Saturn in Scorpio & Week of November 19-23rd

Mercury__Planet_of_Mind_by_seirarelur666The Sun/Self is going through Scorpio. Most individuals will feel that their thinking processes are in sync; they might be thinking about the past a bit more than usual; and with Mercury in retrograde, it is possible that you might even run into some people from the past, or hear from them via e-mail, phone, or bumping into them. You will feel in conjunction with the forward movement that you are experiencing. There will be a lot of communication, e-mails, phone calls, and getting your voice and message ‘out there.’ Going toward the middle of this week your emotions and your energy will also feel good and you will find a certain balance. Exercising may be a great release for extra energy that needs to be spent. You may also find that you are in harmony with your dreams and visions, though with Mercury retrograding, you may also find that you are not able to verbalize them as well. It’s all right during this time to keep your dreams or visions to yourself. Love and intuition and deep feelings will be easy and partnerships should fare well during these two days (Nov 21-22.) However as we get closer to November 23-24th, there will be tensions when your Ego may get the better of you. Instead of heeding your intuitive feelings, you may force your opinions onto others. It could also be that you want to move forward but that things seem nebulous and it frustrates you. Be careful as your energy may run into some disruption and you will feel out of sorts with sudden changes. It will probably be best to keep a low profile during these two days as you may find that you fare better when setting some perimeters, routine or rules to deal with these disruptions.

Oops – I should have added that the Sun will then slide into Sagittarius during this week too, on November 22. The atmosphere should lighten up from that time on. Scorpio can sometimes be too intense a period for some, and so it is a delight when Sagittarius comes along and the mood becomes less tense and much more jovial (which coincidentally means ‘of Jupiter’ and it just happens to be the ruling planet of Sagittarius.) The end of the year is slowly creeping upon us and soon we will be in the spirit of the Holiday Season!

I wrote last year around this time that “November seems to be the hardest month when we reevaluate and weed out the things we have let grow out of hand. Everyone seems grouchy, the carefree summer months are done, and we want to find that lightness of being again. But, we must go through the darkness before we get to the light again.”
* * *
Saturn in Scorpio seems to be showing itself in the most unusual but not surprising ways. I mentioned in my twitter post that Saturn in Scorpio could result in sexual transgressions, as in individuals pushing the envelope and trying to cross the boundaries, tuning in to the malefic side of Saturn, and with Scorpio (Sex) in tow, but at the same time Saturn’s other side of restrictions, rules, and boundaries putting these same people back in line, taking responsibility for their actions. The Petraeus situation seems to be a good example of this. Now, even though the affair may have taken place at a different point in time, the ramifications seem to fall right in line with Saturn pushing individuals to do the ‘right’ thing and taking responsibility for their actions.
Interestingly, Saturn represents limitations, structure, authority, discipline, boundary, striving, responsibilities, depression, and stability. So it actually comes as no surprise that we should see such stories surface. For, with each of these keywords is an opposite representation, for example, limitation/freedom, structure/chaos, authority/amorality, discipline/disobedience, boundary/centre, striving/lacking, responsible/exempt, depression/happiness, and stability/inconsistency. If you take a look at each of these descriptions for Saturn, you can begin to see how Saturn works. For each sector that it represents, the opposite can also be apparent when Saturn is at work. It is the delicate balance between these opposites that makes it feel like a lot of work when Saturn is transiting through a house.
Scorpio represents life and death, do or die, black or white, passion or disrespect, sex or abstinence, determination or disinterest, fetish or disgust, and on and on, a series of contrasts as well.
Therefore, the results really depend on what you focus on. It is a time when discipline, thought, and careful treading is the order of the period. The importance is to try to balance each of these issues when they surface.

For example, in my chart, it happens to fall in my third house of learning, impressions, neighbors, siblings, extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles), short trips, early school years, acquaintances, market exchanges, curiosity, mind candy, nervous system. Therefore, during the next two years, I will have to deal with balancing these extremes and will have to learn to deal with them with respect to the elements of the third house. Luckily, my third house ruler is Venus (Libra) so I will have a lot of help from that wonderfully balanced planet that seeks to keep harmony wherever it is.

I wish you the best with the transit of Saturn that will last about two years. By the time, you are done the next two years, even if you don’t know your chart, you will most definitely know in which part of your life Saturn was doing its work.

Namaste, CC


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