Mars in the Mix

Mars – The Planet of Action by seirarelur666 – deviant

My friends were asking me about the last week of August, when the God of Change (Uranus) and the God of Transformation (Pluto) were at it again. I told them, “Do you remember the week of the shooting in Colorado? — Well, it will be one of those weeks again.” I did not look at where Mars was, however, when I answered them. I thought perhaps it would not be as devastating as that last occurrence.

I was driving home yesterday and had not yet had the chance to hear the news, and was thinking that perhaps we could go unscathed this time, and just hear distant rumblings only. I was wrong. When I got home, I saw the news about the brazen shooting in New York, and my first thought was, “OMG. There it is. It happened again.”

Now, please note that it was not a reaction or statement about shootings or guns, but a reaction of the uncanniness of the planets to warn us. It is just so blatant sometimes.

And, Mars was in the mix again; the God of War in Scorpio this time. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto (and Mars) and can be explosive if the wrong buttons are pushed. Extreme. Aggressive. Black and White. Forceful. “I don’t give a shit about what you think, I’m going to show you!” type of attitude. In Scorpio, it is a slow brew most of the times, but watch out when they really get angry…

What can I say? The planets let us know the potential of events out there… it is hard to know when and where exactly, but always good to keep an open eye around you.


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  1. my heart always starts racing big time when mars is active or has a particularly powerful aspect! the morning of the shooting here in colorado, i felt SO volatile and “off” — then when i heard the news, i calmed down…


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