Mercury Retrograde in Leo – July 14th to August 8th, 2012

I realized suddenly that I had not written about the current Mercury Retrograde. It is retrograde in Leo this time around, and yes, it will last another ‘dreaded’ 2 weeks and a bit. I say ‘dreaded’ but really it’s all a matter of perspective. Some people love this time of year because it is when you can look back and go over what you have been doing until now since the last Mercury Retrograde.

A retrograde planet simply means that what you were doing when it was going direct has now gone ‘underground’ or is now running in the background. It is usually a needed pause, a time to look back, to recharge your batteries before it goes direct again. You can take the time to finish projects and look over them carefully.  

Although Mercury is not a planet of action in the same way Mars is, Mercury does rule communication, talk, thought, ideas, and messages. Mercury is the active element of thought. Mercury is the way we think and communicate, our intellect and our mental outlook. Leo rule creativity, authority, generosity, and drama. They are leaders and are very good at promoting themselves or their work.  So Mercury in Leo is all about a time of dynamic communications, messages with flair, dramatic outbursts, generous statements, larger than life opinions, and enthusiastic declarations. Mercury will be in Leo until August 31st.

In Retrograde motion, Mercury is subdued and internalized. It will take a step back and ‘do’ what it does internally. People will be less likely to say dramatic things, and be less authoritative during this time. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, safeguard your work, back up your back ups, double and triple check messages that you are sending out for embarrassing typos, and don’t buy any expensive equipment that has moving parts or technological components. Be cautious when traveling and check flights, passports, etc. Don’t start or agree to new employment unless you are going back to work for someone you already have worked with previously. Those are the basic Mercury Retrograde rules. These are not always withstanding, however, it is better to be safe than sorry!

I used to think that it meant I shouldn’t move left or right or something could go wrong. I have learned that it simply means to be cautious rather than to be sorry. I have traveled during Mercury Retrograde and other than a few hiccups, everything went fine. I kept checking where my passport was every two minutes (No OCD for sure) and when I saw the flight attendants gaping at their screens, even from a distance I knew that there was a problem at check-in. Hmmm, I thought, typical Mercury Retrograde type event — I looked at my friends and said, “You may as well sit down because there is nothing on their screens.” My friends are teachers and don’t work in front of computer screens. They looked at me and said, “Nonsense, look, they are looking at their screens.” I said, “I will bet you that there is nothing on their screens.” Immediately thereafter, there was an announcement stating that computers were not working and they would have to write our boarding passes by hand. (I had a good chuckle, while my girlfriends sat down on their luggage.) The stuff that Mercury Retrogrades are made of.

Play safe, be cautious, say nice things to your car, and all should go well.


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