Cards for My Writing Life…

Copyright Colette Baron-Reid

These oracle cards designed by Colette Baron-Reid are some of the most beautifully illustrated cards.

1) The Dream Walker and The Sun Dancers
The Dream Walker is all about dreams and illusions. The girl is playing her flute and dreaming an illusory world, which is perfect for creating a different world. My thoughts and words should be music to my readers ears. I must also be careful not to live too much in that world and step out of it to the real one to live and experience real events in order to write about them.
The Sun Dancers showing up tells me that there is reason to celebrate, there is joy to share, and abundance to fulfill my dreams.
Both cards seem to be in harmony with each other; one is playing the flute while the other is dancing to the music.

2) The Spirit Whisperer and The Well Watchers
The Spirit Whisperer is one of my favourite cards. It speaks of a woman who listens to the world, to the voices around her, and to her inner self. She speaks and writes the thoughts she hears. She is also in touch with her inner spirit. She will be able to reach her innermost being through the thoughts she hears and the stories she writes.
The Well Watcher shows the way to the well of knowledge. There is an owl perched on the girl’s shouder which speaks of wisdom. There is a well of information available to this girl, and it serves her inner powers to dip into this well to help herself.
These cards are also in harmony with each other; one listens and speaks the messages she receives and has the well of knowledge and wisdom to draw from.

3) The Resting Tree and The Horse King
The girl is resting under the Tree of knowledge. The tree is giving her shade and shelter. She has been doing too much and now needs to rest, and let her guides help her.
The Horse King is a helper card. The Horse King patiently waits for her to recognize the help that is at hand to aid her in achieving her brightest dreams.
These cards are in sync as well; The girl who is resting and the Horseman who awaits to lend a hand when she awakens.



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