I was driving to work the other day and I was amazed at how beautiful it is during Autumn. Then a few days later, I was driving down the same route and all the leaves had fallen leaving bare branches and a clearer view into people’s properties. Isn’t it funny that when Autumn arrives, folks begin to hide away in their homes? And, ironically, it is also when we are able to better view into their spaces.

There were so many homes that I had forgotten about during the spring and summer months when everything becomes camouflaged. And, I wondered if the same thing happened within us. We turn inward, during the Fall and Winter months, but things tend to become clearer.

During the Fall, everything seems bare and we feel more vulnerable until the snow falls to covet and hide us again in our cocoons, affording us a little bit of protectiveness – against the cold, and against the outside world.

The Fall months of October is the month of setting some balance in our lives, November is the month of regeneration and rebirth of ideas, December is when we spring back to action and voice our decisions, and get ready for January when we begin the road to putting those thoughts and ideas into place.

November seems to be the hardest month when we reevaluate and weed out the things we have let grow out of hand. Everyone seems grouchy, the carefree summer months are done, and we want to find that lightness of being again. But, we must go through the darkness before we get to the light again.

October is cerebral, November is always very emotional, December is vocal, and January means business.

In any case, I have been enjoying being able to see what has been hidden from view through the summer months! Enjoy the view while you can – without and within yourselves!


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