Goodbye Dad

My father passed away during the night… I will miss him forever.

Mars (transiting my 4th – the house of roots) in opposition with Jupiter (transiting my 10th – house of the father/authority)

Uranus (Disruption – transiting my 8th house) opposition with Venus (love, transiting my 2nd house)

Sun (father) and Saturn (father) are transiting in my 3rd house – I have been communicating with my siblings a lot since the Sun entered this house. The Sun is almost back to original position.

My father was a writer and translator – the third house represents him. The Sun also represents me – I am a writer and graphic designer.

Today is the day of the dead… Hallowe’en. How ironic…


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  1. JJ says:

    Very sorry to hear this. When a parent dies it does change the world forever.

    It is ironic that he died on halloween. My parents got engaged on halloween. Beginnings and endings.


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