Weekly Horoscope – September 16 – 21, 2012

mercury_by_seirarelur666 at deviantart.com

Another interesting week filled with challenges, opposition, and tension. The Sun is in Virgo and therefore the focus is on service and health: whether it is improving a service to others, your time to your friends/family/work, or a new health regime – and depending on where Virgo is in your chart – that is where there will be extra focus. There was a new moon in Virgo on September 15th (which I forgot to mention in my last week’s Weekly Horoscope – bad bad me!) where new thoughts, ideas and seeds were (or should be) planted. There are usually 2 weeks where these seeds have the opportunity to take form. Make your wishes, formulate your plans, put things into place during this time until the full moon on September 29th.

As I just mentioned, a week filled with challenges, opposition, and tension:

September 17th:
Mercury Quncunx Neptune: If you have felt like your thoughts, thought patterns, or method of communication was a bit off or nebulous today, you’re right. (I told someone that I was going to be on holiday this Friday, until I realized that I was looking at the wrong month!) Confusion may seem to be the ticket today! But intuition will most likely be dead on and should be listened to! Whenever there is a quincunx, there is challenge of integration (in this case ideas/thoughts vs dreams/visions/deceptive ideas). The answer is to listen to your inner voice and your intuition and to follow it out of that quincunx.

September 20th:
Mercury will be quincunx Chiron, opposite Uranus, and squaring Pluto. Yikes! My first instinct is to tell you to lay low this week, and keep your thoughts to yourself if you can. You may feel as if your path is being waylaid and you will want to cry out about it – follow your instinct and think about which path you really want to follow and keep it to yourself. Change and disruption will create an outcry amongst a lot of people – there will be a lot of opposition and disagreements. The type of communication that is abound will also square off against Pluto (God of transformation and the Underworld). Let’s just hide under a rock on this day. Yes and no answers will suffice for me on Thursday. So, follow your instincts, keep your remarks and thoughts to yourself, and realize that change will happen regardless of digging in your heels this week.

Venus Sextile Jupiter: There will be a little bit of sunlight or a bit of a silver lining on this tension-filled day and it comes from Venus in Leo, who is sunny, generous, bright, and loving, skipping hand-in-hand with Jupiter in Gemini who is playful, changeable, and witty. This sunshine may help to outweigh the tension, and help Mercury in Libra to charm its way and make the best out of the oppositions.

Libra (Mercury) sees all sides of the situation and won’t hesitate to parlay those sides whereas Pisces (Chiron) will remain a little hazy, Aries (Uranus) will act a little brash and imprudent, and Capricorn (Pluto) will be a little stubborn and staid.  Our dear Leo (Venus) will laugh and say, “Oh come on, let’s all be nice to one another, while Gemini (Jupiter) announces, “Hey, I have an idea, let’s have a party at my place!” And, hopefully, everyone will break into a smile and think that those are great ideas and follow suit.

Let me know if any of you experience these planetary influences during this week.

Cheers and I wish you all a wonderful week!


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