Annulus of Time and Movement

The Windmill, The Gentleman, & The Wheel of Life

Coincidentally, I pulled the Windmill of Success again this morning. I find that this happens often when drawing cards on a consistent basis. You will see this pattern arising as well if you begin to do daily or weekly readings.

The Windmill of Success says that I should let things happen when they will and not try to push things more quickly then they are ready to happen. The Gentleman who sits there confident in himself, legs crossed, and looking you in the eye with assurance, attests that I have the qualities that he exudes to carry on what I have begun. Or, that there is someone around me who has those qualities and who will help me to maintain my course. The Wheel of Life usually reads that anything and everything can happen. There is a balance to keep in all areas of my life in order to navigate the circumstances that may arise. It bodes well to the Windmill of Success card. It also reminds me that life is changeable and to be adaptable to those changes. The Windmill shows cyclical movement, as does the Wheel of Life, and sandwiched in between is The Gentleman who is calm and able to manage the winds.

(I used a new camera to photograph these cards this morning. It’s a high quality camera and I’m excited by its precision.)

Outside a storm is brewing; it has been extremely humid the last couple of days, and the elements are reacting by sending electrical charges throughout the skies. Low, angry rumblings can also be heard across the heavens.

It’s a good day to catch up on things inside the home.


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