Uranus Retrograde in Aries July 13th to December 13th, 2012

Uranus will retrograde in Aries from July 13th to December 13th, 2012.

Uranus is the planet of upheaval and revolution. He is the provocateur, the harbinger of change, the wake-up call. Uranus is there to remind you of what you really want, not what you have been conditioned to think you want or think is good for you.

It is unsettled when in Aries. They are the leaders, the initiators, the pioneers, but the Arian energy is also impulsive and over-enthusiastic, and can be egotistical or self-serving. They love a challenge and are unafraid of stepping into new territory.  Nevertheless, they have initiative, courage and determination.

A Uranus transit that retrogrades is usually known to be much more potent than when it is direct. Uranus is the planet of change and disruption and in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars; it is a pioneering kind of change; it is disruption caused to bring about change; it is energetic and aggressive. The Uranus transit now in retrograde motion, for the next half of the year, will remain working in the background to plan, ruminate, and ponder what changes to make. The feeling of this retrograde is that it will definitely feel as if things are going on even if on the surface all appears calm. It will sound like rumblings going on underneath our feet and by the time we reach December this potent energy will erupt and we will begin to see the direction of these changes that have been on the back burner. It will be like a Volcano getting ready to explode and spew its ashes out into the atmosphere. We will see puffs of smoke and rumbles during the second part of the year. Depending on where Uranus is in your personal chart, is where you will feel this revolutionary kind of change. On a generational level, with Uranus you will find innovation and breakthroughs – not all change is bad.

When a planet goes Retrograde, it usually means that those sudden, unexpected events are more internal than external. During this Retrograde period, it will serve you to go deep within yourself to check your structure or your routine (in whatever house Uranus finds itself in your chart) – physically and metaphysically. This should be a time to discover your own potential – who are you? What do you want? Start visualizing on some level being what you want to be and until it feels ‘real’ to you. You will begin attracting things or people or events that lead you closer to it. It’s a wonderful step to create your new life and then work on your ideas to manifest them physically. Cut out photos of the ideal situation you would like in your life, create a scrap book, create a backdrop, a screen image, which will sit on your screen to remind you of the things, you want!


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