Weekly Horoscope – September 22-30, 2012

Week of September 22-29

This week still has tense Uranus and Pluto squaring but this will be the last bit that we will see of this square for a long time.

September 26-27

Mercury trines Jupiter: Communication will work in most people’s favour, expanding upon that which is spoken or thought about. It is a positive influence amidst the turmoil that is happening on a grand scale. Aries and Capricorn are still locking horns on how to go about going forward while making changes. Aries is impulsive (just look at what is happening around the world) while Capricorn is methodical. Of course, heads are going to butt and, hopefully, reason will win over impulse, and initiative will override stubborness.

Jupiter will arrange it so that some will come across the right people at the right moment to expand upon which they are interested in. Mercury is in Libra while Jupiter is in Gemini – two air signs. Libra is fair and diplomatic while Gemini is a little changeable, but communicative and open-minded. Libra sees all sides while Gemini flips from side to side.

September 26-29

Venus in Leo will also butt heads with Mars in Scorpio: Leo is generous while Scorpio is cautious; Leo is dramatic while Scorpio is quiet; but, both Leo and Scorpio are determined and dynamic. If Venus and Mars can work together, the tensions will be eased and they will be successful.

September 29-30

Just when Uranus and Pluto stop wrangling over how they want to change things, the Sun will cause tensions with each of them, opposing Uranus on the 29th and causing tension for Pluto on the 30th. The Sun will be in Libra but diplomacy may take a back burner opposite fiery Aries and temperamental Capricorn.

It will be a week similar to the week of September 5-10th, but harmony and energy may vibrate at a little lower level. Try to keep those vibes up during those tense periods and you should be all right.

Aries: I don’t like that situation and it has to be changed immediately!

Capricorn: You always want change to happen quickly – stop being so disruptive and brash!

Libra: Now, calm down both of you – why do you think that the situation has to be either this way or that?

Aries and Capricorn: It always takes you forever to make up your mind. Nothing would get done if it wasn’t for us!

Libra: Whatever! At least I do things peacefully!


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