07 11 11:11

Yesterday, I was sitting in a darkened room. I looked up at the telephone screen and this is the number that I saw. For some reason it meant something to me, but I wasn’t sure. I think I must have read about it in my numerous perusals about the coincidence of numbers.

When I ‘googled’ those numbers for their meanings. It made sense to me. It made sense but not on a conscious level where I thought, “A ha, I know exactly what they are referring to!” but in a “Hmmm… I’m getting a sense of what that is all about’ kind of way. Are you getting what I mean? Yep. I’m still a little in the dark too.

07 11 is my birthdate – but in reverse. And, 11:11 is the time I sat down to make a phone call. 7 is the number of mysticism and connecting to the higher realm (as is the number 3). And, I read that the numbers 11 11 are a sign that ‘you are on the right path’ or “the universe tapping you on the shoulder.” The number 11 is about balance, the energies of the Sun and the Moon, feminine and masculine, etc. It is a call to follow your path and that the power of manifesting is increased at this time for you.

I have a sense that it designates the End of one path, and the Beginning of a new one in a dramatic fashion. It gives the person a ‘tap on the shoulder’ to say, “Yes, you are on a new path, and we just want you to make note of it.”

In that sense, I do feel it consciously, but I know that I will truly notice the ‘new path’ or direction, when I have had enough time on it to look back and say, ‘That was the day it happened.”

I looked at it as something specifically to me because of the birthdate numbers. Otherwise, it would simply have been a nudge to say, ‘It’s all right. You’re doing fine” in the same way Déja Vus nudge you and say, ‘Yep, this is exactly where you planned to be at this moment.”

I had made a decision to try something new yesterday, and I’m guessing that this was the answer that I needed to know that it was a good decision and to try it, regardless of the outcome.

It’s all good – onward and upward! 🙂


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