

I tried to keep this short and to the point. You will need to have your chart done in order to know when Venus is travelling through your different houses. However, if you experience any of the above (albeit superficial) influences, you may instinctively know which house she is travelling through.

Happy New Year to All!


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  1. JJ says:

    Happy New Year! I hope a buyer comes along for you.


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