Saturn in Scorpio on October 5, 2012

Saturn__Planet_of_Time_by_seirarelur (

Saturn has made its entrance into Scorpio on October 5, 2012. Whew!

Saturn is the task master of the universe. He is the rule maker, the stringent boss, and the no-mess guy. He represents where we limit ourselves or have limitations. He also represents where we should place our focus; where we should focus and be disciplined. Saturn brings structure and form, discipline and perseverance, limits of time and matter. He represents our boundaries, responsibilities, and commitments.

Scorpio represents life and death, inheritances, joint ventures, depth of inner consciousness, intensity, willpower, patience, calculation, shrewdness, manipulation, as well as the power of healing and transformation.

Saturn actually has no problem being in Scorpio – however, you may feel drained after his visit in this sign. It may not necessarily be a comfortable transit for everyone, but it will be more evenly keeled than the one in Libra. Saturn and Scorpio are both more decisive, determined, control-oriented and in sync that way. Remember Saturn is the time keeper and Scorpio is the Lord of life and death and taxes. Is that enough to drain you already?

In your personal chart, the position of Saturn will reveal your own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility. It will bring definition, and often limitation, to the other planets it aspects.

Note that when Saturn passes through the the first, fifth, and ninth houses, self-confidence issues and how these issues have affected our lives and our productivity will surface. When passing through the second, sixth, and tenth houses, issues of self-worth and effectiveness are the focus. Through the third, seventh, and eleventh, our relationships with others, our mental outlook, and how we communicate and its effectiveness comes under scrutiny. Through the fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses, we go through a re-evaluation of faith, the past, and our inner psychology.

We will feel this transit more definitively in the first sector of it until we get used to the changes of the tides and the waves. It always is that way when a major planet shifts signs. We felt that same tidal wave of change when Uranus went into Aries – literally – with the tsunami in Japan. BAM!

With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn (in mutual reception), I can feel that there will be a major overhaul in the way we do things, methodically, decisively, and in a cut-throat manner. Uranus in Aries is busy creating havoc and change, and thank goodness, Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are there to man the ships while revolution plays out on our doorsteps! The world is going to look like a completely different place once we get through these transits. Scorpio and Capricorn can live on very little and are quite frugal; therefore I can totally see that we will be turning in that direction where the necessities of life will be the focus, methodical work, slow and steady until the change is in place. Scorpio is shrewd in business as is Capricorn, however Scorpio can be quite ruthless. Where the changes may be sudden, Scorpio can rise up from the ashes and start anew. Capricorn is the planner and the plodder, so if Scorpio and Capricorn remain in sync, we will be okay. Aries will be there as the pioneer to the changes, but he does so forcefully and he does not remain on the scene for long! Mars is all about action and doing it NOW, whereas Scorpio and Capricorn are all about choosing the right moment to do it. It may be a little uncomfortable for Scorpio and Capricorn with Mars in tow that way, but if there is sudden change during this time, Scorpio and Capricorn will simply hold the reins, bare down, and implement the new rules systematically but that will remain in place until the world is on an even-keel again.

Well, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and am feeling the first deep rumblings of Saturn in Scorpio, I’m going to go and have some coffee!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, folks! (to those on the North American plate)

Let me know if you have begun to feel this Saturnian shift in your life. I would love to compare experiences that are felt during this time. (Remember that this transit will last about 2 – 1/2 years, but you should notice the shift soon.)


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